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Friday, December 24, 2010

#Formula One News - McLaren to design own F1 engines in 2013

Formula One’s governing body the FIA, has recently announced a completely new set of technical regulations for the 2013 season in an attempt to improve the relevance of the sport to road car developments and make it more environmentally friendly. This will include the return of turbo engines for the first time since the 1980s, a decade which is generally regarded as the best in the sports history thanks to the exploits of drivers like Nigel Mansell before he became the face of Moneysupermarket car insurance.
The requirement for turbo engines will require F1 engine manufacturers to completely scrap current designs and start with a fresh sheet of paper. It is expected that the fact that engine manufacturers currently involved in the sport will not hold a competitive advantage, as well as the increased environmental nature of the new formula will encourage a number of new engine manufacturers into the sport. The one manufacturer thought of as the most likely to take advantage of the new rules is Mclaren.

What happened to the Mercedes partnership?
Relations between Mclaren and Mercedes became strained as long ago as 2004. Mercedes wanted to own the majority of the Woking based team with plans to rename it as Mercedes GP. Ron Dennis didn’t want to see his Mclaren Company taken away from him and therefore sold shares in the team to Bahraini investors instead so as to ensure that he remained the majority shareholder which deeply annoyed Mercedes.
Things got even worse in 2007 when Mclaren were fined $130 million and disqualified from the Constructors championship by the FIA for spying on arch rivals Ferrari. Mercedes were livid that members of the Mclaren team had done this under the nose of Dennis, with the Mercedes board alleged to have believed that this would never of happened if they had assumed full control of the outfit.
Mclaren Automotive
The final nail in the coffin came in 2009, when Ron Dennis announced that Mclaren was set to expand as a company due to its new aim to become a force in the sports car market. Dennis formed a group called Mclaren Automotive with plans to produce a fleet of road going Mclaren sports car by 2020. The first of which was the Mclaren MP4-12C which was launched last year. 
Mercedes is alleged to have felt as if Mclaren were treading on their toes, as they had actually become a director competitor rather than a partner. The German company therefore decided to end the partnership with Mclaren and instead buy the Brawn GP team, which finally gave Mercedes the opportunity to race with the team name “Mercedes GP”. Mclaren agreed to buy back Mercedes shares in the team itself over a phased period ending in 2012. Unsurprisingly this is the final year of Mclaren’s contract to receive Mercedes engines and sponsorship.
It is therefore very convenient for Mclaren that the 2013 season, the first in the post-Mercedes era, will be the dawn of a new engine formula. This will give them the opportunity to design their own engines and become a fully fledged manufacturer like the Ferrari team. Mclaren has already experimented with engine designs for the MP4-12C and it is expected that the team will use these same facilities to design its F1 engine.
A British Ferrari
It is believed that Ron Dennis’s ultimate aim is to make Mclaren into the British version of Ferrari. In order to achieve this Dennis realised that he would need to encourage a British perception of the team, something which had been lost during the very German Mercedes partnership. Mclaren therefore hired 2009 World Champion Jenson Button to race alongside Lewis Hamilton in 2010, with the team having previously turned down an opportunity to sign Button back in 2008 prior to the Mercedes split. Mclaren also retained British DTM driver Gary Paffet as a test driver, and gave testing opportunities to the young British GP2 driver Oliver Turvey. It is unlikely that their nationality is a coincidence.

Other possible new entrants
Mclaren will not be the alone in being a new-comer to the F1 engine manufacturer world in 2013, with three other manufacturers also rumoured to be considering an entry. The Lotus Car Company has recently bought a control stake in the old Renault F1 team, with the team being renamed Lotus Renault GP for 2011. Lotus has already committed itself to designing engines for the new environmental Indycar series regulations in 2012, and company CEO Dany Bahar has admitted that finances permitting, he would like to do the same in F1. 
Porsche is another manufacturer who is looking into an entry. The company chairman Matthias Mueller recently admitted that he is not happy that Porsche is competing against sister company Audi in the Le Mans series, and is therefore advocating that one of the two brands be transferred to F1. Porsche already has a strong relationship with the Williams F1 team, with Williams having designed a KERS system for use of Porsche’s hybrid GT3 sports car. Williams F1 CEO Adam Parr is believed to have missed the season ending Abu Dhabi grand prix in order to meet with Porsche board members in Qatar in an attempt to cement this deal.
Perhaps the most surprising of these possible new entrants is Honda. The Japanese company only withdrew from the sport at the end of 2008, however the reduced costs and increased environmental relevance of the sport is believed to have enticed the company back as they aim to displace arch rivals Toyota as the environmental leader. Honda are believed to have been heavily involved in the 2013 engine discussions and it should not be forgotten that they dominated the last turbo era in the 1980s. If they do return it is likely they will only do so as an engine supplier rather than a team owner again, having found that side of the business tough during their last participation. However with four new engine manufacturers, the return of turbo engines, wide slick tyres and ground effects and reduced wing sizes, F1 is set to be a completely new formula in 2013. - (reporting since 1998)
 (reporting since
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Press Release - MotorProEsp S.I. (Spain)

It is with great Pleasure that we announce we will be at the Cologne Motorshow, which is being held the 15th, 16th, & 17th November 2010 in Germany. We would welcome any visitors.

We will be launching the web site (1400hrs 16 November) for our Company, that besides from being more than 20 years in Professional Motorsports, we have extended our portfolio and added more sections FOR 2011 We will be in Hall 7 stand 2060 Along with: Guadix Circuit (Granada), & Ascari Race Resort (Ronda) 2 circuits in Southern Spain.

It is our Pleasure to announce That MotorProEsp will take care of Toni Alarcons Sporting Career for the next 2 years to the December 31 2012. In 2011 he will be making his debut in Formula 2

El Equipo / The Team
Nigel J. McCann - Managing Director
Martin T McCann - Chief Engineer
John Nichols - Pilot Evaluation

Nigel J. McCann
Managing Director MotorProEsp S.I.
+34 660 463 357

Thursday, November 11, 2010

الفورمولا 1 الجائزة الكبرى أبو ظبي - #Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Follow here

FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX 2010 - Yas Marina Circuit or below

12 13 & 14 November

to read all the news in Arabic please click here
لقراءة جميع الأخبار باللغة العربية الرجاء الضغط هنا

Friday 12 November 2010
Practice 1 - 1Sebastian Vettel
2 Lewis Hamilton 3 Jenson Button 4 Mark Webber 5 Robert Kubica 6 Fernando Alonso - Full results
Practice 2 - 1 Lewis Hamilton
2 Sebastian Vettel 3 Fernando Alonso 4 Mark Webber 5 Robert Kubica 6 Felipe Massa - Full results
Saturday 13 November 2010
1 Sebastian Vettel 2 Mark Webber 3 Lewis Hamilton 4 Fernando Alonso 5 Jenson Button 6 Vitaly Petrov - Full results
Qualifying 1 - 1 Fernando Alonso 2 Sebastian Vettel 3 Lewis Hamilton 4 Mark Webber 5 Jenson Button 6 Felipe Massa - Full results
Qualifying 2 - 1 Sebastian Vettel 2 Jenson Button 3 Nico Rosberg 4 Lewis Hamilton 5 Mark Webber 6 Fernando Alonso - Full results
Qualifying 3 - 1 Sebastian Vettel 2 Lewis Hamilton 3 Fernando Alonso 4 Jenson Button 5 Mark Webber 6 Felipe Massa - Full results
Sunday 14 November 2010
Race -
1 Sebastian Vettel 2 Lewis Hamilton 3 Jenson Button 4 Nico Rosberg 5 Robert Kubica 6 Vitaly Petrov - Full results
Pre race news

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meezer Racing invites you to compete Bahrain International Circuit on the 2/3 December at support race to F1

itc racing and Meezer Racing try to assist one another and are pleased to publish this offer from the Saudi Arabian team.

It’s now your chance to race with Meezer Racing in the Chevrolet V8 Supercars Championship.

The 2010/2011 season will kick off at Bahrain International Circuit on the 2nd and 3rd of December. The second meeting will be at Reem International Circuit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This season will see the championship support the Australian V8 Supercars at Bahrain and the usual support race for Bahrain Formula One GP. The Yas Marina round will be in April, then the championship will be concluded in May at Losail International Circuit during an amazing night race.

Become part of Meezer Racing to benefit from our exclusive drivers’ development programs and intensive online presence.

Fully inclusive arrive and drive packages with driver’s management and development start form $100,000 in an SC06 car and $160,000 in an SC09 car.

Call us now to start racing with Meezer


For more information about the championship, please visit the championship website at

itc racing can set up a racing drivers school in Southern Spain - alternatively a Formula Renault Race Car hire operation - with currently For sale - 8 Formula Renault Tatuus 2.0

Our page views which gives us an idea which countries might be interested in training their potential racing drivers here. It could also be of interest to Russia and India

Pageviews by Countries since 1 June 2010
United States
South Korea
South Africa
United Kingdom

Yeongam Circuit - 2010 FORMULA 1 KOREAN GRAND PRIX - 22 23 & 24 October


Friday, October 8, 2010

Thruxton Motorsport Centre - I used to compete here. Why not take a look at it.

Thruxton Motorsport Centre

Thruxton Motorsport Centre offers the best unique gift experiences in the UK for men and woman, gifts for birthday presents, Christmas presents, fathers day, anniversaries, unique gifts, drive Ferrari, Porsche, MG, lotus Elise, Mercedes, racing cars, corporate days, events.

Competed here in the Oscar FF1600 designed by Frank Boyles
John Nichols Oscar FF1600 at Silverstone c1970Click here to see the full photo
The famous Merlyn Mk 20 prepared by my company Brensec Race Car Hire

Click here to see the full photo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Club Andalucia Formula Ford 1600 - Un idea

Sr. Alcalde ¿Tiene un futuro Fernando Alonso en tu pueblo? ¿Tienes un problema de drogas en las calles? A continuación, visita nuestra propuesta.

Necesita 3 personas en cada pueblo Concepción, Rosario, Trabuco y Tapia, para comprar 3 de segunda mano de Fórmula Ford 1600 en Inglaterra
Para mantener a los jóvenes de las calles (lejos de las drogas) una escuela de carreras mecánico con decir 2 mecánicos por coche. Le sugerimos que los equipos de mantener el coche en un almacén de 500m2 en Paneque cerca de Villanueva del Trabuco. Tal vez podríamos convencer a los ayuntamientos respectivos para pagar la renta y pago de las carreras de instructor de mecánica.
El club puede organizar los acontecimientos en el Circuito de Guadix - 6 o 8 fines de semana al año.
itc racing tendrá a su disposición 3 FF1600 disponibles para alquilar.
Otros pueblos locales también pueden entrar por primera vez o en una fecha posterior – Málaga Antequera Archidona Loja
obtener el patrocinio de los ayuntamientos / empresas destacadas en su localidad

FF1600 en venta - En español
Contact Nigel McCann o John Nichols -

Tenemos contactos con la Fórmula Palmer Audi y series de Fórmula 2 escalones a la Fórmula 1 y McCann Nigel puede ofrecer servicios de gestión en el respeto a los pilotos más prometedores

Su hermano Martin McCann es un mecánico con mucha experiencia trabajando actualmente en la Fórmula 2 y haber sido jefe de mecánicos con el exitoso Enrique Gluckman Fórmula Ford 1600 y la Fórmula Renault del equipo John Nichols, compitió en el español de Fórmula Ford 1600 Campeonato con un presupuesto muy limitado frente a los hermanos Gene y Pedro de Martínez de la Rosa - el mejor resultado de 1993 - 6 º. 

 Formula Ford 1600 España y Portugal

Motorsport and the crisis

When we went to Guadix on 25 April this year the grids were half what they were a year ago

We had hoped to get a grid of at least 6 Formula Libre cars (single seaters) for the last 3 events in the Andalucian Open Libre, including our 3 Formula Ford 1600´s but we could not. The owner of the 8 Formula Renault´s due to no one being able to afford to rent them has decided to sell them and we had not enquiries to rent our cars. Perhaps it is just as well as we have learnt that the 3 last races have been cancelled.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Press Release - to Autosport (England)

We are looking for Formula Ford 1600 owners in Spain and the rest of Europe
In 2010 there is an Open Formula Libre race series at 5 circuits - Guadix - Ascari - Jerez Monteblanco (Huelva) & Almeria
We are looking for at least 15 + Formula Ford 1600 owners that are interested. We can arrange for the cars to be securely stored between events. We will also talk to Formula Ford Zetec owners interested in competing in events in Southern Spain, ideally at least one from each G20 country.
We can arrange winter testing at Guadix - accommodation where the cars would be stored and at the circuits if required.
I started the the Oscar FF1600 project (designed by Frank Boyles / powered by Oselli Engineering) driven by Brian Smith & myself - financed the first 2 production Reynards F75 driven by myself and David Heale - competed in FF1600 in England Spain and Portugal with the Oscar - Reynard F75 Merlyn Mk 20 - Van Diemen RF86 & Reynard F89/92. I won the Autosport London Grand Prix Circuit (around the houses) competition in the late sixties
Anyone interested please contact me 00 34 952031010 - email or via our web site

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Advertisement from my sponsor - Auto Parts Warehouse

$7 off all Auto Parts Warehouse Purchases worth $99 or more (APWHUGESALE1 expires: May 31, 2010)
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$70 off all Auto Parts Warehouse Purchases worth $1000 or more (APWHUGESALE6 expires: May 31, 2010)
*all offers come with FREE SHIPPING

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Circuito Guadix 25 April 2010

The team established that for all practical reasons there would be 6 Formula Libre races over 3 weekends and at best 8 races over 4 weekends. It is planned to hold a test at Circuito Ascari in June for drivers that wish to contract with the team for 2011.

Circuito de Guadix 26/9/2010
Circuito de Ascari 31/10/2010
Circuito de Jerez – Aniversario 5/12/2010

An associate has 2 Formula Juniors and 4 Opel Lotus single seaters for this Championship available to hire with full assistance (Arrive & Drive) . Please contact Nigel or John in the first instance

the pitlane before qualifiyingVW GTi prior to qualifying
BMW waiting to qualifying
Touring cars into the 1st corner
Touring cars incident at the hairpin behind pit straight

Friday, April 16, 2010

Racing Cars for Sale

Advertise your Single seater racing car here
or here
If it is a Formula Ford interaction between seller & purchaser here 


Juno Formula Ford Approx 23.500 euros with fitting for Kent engine 32.000 euros with Duratec 
SP Engineering engine newly built FF1600 Kent complete, £5500 with a re manufactured block and crank£7600 with brand new block and crank.  All engine will have new highest quality valve train parts, Pistons and ancillaries. Dyno tested and tuned.  Neil Bold Engineering can supply engines for £6,000 + VAT . For the Juno FF1600 S18 you can either contact the company direct or myself for full details
F1000 complete POA - 2018 regulations - BRSCC

US F1000

#UK #FF1600 #FF2000 #Reynard - New website
Contact Kevin Williams
+44 77955 93019
Heritage Reynard has acquired the ORIGINAL PRODUCTION Body Moulds & Casting Patterns, including gearbox casing and front bulkhead casting for all Reynard FF1600 and FF2000 for years:
1984 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992

 2 Mygale SJ09 rolling chassis available at 20.000 euros each
the team are prepared to discuss with interested parties running these 2 cars in the Open Andalucian Formula Libre Championship 2010/2011

Royale RP24 FF1600
Price 15,000 pounds sterling
Details to follow
Anyone purchasing this car in Spain can be assured of spare parts
We can arrange the shipping and preparation if necessary

MYGALE Zetec 04
MYGALE SJ04 ZETEC. Complete car in EXCELLENT condition having recently undergone expensive refurbishment programe. Owners change of plans forces sale. Fitted with Fresh Engine,JP checked Hewland LD200, NEW Seat Belts, Fire System,Electrical Harness. Bodywork fresh high quality paint job, Bilstine Shocks,OZ wheels. Car is ready to go and suitable for Monoposto, Formula Four or conversion to Kent 1600 spec. THIS CAR MUST BE SEEN TO BE APPRECIATED ONE OF THE BEST USED CARS WE HAVE SEEN FOR A LONG TIME.
Price 10,000 pounds sterling

Antonio Pereira has requested that I place this information on the group site
For sale Swift FB-90 complete + kart (without motor) +$2,500 worth of Vector FF1600 (new) spares. He will supply a list of parts to serious enquiries. Location Estoril Portugal. Price £5,000 (photo below)
Spares are still available the relevant page being

Alta foto! Muito bem tirada com o Formula bem focado e o background completamente desfocado da velocidade. Incrivel que...
Posted by Antonio Pereira on Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Formula Ford 1600 racing cars for sale can be posted free of charge on this Public Group site. You just have to join us. it allows you to chat with real time potential purchasers
 Kurt Morreels Reynard F88 (92 sidepods) for sale approximately May 2015 - location Belgium
 Totally rebuilt with many new parts, some spares and 4 sets of wheels. Reinforced front suspension (shocks bracket) and special low gravity exhaust. Price 15K€ (no time wasters)  /
e-mail = / mobile = 0032(0)3499397037
Contact for the racing cars listed below
Nigel J. McCann

Dallara 306 with Toyota engine (1) as raced in the  European F3 Open Championship / with 250cv Aer Engineering engine (3) - 4 available
35.000 euros each
GP2 (2010) - 130.000 euros
BMW M3 GT4 competition with sequential shift - 80.000 euros

2007 World Series - Choice of 3.9 engine with 480 hp or 420 hp 3.0 - with sequential shift on steering wheel, brakes normal or carbon.  55.000 to 65.000
euros depending on specification