Formula Ford 1600 (above) was where many of the Formula 1 drivers started their motor racing careers. If the webmaster won the Euromillions it would be invested in Circuito Málaga (Proposed New 5.318 km Race Circuit) in Southern Spain - Potential Investors welcome

itc racing

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

María de Villota "Bueno pues tener un sitio en Renault, como piloto de reserva" (Well have a seat at Renault, as reserve driver)

Noticias sobre María de Villota - hace 1 hora
María de Villota (Madrid, 1980), es testaruda, trabajadora y no quiere que se le escape una ocasión única de entrar en la Fórmula 1. ...

MARIA DE VILLOTA: Passion for motor racing
Official website María de Villota. Web oficial María de Villota.

María de Villota - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreía_de_Villota
María de Villota Comba (13 de enero de 1980) es una piloto de automovilismo española hija del ex-piloto de Fórmula 1 Emilio de Villota, que actualmente ...
Uploaded by on Sep 7, 2011

María de Villota probó un Renault R29 en el circuito Paul Ricard. De esta forma, se convierte en la primera mujer española en subirse a un Fórmula 1. Lee la noticia en

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Formula One: Kimi Räikkönen signs two-year deal with Lotus Renault

5 hours ago – Kimi Räikkönen has signed a two-year deal to return to Formula One with Lotus Renault GP, ensuring that there will be six world champions on ...

"I wouldn't come back if I wasn't motivated," Raikkonen said. "There's always a lot of talk about motivation to race, but nobody really knows what I do or what I think apart from myself, so I don't really care what people think.

I wouldn't put my name on the contract if I didn't think that I would really enjoy it. It will be exciting to get back."

Ford unveiled its new 2012 specification Formula Ford 1600 at the Frankfurt Motor Show + video

Motorsport Manager for Ford Europe, Mike Norton, said:  
“The 2012 specification car’s FIA approved safety attributes, powerful Ford EcoBoost engine and striking kinetic design, make for a really appealing proposition for race teams and drivers. Formula Ford is already well-known as the perfect proving ground for up-and-coming drivers and engineers, and it is Ford’s desire to continue nurturing this by supporting teams and manufacturers across the globe with the safest environment, latest technologies and most attractive packages. Formula Ford is in its 44th consecutive year and remains a very popular choice for drivers around the world. Many Formula Ford drivers have gone onto careers in Formula 1. This is a great compliment to Formula Ford and we are at Ford proud of this achievement.”


Dallara presenta su nuevo Fórmula 3, el F312

El european f3 open adopta el dallara f312 - GT Sport
El European F3 Open adoptará el nuevo Dallara F312 como chasis de referencia a partir de la temporada 2012. Esta importante novedad, que tendrá un papel ...

Dallara F312 Chassis Confirmed for 2012 British Formula 3 – Q and A with Dallara’s Jos Claes

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stefano Domenicali hopes to give Fernando Alonso & Felipe Massa a competetive Ferrari in 2012.

Uploaded by on Nov 27, 2011
Ferrari team principle Stefano Domenicali hopes to give Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa a competetive car to challenge for the title in 2012.

The italian team are optimistic with their 2012 car.

Fórmula Uno - Confesiones sobre el futuro de HRT(

#F1 Brazilian Grand Prix Race - 1 M Webber 2 S Vettel 3 J Button 4 F Alonso 5 F Massa


    #     Driver                   Team         Laps  Pits     
    1     Webber     AUS     Red Bull     71     3     
    2     Vettel     GER     Red Bull     71     3     
    3     Button     GBR     McLaren     71     3     
    4     Alonso     ESP     Ferrari     71     3     
    5     Massa     BRA     Ferrari     71     2     
    6     Sutil     GER     Force India     70     3     
    7     Rosberg     GER     Mercedes-Benz     70     2     
    8     di Resta     GBR     Force India     70     2     
    9     Kobayashi     JPN     Sauber     70     2     
    10     Petrov     RUS     Renault     70     3     
    11     Alguersuari     ESP     Toro Rosso     70     2     
    12     Buemi     SUI     Toro Rosso     70     2     
    13     Perez     MEX     Sauber     70     2     
    14     Barrichello     BRA     Williams     70     3     
    15     Schumacher     GER     Mercedes-Benz     70     3     
    16     Kovalainen     FIN     Lotus     69     3     
    17     Senna     BRA     Renault     69     4     
    18     Trulli     ITA     Lotus     69     2     
    19     d'Ambrosio     BEL     Virgin     68     2     
    20     Ricciardo     AUS     HRT     68     2     

    Liuzzi     ITA     HRT     61     2     
    Hamilton     GBR     McLaren     46     3     
    Maldonado     VEN     Williams     26     1     
    Glock     GER     Virgin     21     1 

Los Libres 3 del GP de Brasil
Los mejores momentos de los Libres3 de Brasil
Los mejores momentos de los Libres2 del GP de Brasil
Los mejores momentos de los Libres1 de Brasil
Free Practice 3 times
Free Practice 2 times
Free Practice 1 times

Sebastian Vettel nimmt seinen 15. Pole Position des Jahres - Round 19 - Brasilien

From: MotorsportLiveHD1  | Nov 26, 2011  |

Saturday, November 26, 2011

#F1 Brazilian Grand Prix - Diferencias mínimas en los últimos libres del año (

Bernie Ecclestone confident 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead in 2012

Uploaded by on Nov 25, 2011
F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says he is confident the Bahrain Grand Prix will take place in 2012, despite ongoing concerns about civil unrest in the country.

Speaking ahead of the 2011 season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix, Ecclestone also says it is "most unlikely" that Austin in Texas will host the inaugural United States Grand Prix in 2012.

#F1 Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying - 1 S Vettel 2 M Webber 3 J Button 4 LC Hamilton 5 F Alonsao


#       Driver                  Team             Time    
1     Vettel     GER     Red Bull     1'11.918    
2     Webber     AUS     Red Bull     1'12.099    
3     Button     GBR     McLaren     1'12.283    
4     Hamilton     GBR     McLaren     1'12.480    
5     Alonso     ESP     Ferrari     1'12.591    
6     Rosberg     GER     Mercedes-Benz     1'13.050    
7     Massa     BRA     Ferrari     1'13.068    
8     Sutil     GER     Force India     1'13.298    
9     Senna     BRA     Renault     1'13.761    
10     Schumacher     GER     Mercedes-Benz     1'13.571    
11     di Resta     GBR     Force India     1'13.584    
12     Barrichello     BRA     Williams     1'13.801    
13     Alguersuari     ESP     Toro Rosso     1'13.804    
14     Buemi     SUI     Toro Rosso     1'13.919    
15     Petrov     RUS     Renault     1'14.053    
16     Kobayashi     JPN     Sauber     1'14.129    
17     Perez     MEX     Sauber     1'14.182    
18     Maldonado     VEN     Williams     1'14.625    
19     Kovalainen     FIN     Lotus     1'15.068    
20     Trulli     ITA     Lotus     1'15.358    
21     Liuzzi     ITA     HRT     1'16.631    
22     Ricciardo     AUS     HRT     1'16.890    
23     d'Ambrosio     BEL     Virgin     1'17.019    
24     Glock     GER     Virgin     1'17.060         

Los Libres 3 del GP de Brasil
Los mejores momentos de los Libres3 de Brasil
Los mejores momentos de los Libres2 del GP de Brasil
Los mejores momentos de los Libres1 de Brasil

Free Practice 3 times
Free Practice 2 times
Free Practice 1 times

From: MotorsportLiveHD1  | Nov 26, 2011
BBC Qualifying Highlights Official Edit - Round 19 - Brazil

#F1 Brazilian Grand Prix P3 - 1 S Vettel 2 J Button 3 M Webber 4 LC Hamilton 5 F Alonsao

Free practice 3

#     Driver                Team         Time     
1     Vettel     GER     Red Bull     1'12.460     
2     Button     GBR     McLaren     1'12.547     
3     Webber     AUS     Red Bull     1'12.597     
4     Hamilton     GBR     McLaren     1'12.622     
5     Alonso     ESP     Ferrari     1'12.765     
6     Sutil     GER     Force India     1'13.113     
7     Rosberg     GER     Mercedes-Benz     1'13.286     
8     Schumacher     GER     Mercedes-Benz     1'13.393     
9     di Resta     GBR     Force India     1'13.419     
10     Massa     BRA     Ferrari     1'13.583     
11     Petrov     RUS     Renault     1'13.838     
12     Barrichello     BRA     Williams     1'14.283     
13     Alguersuari     ESP     Toro Rosso     1'14.286     
14     Kobayashi     JPN     Sauber     1'14.311     
15     Maldonado     VEN     Williams     1'14.454     
16     Perez     MEX     Sauber     1'14.547     
17     Senna     BRA     Renault     1'14.551     
18     Trulli     ITA     Lotus     1'15.843     
19     Kovalainen     FIN     Lotus     1'16.026     
20     d'Ambrosio     BEL     Virgin     1'16.616     
21     Liuzzi     ITA     HRT     1'17.143     
22     Ricciardo     AUS     HRT     1'17.296     
23     Glock     GER     Virgin     1'17.984 

Los Libres 3 del GP de Brasil
Los mejores momentos de los Libres3 de Brasil
Los mejores momentos de los Libres2 del GP de Brasil
Los mejores momentos de los Libres1 de Brasil
Free Practice 2 times
Free Practice 1 times

Felipe Massa's new special helmet for Brazil Grand Prix 2011 / Novo capacete de Felipe Massa especial para o Brasil Grand Prix 2011 /

Uploaded by on Nov 24, 2011
Felipe's special helmet for the Brazilian GP
Felipe capacete especial para o GP do Brasil

Uploaded by on Nov 22, 2011
Interview with Felipe Massa before the Brazil GP
Uploaded by on Nov 23, 2011
Ferrari preview the 2011 Brazilian GP - Massa's 100th with Ferrari

#F1 Brazilian Grand Prix - Lobato te prepara para la clasificación y El juego de las diferencias (

Fernando Alonso "La lluvia es bienvenida" para domingo / "The rain is welcome" for Sunday

Sebastian Vettel says Red Bull "need to make another step" after failing to top the timesheets in Friday free practice

Uploaded by on Nov 25, 2011
World Champion Sebastian Vettel says Red Bull "need to make another step" after failing to top the timesheets in Friday practice ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Vettel reveals "it would be great" to finish his season with another win, potentially his twelfth of the season, but reveals he struggled for grip on the "slippery circuit" at Interlagos.

Jenson Button pleased with 'good running' in Brazil Grand Prix free practice 1 & 2 at Interlagos on Friday

Uploaded by on Nov 25, 2011
Jenson Button says he is pleased to get some "good running" after a strong showing in Friday practice in Interlagos.

Button reveals he struggled with the balance of his McLaren on the soft tyres, but says it "feels good" on the harder compound. The 2009 world champion is also expecting rain on Sunday, although concedes "you never know what happens with the weather" in Sao Paulo.

Lewis Hamilton seeking wet race to be competitive in Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos on Sunday

Uploaded by on Nov 25, 2011
Lewis Hamilton believes McLaren will be "there or there abouts", but does not think they will be able to challenge Red Bull for victory in Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix as long as conditions stay dry.

Wet weather has been forecast for the race at Interlagos, with Hamilton expecting the car to be "really good in the wet" if the predicted rain does fall in Sao Paulo.

Friday, November 25, 2011

#F1 Brazilian Grand Prix - Lobato analiza los primeros libres (

#F1 Brazilian Grand Prix P2 - 1 LC Hamilton 2 S Vettel 3 M Webber 4 F Alonso 5 M Schumacher

Free practice 2

 #    Driver                        Teams         Time
1     LC Hamilton (GBR)     McLaren     1'13.392
2     S Vettel (GER)     Red Bull     1'13.559
3     M Webber (AUS)     Red Bull     1'13.587
4     F Alonso (ESP)     Ferrari     1'13.598
5     M Schumacher (GER)     Mercedes-Benz     1'13.723
6     F Massa (BRA)     Ferrari     1'13.750
7     J Button (GBR)     McLaren     1'13.787
8     N Rosberg (GER)     Mercedes-Benz     1'13.872
9     A Sutil (GER)     Force India     1'14.144
10     P di Resta (GBR)     Force India     1'14.807
11     V Petrov (RUS)     Renault     1'14.856
12     B Senna (BRA)     Renault     1'14.931
13     S Perez (MEX)     Sauber     1'14.970
14     K Kobayashi (JPN)     Sauber     1'15.019
15     S Buemi (SUI)     Toro Rosso     1'15.264
16     J Alguersuari (ESP)     Toro Rosso     1'15.388
17     P Maldonado (VEN)     Williams     1'15.679
18     RG Barrichello (BRA)     Williams     1'15.903
19     J Trulli (ITA)     Lotus     1'16.298
20     H Kovalainen (FIN)     Lotus     1'16.338
21     J d'Ambrosio (BEL)     Virgin     1'18.031
22     T Glock (GER)     Virgin     1'18.051
23     D Ricciardo (AUS)     HRT     1'18.367
24     V Liuzzi (ITA)     HRT     1'18.476

Los mejores momentos de los Libres 2 del GP de Brasil - Watch video (commentary in Spanish)

#F1 Brazilian Grand Prix - Lobato: "Todo es posible con la lluvia" (

Maiden victory for Daniel Juncadella in the prestigious Macau Formula 3

Daniel Juncadella wins Formula 3 Grand Prix in Macau | Daimler ...
hace 5 días - Maiden victory for Daniel Juncadella in the prestigious Macau Formula 3 Grand ... The Spanish driver concluded his second season in the Formula 3 Euro Series in ... It is a tremendous honour to win such a prestigious race that has seen such ...

#F1 Brazilian Grand Prix P1 - 1 M Webber 2 J Button 3 LC Hamilton 4 S Vettel 5 F Massa

Free practice 1
#     Driver                     Teams       Time
1     M Webber (AUS)     Red Bull     1'13.811
2     J Button (GBR)     McLaren     1'13.825
3     LC Hamilton (GBR)     McLaren     1'13.961
4     S Vettel (GER)     Red Bull     1'14.025
5     F Massa (BRA)     Ferrari     1'14.507
6     F Alonso (ESP)     Ferrari     1'14.541
7     M Schumacher (GER)     Mercedes-Benz     1'15.162
8     N Hülkenberg (GER)     Force India     1'15.178
9     P di Resta (GBR)     Force India     1'15.241
10     N Rosberg (GER)     Mercedes-Benz     1'15.321
11     J Alguersuari (ESP)     Toro Rosso     1'15.468
12     R Grosjean (FRA)     Renault     1'15.547
13     RG Barrichello (BRA)     Williams     1'15.663
14     B Senna (BRA)     Renault     1'15.732
15     K Kobayashi (JPN)     Sauber     1'15.747
16     P Maldonado (VEN)     Williams     1'15.836
17     S Perez (MEX)     Sauber     1'15.979
18     JE Vergne (FRA)     Toro Rosso     1'16.052
19     H Kovalainen (FIN)     Lotus     1'16.514
20     L Razia (BRA)     Lotus     1'17.595
21     T Glock (GER)     Virgin     1'18.140
22     J d'Ambrosio (BEL)     Virgin     1'18.653
23     D Ricciardo (AUS)     HRT     1'18.952
24     J Charouz (CZE)     HRT     1'19.577

Watch (commentary in Spanish)

Uploaded by on Nov 25, 2011

Brazilian Grand Prix - Autódromo José Carlos Pace, Interlagos, São Paulo November 25-27, 2011

There are some big talking points this weekend regarding drivers for next year. Renault, Force India, Williams and Toro Rosso have yet to confirm their driver line-ups with intense speculation over who will be filling the seats.

Two of the three Brazilians on the grid this year are facing uncertain futures next year, with Rubens Barrichello looking less and less likely to be at Williams and Bruno Senna fighting for a place at Renault with Romain Grosjean, who will drive Vitaly Petrov's R31 this morning. Felipe Massa will be in F1 in 2012 at Ferrari but his future beyond that is uncertain.

Autódromo José Carlos Pace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaódromo_José_Carlos_Pa..
Autódromo José Carlos Pace, also known by its former name Interlagos, is a motor racing circuit located in the city of São Paulo, and named after Carlos Pace

Autódromo José Carlos Pace Interlagos
Autódromo José Carlos Pace (AKA Interlagos) track map.svg

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HRT announced monday that Pedro de la Rosa has signed a two-year contract to race for them starting next season.

"This is a very important step in my sporting career and one of the most considered ones I've taken," De la Rosa said in a statement.

"I'm at a very good stage in terms of maturity and am prepared to take on this challenge which motivates me hugely.

"I'm here to work hard, with modesty and humility, accepting where we are now but keeping in mind where we want to be in two years' time,"

  1. Noticias sobre Pedro de la Rosa

    Mundo Deportivo
    1. Saúl Ruiz de Marcos: "Contar con De la Rosa era un objetivo ...
      Las Provincias - hace 5 minutos
      El director general de la escudería HRT Formula One Team, Saúl Ruiz de Marcos, ha declarado hoy que "contar con el piloto Pedro Martínez De la Rosa la ...
      516 artículos relacionados
  2. Pedro de la Rosa - Official Web Site - Traducir esta página
    13 Nov 2011 – eci_pedrodelarosa · santander pedro de la rosa. 2011 ABU DHABI .... it was an amazing victory. Twitter de Pedro de la Rosa PDLR, twitter. WEB.
  3. Pedro de la Rosa - Web Oficial
    hace 20 horas – Pedro de la Rosa: "Este es un día muy especial y estoy muy contento de que, además de Luis y Saúl como representantes de HRT, también ...
  4. Pedro Martínez de la Rosa - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreínez_de_la_Rosa
    Pedro Martínez de la Rosa, más conocido como Pedro de la Rosa (Barcelona, 24 de febrero de 1971), es un piloto de Fórmula 1 español que actualmente ...

NASCAR Nationwide Series 2011 - Homestead-Miami Ford 300 (2hr 25m)

Uploaded by on Nov 22, 2011
Fanatics LLC - NASCAR

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tony Stewart Interview On Live With Kelly 11-22-2011 (Part 1)

Uploaded by on Nov 22, 2011
Tony Stewart vists Live With Kelly on November 22, 2011

Tony Stewart Shop & information

How To Build A Super Car (60m) the new McLaren MP4-12C

From: TheNARLtv  | Nov 21, 2011  | 426 views
How To Build A Super Car which features the new McLaren MP4-12C

Language select - McLaren - 
McLaren Automotive. Menu. MP4-12C · Under the skin · Explore · Configure · Gallery · McLaren Inside Out · Pure McLaren · REGISTER · LOG IN · CHANGE ...

McLaren MP4-12C - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
The McLaren MP4-12C is a sports car designed and manufactured by McLaren Automotive. It is the first production car wholly designed and built by McLaren ...

Martin Truex Jr Shop & Information - video (Truex shares his earliest racing memory..)

Martin Truex Jr. - NASCAR Cup Series Driver - NASCAR.COM - Traducir esta página
The official page on for Martin Truex Jr. Review Driver performance, details and headlines for Martin Truex Jr.

Martin Truex, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Jr. - Traducir esta página
Martin Lee Truex Jr. (born June 29, 1980) is a NASCAR driver. He drives the #56 NAPA Auto Parts Toyota Camry for Michael Waltrip Racing in the Sprint Cup ...

Checkered Flag Martin Truex Jr. Boost Driver T-shirt - Ash

Price: 17.95
Give your favorite driver the burst of power needed to burn up the competition in this Boost Driver tee. It features Martin Truex Jr.'s name and number printed across the chest with a vibrant sponsor logo and replica signature on the back!

Martin Truex Jr. Domed Premium Key Chain

Price: 9.95
Keep your keys together while you put the pedal to the metal towards victory lane with this Truex Jr. key chain. It features the driver number and name encased in a metal domed pendant with an attached key ring on a swivel base. An ideal gift for any NASCAR fanatic this key chain will truly show where your racer loyalty lies.

Martin Truex Jr. Driver Lanyard

Price: 7.95
Carry your keys ID badge or other daily essentials in bold Martin Truex Jr. style with this Driver lanyard featuring vibrant sponsor graphics with Truex's replica signature and number on both sides. It also boasts a high-tensile nylon webbing and a detachable key ring for quick access — making this lanyard a fun comfortable and functional show of everyday NASCAR pride!

Martin Truex Jr. Credential Holder Lanyard

Price: 10.95
Carry your VIP pass tickets ID badge or other daily essentials in bold race style with this credential holder lanyard featuring vibrant sponsor graphics with your favorite driver’s replica signature and number on both the lanyard and the plastic sleeve. It also boasts a high-tensile nylon webbing and a detachable key ring for quick access — making this lanyard fun comfortable and functional so you can brand yourself with vibrant NASCAR pride while showing your love for Martin Truex Jr.!

Martin Truex Jr. Zippered Driver Bottle Coolie

Price: 6.95
Keep your favorite bottled beverage cold in Martin Truex Jr.-style this season with this driver number bottle coolie! The coolie features a custom print with your favorite driver's number sponsor logo and a zippered enclosure to keep your beverage secure and cold at the Racetrack.

Martin Truex Jr. Collapsible Can Coolie

Price: 4.95
Keep your favorite beverage cold in Martin Truex Jr. style this season with this collapsible can coolie! The coolie featuring a custom print and your favorite racer's number folds flat to fit in your pocket or purse for the ultimate in team-spirited portability.

Martin Truex Jr. Tire Tread Metal License Plate

Price: 8.95
Warn people that you have a knack for driving fast just like Martin Truex Jr. with this Tire Tread metal license plate. It features tire tread graphics and Truex's name number and car for a look worthy of a true NASCAR fan.

Martin Truex Jr. LED Hood Keychain

Price: 5.95
Get your spirit roaring with this LED Hood keychain! Shaped like the hood of your favorite driver's car this 1.5" x 2" keychain features Martin Truex Jr.'s driver number and signature a vibrant sponsor name and two bright LED headlights that turn on with the push of a button. It's perfect for keeping your keys handy and your NASCAR pride in the spotlight at all times!

Martin Truex Jr. 12'' Driver Number & Name Car Magnet

Price: 9.95
Represent Martin Truex Jr. in style with this large car magnet featuring your favorite driver's number and name so everyone will see your NASCAR spirit coming down the road! This magnet attaches to most smooth metal surfaces so you can display it on your car truck or locker.

Martin Truex Jr. 2-Pack 2oz. Shot Glass Set

Price: 9.95
Toast Martin Truex Jr. with a 2-pack of shot glasses featuring his name and car number printed in full-color on each glass! The set includes two 2oz. shot glasses one round and one square it's the perfect way to enjoy your favorite beverage with a side of Truex Jr. pride.

Martin Truex Jr. Half Frame Sport Sunglasses

Price: 12.95
No matter what kind of game you're watching or playing you can keep your eyes on the prize when you protect them with these half-frame sport sunglasses. They feature team-colored frames and the driver's number sticker in the corner of the left lens so you can show off your Martin Truex Jr. pride!

Chase Authentics Martin Truex Jr. White-Royal Blue Fragment Element Adjustable Hat

Price: 24.95
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Chase Authentics Martin Truex Jr. Charcoal Driver Knit Beanie

Price: 17.95
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Chase Authentics Martin Truex Jr. Team Color T-Shirt - Gray

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Chase Authentics Martin Truex Jr. Ladies Double Layer Hooded Long Sleeve Premium T-Shirt - Royal Blue/White

Price: 34.95
Ladies give your guy on the track something to rev his engine about when you show him some support in this double layer hooded tee by Chase Authentics. It features Martin Truex Jr.'s name and racing group in low puff screen print over a tonal driver number on the front with a sewn-in double layer hood and sleeves.

Chase Authentics Martin Truex Jr. Ladies Foil Premium T-Shirt - Black

Price: 27.95
Ladies your lavish driver-spirited look will have you being followed around the track by fellow race fans as you watch Martin Truex Jr. chase for the cup in this Foil tee by Chase Authentics. It features the #56 car printed on the front leading the pack with the driver name running down the left side and the racing team logo in metallic foil on the back yoke for a look that will have you headed straight to victory lane.

Martin Truex Jr. Checkered Flag License Plate

Price: 14.95
Your vehicle is the first and foremost of all your possessions which should be brimming with driver pride. Turn your ride into a Martin Truex Jr.-spirited machine with this Checkered Flag license plate! With printed driver name and number graphics over a checkered flag background this license plate will make sure everyone on the road knows which driver inspires your inner speed demon.

Checkered Flag Martin Truex Jr. Royal Blue Exhaust Flames Adjustable Hat

Price: 21.95
Fuel your enthusiasm for the Martin Truex Jr. racing team with the Exhaust Flames adjustable hat! It features an embroidered sponsor logo on the crown embroidered driver number and replica signature graphics on the back and embroidered contrast flames on the sides for an amped up look that pairs perfectly with the intensity of NASCAR.

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July 08, 2011
Zero to 60: Martin Truex Jr.
Truex shares his earliest racing memory, first job and what makes him laugh at the track.