Circuito Málaga (Proposed New 5.318 km Race Circuit) in Southern Spain - Potential Investors welcome

Monday, October 31, 2011

Indian Grand Prix - Lewis Hamilton says Felipe Massa did not leave him space

Indian Grand Prix - Massa y Hamilton no escarmientan - was it a racing incident as commentators thought?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Formula 1 - New Jersey Grand Prix 2013 New York USA

Uploaded by on Oct 24, 2011
Layout for a 2013 Grand Prix. 10 year contract expected.

Virtual lap of the track:

The official layout is slightly different(final section of video)

Track length 3.2 miles or 5.1 kilometers.

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Formula 1 - 2012 Preview - Austin Texas Speedway "Circuit of America"

Uploaded by on Oct 28, 2011

#F1 Indian Grand Prix Race - 1 S Vettel 2 J Button 3 F Alonso 4 M Webber 5 M Schumacher


    #     Driver                      Team          Laps     Pits    
    1     Vettel FL     GER     Red Bull     60     2    
    2     Button     GBR     McLaren     60     2    
    3     Alonso     ESP     Ferrari     60     2    
    4     Webber     AUS     Red Bull     60     2    
    5     Schumacher     GER     Mercedes-Benz     60     2    
    6     Rosberg     GER     Mercedes-Benz     60     2    
    7     Hamilton     GBR     McLaren     60     3    
    8     Alguersuari     ESP     Toro Rosso     59     2    
    9     Sutil     GER     Force India     59     2    
    10     Perez     MEX     Sauber     59     2    
    11     Petrov     RUS     Renault     59     2    
    12     Senna     BRA     Renault     59     2    
    13     di Resta     GBR     Force India     59     3    
    14     Kovalainen     FIN     Lotus     58     2    
    15     Barrichello     BRA     Williams     58     2    
    16     d'Ambrosio     BEL     Virgin     57     2    
    17     Karthikeyan     IND     HRT     57     2    
    18     Ricciardo     AUS     HRT     57     3    
    19     Trulli     ITA     Lotus     55     3    
    Massa     BRA     Ferrari     35     3    
    Buemi     SUI     Toro Rosso     27     1    
    Maldonado     VEN     Williams     13     0    
    Glock     GER     Virgin     3     2    
    Kobayashi     JPN     Sauber     1     0

Saturday, October 29, 2011

#F1 Indian Grand Prix Qualifiying - 1 S Vettel 2 LC Hamilton 3 M Webber 4 F Alonso 5 J Button

Qualifying (provisional)

#     Driver               Team          Time    
1     Vettel     GER     Red Bull     1'24.178    
2     Hamilton     GBR     McLaren     1'24.482 (penalty drops 3 places on grid)    
3     Webber     AUS     Red Bull     1'24.508    
4     Alonso     ESP     Ferrari     1'24.519    
5     Button     GBR     McLaren     1'24.950    
6     Massa     BRA     Ferrari     1'25.122    
7     Rosberg     GER     Mercedes-Benz     1'25.451    
8     Sutil     GER     Force India     1'26.140    
9     Buemi     SUI     Toro Rosso     1'26.161    
10     Alguersuari     ESP     Toro Rosso     1'26.319    
11     Petrov     RUS     Renault     1'26.319    (penalty drops 5 places on grid)
12     Schumacher     GER     Mercedes-Benz     1'26.337    
13     di Resta     GBR     Force India     1'26.503    
14     Maldonado     VEN     Williams     1'26.537    
15     Senna     BRA     Renault     1'26.651    
16     Barrichello     BRA     Williams     1'27.247    
17     Perez     MEX     Sauber     1'27.562    
18     Kobayashi     JPN     Sauber     1'27.876    
19     Kovalainen     FIN     Lotus     1'28.565    
20     Trulli     ITA     Lotus     1'28.752    
21     Ricciardo     AUS     HRT     1'30.216    
22     Karthikeyan     IND     HRT     1'30.238    
23     d'Ambrosio     BEL     Virgin     1'30.866    
24     Glock     GER     Virgin     1'34.046

Practice 3 - 1 S Vettel 2 J . 
Practice 2 - 1 F Massa 2 S Vette... 
Practice 1 - 1 LC Hamilton 2 S Ve...

#F1 Indian Grand Prix Practice 3 - 1 S Vettel 2 J Button 3 M Webber 4 LC Hamilton 5 F Alonso

Free practice 3

#     Driver                 Teams        Time
1     S Vettel (GER)     Red Bull     1'24.824
2     J Button (GBR)     McLaren     1'25.191
3     M Webber (AUS)     Red Bull     1'25.203
4     LC Hamilton (GBR)     McLaren     1'25.288
5     F Alonso (ESP)     Ferrari     1'25.784
6     F Massa (BRA)     Ferrari     1'26.058
7     P di Resta (GBR)     Force India     1'26.785
8     N Rosberg (GER)     Mercedes-Benz     1'26.873
9     A Sutil (GER)     Force India     1'26.958
10     S Buemi (SUI)     Toro Rosso     1'27.146
11     M Schumacher (GER)     Mercedes-Benz     1'27.217
12     B Senna (BRA)     Renault     1'27.235
13     K Kobayashi (JPN)     Sauber     1'27.262
14     V Petrov (RUS)     Renault     1'27.280
15     J Alguersuari (ESP)     Toro Rosso     1'27.387
16     S Perez (MEX)     Sauber     1'27.749
17     P Maldonado (VEN)     Williams     1'27.793
18     RG Barrichello (BRA)     Williams     1'27.875
19     J Trulli (ITA)     Lotus     1'29.355
20     H Kovalainen (FIN)     Lotus     1'29.750
21     T Glock (GER)     Virgin     1'30.683
22     KRN Karthikeyan (IND)     HRT     1'30.900
23     J d'Ambrosio (BEL)     Virgin     1'32.851
24     D Ricciardo (AUS)     HRT     1'33.246

Friday, October 28, 2011

Formula 1 - Gran Prix de India La suciedad preocupa a los pilotos ( - es)

Formula 1 - 27/10/2011 Las impresiones de Lobato desde la India ( - es)

#F1 Indian Grand Prix Practice 2 - 1 Massa 2 Vettel 3 Alonso 4 Hamilton 5 Webber

Free Practice 2

#     Driver                  Teams      Time
1     F Massa (BRA)     Ferrari     1'25.706
2     S Vettel (GER)     Red Bull     1'25.794
3     F Alonso (ESP)     Ferrari     1'25.930
4     LC Hamilton (GBR)     McLaren     1'26.454
5     M Webber (AUS)     Red Bull     1'26.500
6     J Button (GBR)     McLaren     1'26.714
7     A Sutil (GER)     Force India     1'27.316
8     B Senna (BRA)     Renault     1'27.498
9     P di Resta (GBR)     Force India     1'27.853
10     S Buemi (SUI)     Toro Rosso     1'27.868
11     V Petrov (RUS)     Renault     1'27.890
12     K Kobayashi (JPN)     Sauber     1'28.050
13     S Perez (MEX)     Sauber     1'28.289
14     J Alguersuari (ESP)     Toro Rosso     1'28.552
15     RG Barrichello (BRA)     Williams     1'28.691
16     P Maldonado (VEN)     Williams     1'28.708
17     J Trulli (ITA)     Lotus     1'29.332
18     H Kovalainen (FIN)     Lotus     1'30.241
19     N Rosberg (GER)     Mercedes-Benz     1'31.098
20     T Glock (GER)     Virgin     1'31.469
21     M Schumacher (GER)     Mercedes-Benz     1'31.804
22     J d'Ambrosio (BEL)     Virgin     1'32.593
23     D Ricciardo (AUS)     HRT     1'32.768
24     KRN Karthikeyan (IND)     HRT     1'32.824


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#F1 Indian Grand Prix Practice 1 - 1 Hamilton 2 Vettel 3 Webber 4 Button 5 Schumacher

Free practice 1

 #    Driver                        Teams        Time
1     LC Hamilton (GBR)     McLaren     1'26.836
2     S Vettel (GER)     Red Bull     1'27.416
3     M Webber (AUS)     Red Bull     1'27.428
4     J Button (GBR)     McLaren     1'28.394
5     M Schumacher (GER)     Mercedes-Benz     1'28.531
6     N Rosberg (GER)     Mercedes-Benz     1'28.542
7     F Massa (BRA)     Ferrari     1'28.644
8     A Sutil (GER)     Force India     1'28.705
9     S Buemi (SUI)     Toro Rosso     1'29.219
10     K Kobayashi (JPN)     Sauber     1'29.355
11     P di Resta (GBR)     Force India     1'29.700
12     V Petrov (RUS)     Renault     1'29.705
13     B Senna (BRA)     Renault     1'29.799
14     S Perez (MEX)     Sauber     1'30.132
15     RG Barrichello (BRA)     Williams     1'30.367
16     J Alguersuari (ESP)     Toro Rosso     1'30.566
17     P Maldonado (VEN)     Williams     1'30.669
18     J Trulli (ITA)     Lotus     1'30.818
19     K Chandhok (IND)     Lotus     1'32.487
20     T Glock (GER)     Virgin     1'32.771
21     D Ricciardo (AUS)     HRT     1'33.928
22     KRN Karthikeyan (IND)     HRT     1'34.113
23     J d'Ambrosio (BEL)     Virgin     1'35.796
24     F Alonso (ESP)     Ferrari     1'35.899

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Indian Grand Prix - today´s tweets (27 October 2011)

Results for Indian Grand Prix

20 new tweets
Check it out! A cartoon guide to Formula 1 - Indian Grand Prix: (click on image to magnify)
mauricio gallardo
RT : Indian Grand Prix: F1 stars to honour Dan Wheldon
john nichols
No Karun Chandhok for Indian Grand Prix. Lotus "Heikki Kovalainen and Jarno Trulli will retain their seats for the...
Tomek Falkowski
Plan International – Pole Position for Indian Grand Prix
2011 Indian Grand Prix programme | 2011 Indian Grand Prix... Have all the important information for the first ever I...
Formula 1 News Links
FIA Indian Grand Prix preview
F1 India race live timing stream on Formula 1 official site – Watch Indian Grand Prix live
Formula 1 News
f1fanatic: 2011 Indian Grand Prix programme | 2011 Indian Grand Prix
Brilliant humourous representation of what the sections of crowd will be like at the Indian Grand Prix this weekend -
motorsport com
Video Inside Track Lewis and Jenson Preview the Indian Grand Prix
F1 Fanatic
Buddh International circuit looking good ahead of the day one of action:
Marco Screpanti
Latest F1 photos: Thursday in Greater Noida:
Grand Prix Ball
Ecclestone impressed with Indian circuit: Bernie Ecclestone gives the thumbs up to the new home of the Indian Grand Prix

NASCAR Sprint Cup 2011 - Talladega Good Sam Club 500 (3hr 23m)

From: TheNARLtv  | Oct 27, 2011
Talladega Good Sam Club 500 pre-race show

Intercontinental Le Mans Cup 2011 from Road Atlanta - coverage 1hr 3m

From: TheNARLtv  | Oct 24, 2011
Intercontinental Le Mans Cup 2011 from Road Atlanta

WTCC 2011 - World Touring Car Championship live from Suzuka (Race 2) Full coverage 1hr 3m

From: TheNARLtv  | Oct 24, 2011
World Touring Car Championship live from Suzuka

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Mercedes) are excited about Indian Grand Prix

Jenson Button -  “The first time you run on a new circuit is a strange experience because you are piecing together an incredibly diverse and vivid set of data in your mind. That is quite an intense experience.

You are quickly gathering everything together, constantly assessing the grip—level, watching for unexpected bumps, checking the kerb—height, run—off areas, pitlane entry and exit, gradient; and that all happens at about 170mph! 

The track itself has quite a nice mix of corners — the start of the lap is pretty stop—start, there are a couple of long straights mixed with tight hairpins, but it is the end of the lap that is more interesting: there are some pretty high—speed changes of direction through the esses and some gradient change. 

One of the things that looks really interesting is the double—apex banked corner at the back of the circuit — that is pretty unusual. It is sort of a mix between Turn 13 at China and Korea’s Turn 11,” said Button in his assessment of the track."

Lewis Hamilton - “Yeah, I have been a few times before; we have done a few promotional days there. The last time was just crazy - just after Singapore, we did a demo run in Bangalore and were expecting 5,000 people to turn up. On the day, there were around 40,000 fans — it was just incredible.

I really hope India will get turned on to the sport in a big way — it would be amazing to have an entire continent supporting you — and I really hope we can put on a fantastic race!

about the race  "It is too early to say, but I think we are set to be competitive at all of the final three races. We were quick at Singapore, Japan and Korea, and I think the pattern at the front has sort of settled down now as we reach the end of the season." 

No Karun Chandhok for Indian Grand Prix. Lotus "Heikki Kovalainen and Jarno Trulli will retain their seats for the race"

New Delhi: India's Karun Chandhok won't be racing in the inaugural Formula One race in the country as Team Lotus announced on Tuesday that Heikki Kovalainen and Jarno Trulli will retain their seats for the race this weekend.

The 27-year-old Chennai resident, a reserve driver for Team Lotus, was disappointed at not getting the chance to compete in front of home crowd along with compatriot Narain Karthikeyan, who will be driving for Hispania Racing Team.

"I am obviously disappointed that I won't have the chance to race on Sunday, I accept the team's decision to opt for the experience and talent they have at their disposal with Jarno and Heikki," said Chandhok.

Team Lotus' chief executive Tony Fernandes, who was born to an Indian father, said it was a difficult decision not to give Chandhok a chance to take part in the race.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

NASCAR Sprint Cup 2011 - Kansas Hollywood Casino 400 (Full Race 2hr 40m)

From: TheNARLtv  | Oct 18, 2011

NASCAR Sprint Cup 2011 - Charlotte Bank of America 500 (Full Race 2hr 57m)

From: TheNARLtv  | Oct 20, 2011
The Bank of America 500

Charlotte Motor Speedway -

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IndyCar 2011 - Las Vegas (Full Race 2hr 28m + Tribute)

From: TheNARLtv  | Oct 20, 2011
IZOD IndyCar World Championship from Las Vegas

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NASCAR Sprint Cup 2011 - Dover AAA 400 (Full Race 3hr 2m)

From: TheNARLtv  | Oct 20, 2011
The AAA 400 from Dover

Dover International Speedway -

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F1 Indian Grand Prix 2011 - track simulation Buddh International Circuit with Mark Webber

Uploaded by on Oct 15, 2011
Red Bull Racing pilot Mark Webber comments a lap on the new 5.14 kilometer long Buddh International Circuit in India.

Indian Grand Prix - Wikipedia / location 28° 21′ 1.8″ N, 77° 32′ 5.3″ E

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tragedy shows that IndyCar's risk-reward ratio is still too high

Dan Wheldon - "Indianapolis 500" Champion (R.I.P.) *Interview (June 6/11) - last 24 hour tweets

Uploaded by on Jun 7, 2011
Late Show with David Letterman 

My way of paying a tribute to Dan Wheldon

Results for dan wheldon

20 new tweets
Jenson Button
Just woken up to the most horrific news.. Dan Wheldon RIP...
Retweeted 100+ times
Byron Young
It's a painful and tragic irony that the Dallara Dan Wheldon was helping develop could have saved his life. Read The Mirror today.
Jeremiah Johnson
Been for 27 of last 33 hours, still can't tear myself away from archived Dan Wheldon interviews, stories, memories
Kaenon Polarized
Former team driver Dan Wheldon is remembered by Kaenon Polarized:
"So the surprise of [Dan] Wheldon's death hurts, whether or not you're a racing fan. No one ever sees it coming" |
Yahoo! Sports
Autopsy reveals Dan Wheldon died of blunt force head trauma:
ABC News
Dan Wheldon Started Racing Go-Karts When He Was 4
Indy Motor Speedway
Dan Wheldon memorial website created by and
Runner's World
We're remembering Dan Wheldon, who we interviewed in 2006. Read that here:
Piers Morgan Tonight
"In 27 years of racing I've never seen such a big mess like that," says of the wreck that killed Dan Wheldon.
Piers Morgan Tonight
Coming up in 25 minutes live on : talks to , about Dan Wheldon. Also, .
MTV News
Justin Timberlake pays tribute to Indy 500 racer Dan Wheldon who's car was sponsored by Timberlake's clothing brand.
Coroner: IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon died of head injuries
Carey Hart
Horrific day yesterday with the passing of Dan Wheldon and Rick Huseman. Cant even process it. My heart goes out to their families.
Confirmed: Dan Wheldon and wife got matching tattoos night before deadly crash
Indy Motor Speedway
We are hanging a Dan Wheldon banner where many of you have gathered to bring flowers & your memories. Please stop by
Grand Prix Diary
I'm signing off for the night. After a sad 24 hours, enjoy this clip of Dan Wheldon in fine form. Night all.
darren rovell
Dan Wheldon after he got his wife's initials on wrist before last race (via , )
In memory of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon, ESPN Classic will air his two Indy 500 victories tonight at 8/7c (2005) and 10/9c (2011)
Andy Hall
ESPN Classic to tribute Dan Wheldon with his 2005 Indy 500 win at 8 pm ET and 2011 win at 10 pm
Mike Soltys
In tribute to Dan Wheldon, ESPN Classic airs at 8pmET his 2005 and 2011 Indy 500 wins.
La Patilla
Pilotos de Indycar rindieron tributo al fallecido Dan Wheldon (foto + video)
Jeff Gluck
Dan Wheldon and wife got His and Her tattoos the night before he died. -->
darren rovell
Dan Wheldon spent his last night w/his wife getting his & her tattoos says (via )
Hendrick Motorsports
In honor of Dan Wheldon & off-road racer Rick Huseman.
Orange Cone
"Many people always ask my why I sign off 'until we meet again.' Because goodbye is so final. Goodbye, Dan Wheldon." - Marty Reid
Goodwood FOS
"Dan Wheldon, the two-time Indy 500 winner was an inspiration and an example in the world of motor sport and at the
Laura Scott
Photo of and Dan Wheldon at a 2009 appearance with the .
Gary Paffett
The untimely death of Dan Wheldon at the peak of his career has really reminded me of how cruel Motor Racing can be. We have lost a star!
BBC Sport
Dan Wheldon (1978-2011) - a life in pictures -
Sébastien Buemi
RIP Dan Wheldon. Very sad to read the news! Sad day for the whole motorsport family!
Sky Sports
Sky Sports Special: DAN WHELDON - A TRIBUTE - 10.00pm, Thursday 20 October, Sky Sports HD2
BBC Breaking News
The family of British driver Dan Wheldon pay tribute to him as a "true champion" and a"gentleman on and off the track".
Danny Garcia
Dan wheldon said the only real sports are race care driving & boxing cause the outcome can be death the others sports are just games
Gilbert Gottfried
Just so you'll stop nagging me...Gee, I wonder what insurance Dan Wheldon had.
GQ Recommends
In honour of the late Dan Wheldon, a 2006 GQ interview with the British IndyCar driver
Henry Hope-Frost
Don't read the Daily Mail's online Dan Wheldon story – it'll make you hate this ill-informed, ignorant, sensationalist rag even more…
Sports Illustrated
One of the darkest days in the history of the sport. Remembering Dan Wheldon today:
CNN Breaking News
Racing world in mourning for driver Dan Wheldon.
RIP Dan Wheldon. Such a sad day.
Breaking News
2 IndyCar drivers remain in hospital after 15-car crash that killed driver Dan Wheldon -
Angie Harmon
Our hearts & prayers go out to the family & friends of Indy racer Dan Wheldon... RIP
Indy Motor Speedway
Photos of fans remembering Dan Wheldon at IMS
Narain Karthikeyan
A sad day for motorsport - amidst all of its easy to forget that hazards of motor-racing still exist. RIP Dan Wheldon
jp arencibia
Every sport feels it when a tragedy like this happens.... RIP Dan Wheldon.
ABC News
Indy 500 Champ Wheldon Dies in Vegas Wreck
J Clouting-Westbrook
Yesterday a wife lost her husband, sons lost their father and motorsport lost a great man and driver. Rest in Peace Dan Wheldon. 1978 - 2011
The Associated Press
AP VIDEO: Drivers take 5 solemn laps around an eerily quiet raceway in tribute to Indy 500 champ Dan Wheldon: -EF
Jeff Gluck
Still numb over Dan Wheldon's death. Here are some thoughts one day later. -->
R.I.P. Dan Wheldon, 33-Year-Old Indy 500 Winner Dies In 15-Car Crash In Vegas [Video]
Kasey Kahne
All I can think about is Dan Wheldon. A great person and a great race car driver. Were all going to miss you Dan. Such a talent! RIP
"So the surprise of [Dan] Wheldon's death hurts, whether or not you're a racing fan. No one ever sees it coming" |
Cindy Farmer
So sorry for Susie Wheldon and her two small children .. in the loss of her husband and their father Dan. An Indycar star... taken too soon.
darren rovell
Nice touch at Dan Wheldon memorial: A jug of milk (via )
The racing world has lost a great driver RIP Dan Wheldon
BBC F1 news feed
F1 stars pay tribute to Wheldon: Lewis Hamilton leads the tributes to British driver Dan Wheldon, who died in a ...
Jay Crawford
i love sports. they've been my whole life. but days like yesterday put big wins and losses in their rightful place. RIP Dan Wheldon.
Adrian Fernandez
I was with Dan Wheldon and Tag in his trailer before the start and many others on the grid and none felt comfortable I could feel their fear
In memory of Dan Wheldon: A tribute to two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon, who died from injuries sust...
Jeremy Pond
"Learn from yesterday ... live for today ... hope for tomorrow." Rest in Peace, Dan Wheldon
ABC News
(via ) WEBCAST: Dan Wheldon Tragedy; Antarctica Rescue; World Series Set
Keith Jones
A fine tribute to Dan Wheldon by Marcus Simmons of Autosport
Jon Noble
"Many people ask me why I always sign off, ‘till me meet again’. Because goodbye is always so final. Goodbye Dan Wheldon." Marty Reid, ESPN
RIP Dan Wheldon. Very sad indeed.
Karun Chandhok
For those unfamiliar with Dan Wheldon and his journey , Marcus Simmons has written a great tribute here
suzi perry
British Indy car driver Dan Wheldon has sadly been killed in a smash :-(
Keith Huewen
It's so sad that a great guy like Dan Wheldon should only now be recognised for the talent he was by the news media
Mike Brewer
RIP Dan Wheldon. A lovey guy and a great racer.
Stuart Scott
Death in sports. No words to make it more understandable. Just cherish Dan Wheldon..his Indy 500 titles & pray 4 his family.
The Sun Newspaper
Tragedy as British star Dan Wheldon killed in one of the most horrific motor racing crashes ever seen
Ken Block
Just heard about the loss of both Dan Wheldon and fellow Monster Energy driver Rick Huseman. So very sad. My...
RIP Dan Wheldon.. My thoughts are with his family.
Channel 4 News
Tributes paid to UK IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon, who was killed in a massive crash on Sunday:
Cameron Fowler
terrible day in indy racing. RIP Dan Wheldon
scott nicholls
Sad day for racing on the loss of Dan Wheldon. Thoughts with his family,friends & colleagues at this difficult time. RIP Dan
Planet F1
F1 plays tribute to Dan Wheldon: Formula One has paid tribute to IndyCar racer Dan Wheldon, who died in an a...