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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inside the McLaren Technology Centre - DRIVEN

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The heart of McLaren Automotive - The McLaren Technology Centre and the new McLaren Production Centre. The headquarters for one of the most successful Formula One racing teams, the Woking facility is world renowned for technology innovations and design. JF Musial tours the new production line for the MP4-12C and looks behind the scenes at what's to come for the growing super car company and race team.

F1 2012 - Caterham F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix preview 12:29 PM (1 hour ago) to

Caterham F1
Race Laps: 70
Circuit Length: 4.361 km
Race Distance: 305.270 km
Lap Record: R Barrichello, 1:13.622 (2004)
2011 Air / Track temp (°c): 21 / 27
Pitlane altitude (m): 8
2011 Timing

P1: VET (1:13.014 Q3)
P2: ALO (1:13.199 Q3)
P3: MAS (1:13.217 Q3)
CF1T best: P19 TRU (1:16.745)
CF1T delta to best Q1 lap: +2.923 (103.8%)


P1: BUT (1:16.956) L69
P2: VET (1:17.217) L69
P3: WEB (1:19.576) L65
CF1T best: P16 TRU (1:22.233, L67)
CF1T delta to best race lap: +5.277 (106.8%)

Quick description

Very high brake energy track, therefore critical in terms of brake wear and cooling
Track surface is very smooth with very low grip which is hard on tyres
Longitudinal track with several major traction points
Braking stability is critical, particularly in T8 & T10 due to bumps
Ability to ride kerbs and maximise top speed are both important for quick lap times
Track was partly re-surfaced in 2010 (mainly apexes) but no major difference from 2008 layout

Circuit Particularity

Bumpiness: Bumpy
Overtaking chance: T10, T13
Kerbs: Medium / High
Ride height setting particularity: None
Engine severity: Medium
Gearbox severity: High
Lat/Long grip: Longitudinal
Aero eff ratio: High
Safety car history: 2011 - 4 (8/12,20/34,37/40,56/60); 2010 - None, 2009 - No race
Track grip evo during w/e: Medium
Aero settings: Medium / Low
Brake wear severity: Very high
Brake cooling necessity: High

Team Quotes

Heikki Kovalainen, car 20, chassis CT01-#03
: “Montreal is a very cool track. It’s a temporary street circuit with a couple of long straights and low downforce settings and that makes the cars pretty tricky in the faster corners and into the braking areas, but it’s a great track to race on. As with everywhere we race you have to find a good balance to get the best lap times, but you need a setup that means you can really attack the kerbs, particularly in the final corner as you head back to the start /finish line. You also need to make sure you have maximum speed down the back straight, so we’ll look closely at the gear ratios we use and balance seventh gear against the speeds we could be doing with DRS and KERS both engaged.

“Apart from being a great race Montreal is also a really good city as well. All the teams like going there as the fans are passionate, the stands are always full on track and the city itself turns into a party town while we’re there. The Canadian people are brilliant and there’s a special atmosphere all over Montreal, which we only get at a few races we go to so it’s one of the weekends everyone’s up for.”

Vitaly Petrov, car 21, chassis CT01-#02
: “I have very good memories of Canada after finishing fifth there last year and I’m really looking forward to getting back to Montreal. Everyone loves racing there – it’s a great city with some really good restaurants, and enough bars to keep everyone who’s not driving happy!

“The track itself is a good challenge from inside the cockpit. It’s very slippery on Friday morning and while the grip does improve over the weekend it’s important to keep the rear tyres in good condition. There a few things to get right for a really quick lap – you need to manage the brake wear and cooling enough to be able to get on the brakes hard every time you need them,  you have to have very good traction out of the slower corners and you need to be able to really hit the kerbs hard to save the tenths of a second that add to up to a good time.

“The other thing is the weather. Last year it obviously got so bad we had to stop the race and while that’s not good for the fans it’s much safer for the drivers. Hopefully we won’t have quite so much rain again this year, but if it does we’ll deal with it. I like racing in the wet, it gives us more of a chance to fight a few cars ahead and it’s an even better feeling in the car when you get it right in the wet. Whatever happens it's always a pleasure to come back to Montreal.”

Mark Smith, Technical Director, Caterham F1 Team
: “The Montreal circuit is another fascinating challenge from a technical perspective. As a temporary street-style circuit it is always very green when we start running on Friday but the evolution level is not as high as somewhere like Monaco. The asphalt on the track surface is also very smooth and has very low grip levels so the tyre degradation rate is high throughout the whole weekend. As we have already seen this year, managing tyre wear is the key to both qualifying and the races, so tyre strategy will play an even more crucial role in Montreal than it has all season.

“The other major factor in Canada concerns the brakes. The track has a couple of very long straights with heavy braking zones at the end that lead into tight corners so it is pretty severe in terms of brake wear. We need to make sure we keep optimise the brake cooling every lap and while we do not have a specific brake duct set for Canada, we will be using the larger ones in our range to give us the best chance of managing the brake cooling. “

Tony Fernandes, Team Principal, Caterham F1 Team:
“I am still on a high after the race in Monaco. Moving back into tenth place is important but there are 14 more races to come this season and we are taking nothing for granted. However, Heikki’s 13th place and the battling performance he and the whole team put in is another sign that all the hard work we have put in over the last two and a half years is starting to pay off. Vitaly has not had the best luck in the last couple of races but his hunger, enthusiasm, humour and determination are all evident whenever he is with us so he has everything he needs in his locker to succeed with us long-term.

“I am very realistic about what we have achieved so far, and I know that Monaco is a unique circuit that gave us the sort of opportunity we grabbed last Sunday, but I also know that as we continue through this season we keep making small but significant steps forward. During the Monaco race I had some very good news from the factory about a new update we have planned for Silverstone and to see that come in while we were having our best race of the season was another sign that we are doing this in the right way.

“Next it is Canada, a race the whole team looks forward to and possibly another one where we can spring a surprise. Unfortunately I will not be in Montreal but I will be watching every session and I know everyone wants to build on what we achieved at the last race."


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sauber F1 Team - World Premiere: Cutaway F1 Race Car

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New film footage shows an F1 racing car sliced into two!

And now for something completely different: for the last two years the Sauber F1 Team mechanics have been using their downtime to slice a Formula One racing car lengthwise down the middle with the precision of true craftsmen. A new film is now set to give this cutaway model its first public viewing.

“Formula One is all about cutting-edge technology,” says Chief Designer Matt Morris at the start of the five minute film. “We’ve all seen countless pictures of racing cars, but wouldn’t it be great to really explore inside it – as if peering into the core of an apple?”

Morris quite literally gets underneath the skin of the F1 car, pointing out where and how the individual components are located within the chassis. Everything is packed in pretty tightly, with no space even for his aforementioned apple. Sergio Pérez is also on hand to demonstrate the driver’s seating position.
Neues Filmmaterial: F1-Rennwagen der Länge nach durchgeschnitten!

Das gab es noch nie: Die Mechaniker des Sauber F1 Teams haben über zwei Jahre in ihrer Freizeit einen Formel-1-Rennwagen der Länge nach und handwerklich perfekt halbiert. Mit einem Film wird dieses Schnittmodell jetzt erstmals der Öffentlichkeit gezeigt.

„Die Formel 1 ist Spitzentechnologie“, sagt Chief Designer Matt Morris zu Beginn des fünfminütigen Films, „wir alle sehen viele Bilder von den Rennwagen – aber wäre es nicht toll, da einmal wirklich reinschauen zu können? So wie in das Kerngehäuse eines Apfels?“

Morris geht praktisch unter die Haut: Er zeigt, wo und wie die einzelnen Komponenten im Chassis untergebracht sind. Alles ist dicht gedrängt, er findet nicht mal eine Lücke, in die sein Requisiten-Apfel passen würde. Sergio Pérez demonstriert die Sitzposition des Fahrers.

Der Film steht ab sofort in HD-Qualität im Medienbereich der Team-Website ( zum kostenlosen Download bereit. Eine Transkription des Gesprochenen steht ebendort in Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch und Japanisch als Word-Datei zur Verfügung.

Die Nutzung ist ausschliesslich für Medienzwecke legitimiert. Jegliche kommerzielle Nutzung bedarf der Rücksprache mit dem Sauber F1 Team.

Für den Zugang zum Medienbereich ist eine Registrierung erforderlich, sie erfordert lediglich ein bis zwei Minuten.

Sofort anzuschauen ist der Film auf YouTube:

Indianapolis 500 2012 - Sunday, May 27 (Full Race 3:51:20 video)

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The Indianapolis 500 2012

News for Indianapolis 500

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    Interesting facts and figures from this year's Indy 500.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

European F3 Open 2012 - Nürburgring 27.05.2012 Cedars AutoSport

FIAGT3 World race one & two 26 & 27/05/2012 - Circuito de Navarra Spain (1.30 hrs video)

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Spain - GT3 Navarra Race 2 Watch Again | GT World 27/05/2012

The FIA GT World Championship is a world championship sports car racing series developed by the SRO Group and regulated by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). It features multiple grand tourer race cars based on production road cars and conforming with the GT1 (2010-2011) and GT3 (2012-) regulations competing in one-hour races on multiple continents. Championships are awarded each season for drivers and teams.

The FIA GT1 World Championship has started in 2010 as a successor to the previous FIA GT Championship which featured the GT1 category as well as a GT2 category. In 2012 the series originally planned to move away from exclusive use of GT1 cars by allowing 2009-spec GT2 from the former FIA GT Championship as well as current performance balanced GT3 specification cars to compete alongside the series' current GT1 cars. However as there were no interested GT2 teams and only a handful of former GT1 runners were willing to participate, the SRO decided that the 2012 season would be contested with GT3-spec cars only (yet retaining GT1 in the series' title). All vehices will be performance balanced with weight and restrictor adjustments to make different makes artificially more equal.
Spain - GT3 Navarra Race 1 Watch Again | GT World 26/05/2012
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FIAGT1 World Qualifying/Championship races 26 & 27/05/2012 - Circuito de Navarra Spain (2.00 hrs video)

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Spain - GT1 Navarra Championship Race Watch Again | GT World 27/05/2012
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El Circuito de Navarra ha amanecido con buen tiempo en la jornada de carreras del Campeonato de España de Velocidad. Se espera un tiempo seco y agradable ... 8 Google reviews - Write a review

Circuito de Navarra  Calle Malvasía, 5, 31210 Los Arcos, Spain
948 64 03 50

View Larger Map
Spain - GT1 Navarra Qualifying Race Watch Again | GT World 26/05/2012
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Spain - GT1 Navarra Qualifying Race Watch Again | GT World 26/05/2012

The FIA GT1 World Championship is a world championship sports car racing series developed by the SRO Group and regulated by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). It features multiple grand tourer race cars based on production road cars and conforming with the GT1 (2010-2011) and GT3 (2012-) regulations competing in one-hour races on multiple continents. Championships are awarded each season for drivers and teams.

The FIA GT1 World Championship has started in 2010 as a successor to the previous FIA GT Championship which featured the GT1 category as well as a GT2 category. In 2012 the series originally planned to move away from exclusive use of GT1 cars by allowing 2009-spec GT2 from the former FIA GT Championship as well as current performance balanced GT3 specification cars to compete alongside the series' current GT1 cars. However as there were no interested GT2 teams and only a handful of former GT1 runners were willing to participate, the SRO decided that the 2012 season would be contested with GT3-spec cars only (yet retaining GT1 in the series' title). All vehices will be performance balanced with weight and restrictor adjustments to make different makes artificially more equal.

Pit Stop Was Key - Fernando Alonso: Heads Championship table. (Sky Sports F1 2012)

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Fernando Alonso believes his pit stop was a key moment in his third place finish at Monaco.

Nico Rosberg: Analyse nach Platz 2 im Monaco GP 2012

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abonniere Nico´s Kanal: schaut Nico Rosbergs Analyse nach Platz 2 im Monaco GP 2012.

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subscribe Nico´s channel! watch Nico Rosberg´s post race message after P2 at the Monaco GP 2012.

Strong Finish For Red Bull Racing Sebastian Vettel: (Sky Sports F1 2012)

Published on May 27, 2012 by .

Sebastian Vettel finished fourth in what was a strong Grand Prix for Red Bull in Monaco.

Lewis Hamilton Raises Questions About McLaren: (Sky Sports F1 2012)

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Lewis Hamilton questions his team's performance after a poor start in Monaco.

Jenson Button Left Frustrated Behind Caterham: (Sky Sports F1 2012)

Published on May 27, 2012 by
Jenson Button said he could not wait for the race to finish after a frustrating day in Monaco.

Ted Kravitz's Monaco GP Notebook: (Sky Sports F1 2012)

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Ted Kravitz runs through the big issues from the Monaco Grand Prix.

Grand Prix De Monaco - Scuderia Toro Rosso Team Information Race - Sunday 27 May 2012

2012 MONACO GRAND PRIX – SUNDAY 27/05/2012

Jean-Eric Vergne (STR7-03)
Race finish: 12th
“After the start, lots of cars in front of me cut the corner at the first turn and I found myself behind the Marussia and I was losing a lot of time. I was on a one stop strategy and to try and get me out of the traffic, we made an early stop. From then on, I ran at a very good pace, which I am happy about and I was as high as seventh. I was lapping quickly and consistently. But with around 14 laps to the end, my tyres were completely gone and I had to come in for the Intermediates, but the rain was not strong enough. It’s a real shame about the laps I lost in traffic at the start because without that I could have been comfortably in the points today. I am looking forward to Canada, as it’s a track I particularly like even if I have not been there and I will go there really hungry to get a good result.”
Daniel Ricciardo (STR7-01)
Race finish: DNF
“I had a good start after which I had to avoid an incident ahead of me but I was able to make up a couple of positions from that. I was behind Di Resta who was running the Prime tyre on a different strategy to me on the Option. We had good pace and I tried to attack, but I couldn’t manage it. I tried to stay out as long as possible on the Option tyre but then I started to lose pace, so I came in for the Prime, hoping to run to the end of the race. I came out in clear air and got into a rhythm before ending up in a train behind Kovalainen and Button. I tried to pass the McLaren but it was not so easy. Then I clipped a kerb at Turn 15. At the time I did not feel anything, but one lap later the steering felt very loose so I came into the pits as the car was no longer safe to drive. Despite all that, from a driving point of view, I really enjoyed myself until my retirement.”
Franz Tost: “The heavier rain that finally arrived as Red Bull Racing’s Mark Webber was on the podium celebrating a great win came too late to keep Jean-Eric in the points. Because he found himself towards the back of the field in the early stages after several cars got ahead of him on the opening lap by cutting the chicane, we brought him in early to switch to the Soft tyre with which he would go to the end of the race on a one stop strategy. Unfortunately, the tyres we fitted on lap 17 were therefore not in the best condition when some very light drizzle began to fall. As he had very little grip on the worn tyres, we brought him to fit the Intermediates on lap 71, but the rain which would have helped him fight for tenth place did not come soon enough. Rain, or the lack of it, also affected Daniel’s strategy. We kept him out late on the Supersoft in the hope we would call him in for rain tyres, but it did not happen and, as those around him picked up their pace, when he left the pits he therefore found himself at the back of that same group. In the end, we elected to retire his car in the pits after impact with a kerb appears to have damaged the steering.”

Grand Prix De Monaco - Sauber Ferrari Team Information Race - Sunday 27 May 2012

Monaco GP – Race

Fastest lap of the Monaco Grand Prix was small consolation for Sergio Pérez after a spirited drive that saw the Sauber F1 Team driver come from the back row of the grid to finish 11th. Kamui Kobayashi retired from the race on lap six with damaged suspension, which was the result of a collision between his Sauber C31-Ferrari and the Lotus of Romain Grosjean just after the start.

Weather: dry with a few spots of rain, 21-23°C air, 32-36°C track

Photo ID: SAM27052012007667
Photo ID: SAM27052012007659
May 27, 2012

Sergio Pérez, Sauber C31-Ferrari 

Sergio Pérez: 11th
Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari 056)
Start on new super soft tyres, after 34 laps change to new soft tyres
“We were very quick, but from my grid position it is very difficult to overtake and move forward. After the drive through I managed to make up some positions, but the race was lost yesterday. We expected and hoped for more rain in the race. Nothing much happened and it was quite a normal race at the end. It was a shame, but for the next races we can be up there as we have a very good pace.”

 Photo ID: SAM27052012007642
May 27, 2012

Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber C31-Ferrari 

Kamui Kobayashi: DNF
Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
Start on new super soft tyres, after 1 lap change to new soft tyres
“I had a great start and was fighting with Sebastian Vettel, so maybe could have been just behind him. First Romain Grosjean went on the inside, but suddently he came back on the outside. I tried to avoid him, but he didn’t brake, hit my rear tyres and damaged my suspension. Maybe if I had had two wheels and not four I would have been fine! It was too dangerous to continue to drive.“

 Photo ID: SAM27052012007652
May 27, 2012

Peter Sauber 

Peter Sauber, Team Principal:
“Sergio not only did the fastest race lap, but for long periods of the race he was the fastest driver on the track. This clearly shows what we can achieve if everything goes right for us. Now it is up to the entire team to turn our opportunities into success.”

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Head of Track Engineering:
“It is difficult to decide whether to laugh or cry. On the one hand we can be very happy about how quick our car was, especially on a track which historically doesn’t favour us. On the other hand if something was going to go wrong then we were in the middle of it. Kamui just had bad luck being hit by Romain Grosjean’s Lotus in the first corner. Due to a part of the suspension being damaged he had to retire after six laps. It is to Sergio’s credit that he didn’t give up today despite his difficult starting position and heavy traffic. He made some good overtaking manoeuvres. On strategy we actually didn’t help him. The ideal time for a tyre change obviously would have been earlier, but we calculated more rain would come and lengthened his stint a bit. However, later in the race this turned out to be an advantage as his tyres then were fresher than those of the other drivers. We clearly wanted points here and didn’t get them.”

 Photo ID: SAM27052012007661
May 27, 2012

Sergio Pérez, Sauber C31-Ferrari 

GP Monaco – Rennen

Die schnellste Rennrunde ist ein schwacher Trost für das Sauber F1 Team nach dem Grossen Preis von Monaco. Sergio Pérez war aus der letzten Reihe gestartet, zeigte ein starkes Rennen und kam als Elfter ins Ziel. Sein Teamkollege, Kamui Kobayashi, schied nach sechs Runden wegen einer beschädigten Radaufhängung am Sauber C31-Ferrari aus. Der Japaner war in der ersten Kurve in einen Unfall verwickelt worden.

Wetter: trocken, 21-23°C Luft, 32-36°C Asphalt

Sergio Pérez: 11.

Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari 056)
Start auf neuen superweichen Reifen, nach 34 Runden Wechsel auf neue weiche Reifen.
„Wir waren hier sehr schnell, aber von meinem 23. Startplatz aus war es schwierig, sich nach vorn zu arbeiten. Nach der Durchfahrtsstrafe konnte ich ein paar Positionen gutmachen, aber im Grunde ging mein Rennen gestern im Qualifying verloren. Im Rennen heute hatten wir auf Regen gehofft, es fielen aber nur ein paar Tropfen. Es ist sehr schade, dass wir hier nicht mehr erreicht haben, aber wir sollten das bei den kommenden Rennen nachholen können, denn unser Auto ist schnell.“

Kamui Kobayashi: Ausfall nach sechs Runden

Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
Start auf neuen superweichen Reifen, nach einer Runde Wechsel auf neue weiche Reifen.
„Ich hatte einen klasse Start. Ich kämpfte mit Sebastian Vettel und hätte vielleicht an ihm dranbleiben können, heute lag wirklich ein gutes Ergebnis drin. Romain Grosjean rutschte erst auf die Innenseite der Strecke und kam dann plötzlich nach aussen zurück. Ich versuchte, ihm auszuweichen, aber er stand wohl nicht auf der Bremse. Sein Auto traf mein Hinterrad und beschädigte die Aufhängung. Mit einem Fahrrad wäre ich da vielleicht durchgekommen, aber für mein Auto war da einfach kein Platz mehr. Letztlich war es dann zu gefährlich, mit dem Schaden weiterzufahren, und ich musste aufgeben.“

Peter Sauber, Teamchef:

„Sergio fuhr nicht nur die schnellste Rennrunde, er war über weite Strecken der schnellste Mann im Feld. Das zeigt deutlich, was man erreichen könnte, wenn alles passt. Nun liegt es am ganzen Team, diese Möglichkeiten erfolgreich umzusetzen.“

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Leitender Ingenieur an der Rennstrecke:

„Nach diesem Rennen weiss man gar nicht, ob man lachen oder heulen soll. Einerseits freuen wir uns, dass unser Auto so schnell ist, zumal auf einer Strecke, die uns in der Vergangenheit nicht unbedingt lag. Auf der anderen Seite waren wir immer mittendrin, wenn irgendwas schief ging. Kamui hatte einfach Pech, dass er in der ersten Kurve von Romain Grosjeans Lotus getroffen wurde. Dabei wurde eine Radaufhängung derart beschädigt, dass wir Kamui nach sechs Runden reinholen mussten. Sergio verdient Respekt dafür, dass er angesichts des schlechten Startplatzes und dichten Verkehrs nicht aufgebeben hat. Er hat ein paar gute Überholmanöver gezeigt. Von Strategieseite her haben wir ihm nicht gerade geholfen. Der ideale Zeitpunkt für seinen Reifenwechsel von der superweichen auf die weiche Mischung wäre früher gewesen. Aber wir erwarteten mehr Regen und haben ihn deshalb noch etwas länger fahren lassen. Später im Rennen wiederum war es ein Vorteil für ihn, dass er frischere Reifen hatte als andere. Unterm Strich muss man sagen: Wir wollten hier ganz klar Punkte holen und haben keine.“

Grand Prix De Monaco - HRT F1 Team Information Race - Sunday 27 May 2012 5:25 PM (9 minutes ago) to


Monaco Grand Prix

Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo
Sunday, 27th of May 2012

Weather: Cloudy – Air 22ºC, Track 38ºC
Race: 78 laps – Track distance: 3.340 km

Pedro de la RosaF112-02 #22DNF
Narain KarthikeyanF112-03 #2315th

Bittersweet sensations once again for the team in the sixth race of the season which took place today. Narain Karthikeyan finished in 15th, achieving his and the team’s best result of the season, at such a legendary event as the Monaco Grand Prix. Karthikeyan skilfully drove through the Principality’s streets and, after a two-stop strategy, crossed the finish line with his F112. The sour note was Pedro de la Rosa who, despite completing three good practice sessions and an impeccable qualifying session, fell victim to the tricky Monaco circuit. The Spanish driver got hit from behind when trying to avoid a car that had crashed on the first lap of the race. The damage suffered to the rear wing was quite severe and de la Rosa was forced to retire.

With no time to lose, HRT Formula 1 Team will head to Madrid this very night to prepare all the material that will fly out to Canada in a couple of days for the seventh Grand Prix of the season which will take place in Montreal from the 8th to the 10th of June.

Pedro de la Rosa: "It was a terrible shame; I feel sorry for the team because yesterday we did a good job and today we were starting from an interesting position and I think we could have achieved a good result. Our one-stop strategy with softs first and super-softs second was good, you only have to see what Vettel did, so it was a shame not to have been able to complete more than 300 metres. It wasn’t a mistake by me or the team, but one by another driver, but those things happen in races. One day it might happen to me too, the sad thing is that it happened precisely here after all the good work we’d done and how much I was looking forward to finishing in Monaco with a good result. I leave here a little bit sad because, although we wouldn’t have scored a point, we could have at least finished with a good result”.

Narain Karthikeyan: "It was a tough race because we were very limited on our tyres. We tried to keep a constant pace, stay out of trouble and finish the race; we knew that if we managed to do that we would be able to finish in a good position. 15th position is a good result and a good way of getting over the disappointment from Barcelona. Now what I need to do is work on putting together a good lap in qualifying as that has been my weakest point this season. Hopefully I’ll be able to carry the momentum from here onto the next race in Canada and continue to progress”.

Luis Pérez-Sala, Team Principal: "We’ve got mixed feelings today. Pedro got hit from behind in the early stages, which was a real shame but, on the other hand, Narain completed a very good race and we achieved a 15th place finish, our best result this season so far. This race is always complicated and, given the forecast, we started with a strategy planned for a wet race. In the end it didn’t rain and that cost us a couple of positions. But we’re satisfied because we finished the race, with one car at least and only two laps off the winner, something which here in Monte Carlo is positive for us”.

Grand Prix De Monaco - Caterham F1 Team Information Race - Sunday 27 May 2012 5:09 PM (19 minutes ago) to

Caterham F1

_Q0C1262      _X5J4368      _X5J4517

Monaco Grand Prix - Sunday 27th May 2012

Caterham F1 Team Partner Information
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Heikki Kovalainen, Monaco Grand Prix 2012
2012 Monaco Grand Prix - Sunday
Monte Carlo, Monaco
27th May 2012
World Copyright:Charles Coates/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image _X5J4517

Monaco GP 2012
2012 Monaco Grand Prix - Sunday
Monte Carlo, Monaco
27th May 2012
World Copyright:Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image _Q0C1262

Race: Dry (start), air temp 22° / track temp 35° (start), 21° / 33° (lap 39), 21° / 31° (lap 78)

Heikki Kovalainen
1330 leave for grid, 2 laps
Start on option tyres
Lap 30: pitstop 1, prime tyres
Lap 73: pitstop 2, option tyres, nosecone change
FInsihed: 13th

Vitaly Petrov
1330 leave for grid, 2 laps
Start on prime tyres
Lap 3: pitstop 1, prime tyres
Lap 15: Retired, electrical failure

Team Quotes


Heikki Kovalainen and Vanessa Hudgens, Monaco 2012
2012 Monaco Grand Prix - Sunday
Monte Carlo, Monaco
27th May 2012
World Copyright:Charles Coates/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image _X5J4368
Heikki Kovalainen, car 20, chassis CT01-#3: “That was obviously a great race for the team and I'm delighted we've got tenth place back and recorded our highest finish of the season. Despite that I think we could have had even more, but the rain came at just the wrong moment for us. If it had been fully wet and everyone had pitted we'd have been able to keep 12th, possibly even made up more in the stops, but when the light rain started falling my brake temperatures dropped and I wasn't quite able to keep up the pace I'd had throughout the race up to that point.

"However - this is a really good day for the team, and it's great to get back to the garage and see everyone in such good spirits. This type of track was always going to give us the chance to fight, I'd said that before the race, and it was really good fighting with Jenson for as long as I did, keeping him behind me and really pushing. We have more to come from this car throughout the season, so I think we have more races like this to look forward to, and results like today make all the hard work the whole team put in worth it.”

Vitaly on the grid
2012 Monaco Grand Prix - Sunday
Monte Carlo, Monaco
27th May 2012
World Copyright:Charles Coates/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image _X5J4466
Vitaly Petrov, car 21, chassis CT01-#2: “I made a good start and passed a few cars but then a Sauber came right across me and hit me as we were going into turn 1. I could immediately feel a problem with the front wing so we gave it a couple of laps to see how bad the damage was but then had to pit for a new nose on lap 3. From that point I was pushing as hard as I could but then I had a low battery warning light on the dash and from that point my race was pretty much over. My engineer told me to box on lap 16 with an electrical failure and that was the end of the race. It's a real shame as I was in a strong position after my good start and as the car has felt good all weekend I would have been in with a chance of finishing really well, but these things happen in motor racing.”

Mark Smith, Technical Director: “A very exciting race and one where we showed how we are progressing. It was obviously unfortunate to see Vitaly having to retire early, had he not been hit by the Sauber he would likely have been right up there with his team mate and we had opted to start the cars on different compounds so we would have had more strategy options open to us if he had not had the electrical failure that ended his race.

"With Heikki we started him on the supersofts and kept him out for a long first stint as he was managing his tyres well. He was having a fantastic battle with Jenson and keeping him at bay, and the pitcrew did a very good job indeed to keep him ahead of the McLaren after the stops. When the rain started falling we saw Heikki's brake temperatures starting to drop and he was telling us the car was harder to control, but had Perez not hit him and caused his front wing failure I am sure he would have retained that place - he was clearly in a very determined mood and driving to the level everyone knows he can. I am delighted for him and the whole team - this has been a strong weekend for us and one that gives us even more impetus to keep challenging as we head to Canada and the rest of the season."

Vanessa Hudgens meets Tony Fernandes
2012 Monaco Grand Prix - Sunday
Monte Carlo, Monaco
27th May 2012
World Copyright:Charles Coates/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image _X5J4309

Tony Fernandes, Team Principal: "I am obviously a very happy man today. That was one of the most tense but most exciting races we have had since we came into the sport just two and a half years ago, and to be not only racing Jenson's McLaren, but to be keeping him behind us and to be able to resist his attacks is a huge achievement for a team that is still young, still growing and hungrier than ever to succeed. In fact, when Heikki passed Jenson out of the pits that was definitely the most exciting moment in my Formula 1 career and something that I will remember for ever.

"For Vitaly today will go down as one of those races. It was good to see him how disappointed he was to be forced out by something out of his control as it proves how hungry he is to help us keep pushing forwards, but he has had another good weekend with us and I am sure the luck will turn for him soon. On the other side of the garage Heikki put in one of the best drives we have seen from him since we started back in Bahrain 2010 and his 13th place today puts us back into tenth in the championship and gives us a very good platform to work from for the rest of the season.

“I am also extremely proud of how the whole team worked today. The people back at the factory have never stopped working as hard as they can to give the drivers a car that they can use like they did this weekend, and the team on track were magnificent today. Calm, professional and as good as anyone else out there in the pitlane. When Heikki had to box late on in the race for a new nose it was a pretty tense moment, but they performed brilliantly, enough to make our Chief Race Engineer Jody Egginton tell them over the radio that they had done a "fantastic job lads - pure mint", and that sentiment goes for the whole team. I am an optimist and our pitwall is full of people who would call themselves realists – I would probably say they are pessimists - but after today I have never seen so many pessimists so optimistic about the future. A great day for sure."


Grand Prix De Monaco 27 May 2012 - Race results #1 Mark Webber #2 Rosberg #3 Alonso #4 Vettel #5 Hamilton

Total laps 78 Lap distance 3.340 km
Track Conditions Dry / 31C
Weather Mostly cloudy
     #     Driver                      Team     Laps     Pits    
    1     Webber        AUS     Red Bull     78     1    
    2     Rosberg        GER     Mercedes     78     1    
    3     Alonso        ESP     Ferrari     78     1    
    4     Vettel        GER     Red Bull     78     1    
    5     Hamilton        GBR     McLaren     78     1    
    6     Massa        BRA     Ferrari     78     1    
    7     di Resta        GBR     Force India     78     1    
    8     Hülkenberg        GER     Force India     78     1    
    9     Räikkönen        FIN     Lotus     78     1    
    10     Senna        BRA     Williams     78     1    
    11     Perez        MEX     Sauber     77     2    
    12     Vergne        FRA     Toro Rosso     77     2    
    13     Kovalainen        FIN     Caterham     77     2    
    14     Glock        GER     Marussia     77     2    
    15     Karthikeyan        IND     HRT     76     2    
    Button     GBR     McLaren     70     1    
    Ricciardo     AUS     Toro Rosso     65     2    
    Pic     FRA     Marussia     64     1    
    Schumacher     GER     Mercedes     63     2    
    Petrov     RUS     Caterham     15     2    
    Kobayashi     JPN     Sauber     5     2    
    Grosjean     FRA     Lotus     0     0    
    Maldonado     VEN     Williams     0     0    
    de la Rosa     ESP     HRT     0     1 

Race - Top Three Drivers: BBC F1 2012 - Round 6: Monaco GP
Published on May 27, 2012 by
Red Bull's Mark Webber is thrilled with his "amazing" victory after winning the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Australian led from the front but was closely followed throughout the race by Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes, who came second, and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who grabbed the final podium spot.

Webber's victory makes this the first Formula 1 season in history to feature six different winners in the first six races.

David Hasselhoff kickstarts the Gumball 3000 race in Times Square NYC

Published on May 26, 2012 by
For the 14th year in a row car enthusiast are joining together for the Gumball 3000 road race.

Gumball 3000 - Official Website
We're proud to bring you the Gumball 3000 family - wearing the highlights from ..... off our proceedings at 11.10 in the Renault 3.5 race where he starts from 2nd ...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grand Prix De Monaco - Michael Schumacher (Mercedes) On 'Very Special' Lap: (BBC F1 2012)

Published on May 26, 2012 by

Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher hails his "very special" pole position lap at the Monaco Grand Prix, despite having to start from sixth place after a grid penalty.

The seven-time world champion, who recently said his performances have not been "good enough" this season, beat Red Bull's Mark Webber by 0.08 seconds.

But despite having to start from sixth after being penalised for his clash with Bruno Senna at the Spanish Grand Prix, Schumacher hopes to claim his first Formula 1 victory on Sunday since the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix.

GP3 Series 2012 - First laps for Vicky Piria with our simulator at ARC_Team Training Center.

Uploaded by on Feb 18, 2012
First laps for Vicky Piria with our simulator at ARC_Team Training Center. For her these are the really first approach with F1Driving trying our GP3 virtual car to prepare the first test scheduled in Estoril.

Posted this as I loved racing at Estoril

Published on Mar 13, 2012 by
Vicky Piria pilota GP3 per il team Triedent Racing intervistata a Sky Sport News durante la diretta del 01/03/2012

GP3 Series 2012 - Conor Daly Goes Flying Massive Crash Monaco 26 May

Published on May 26, 2012 by
Horrendous crash in the GP3 race around the streets of Monte Carlo, Conor Daly goes airborne and flies into the catchfence. He and the marshalls were okay.

Watch Barcelona Full Race Video
Race One 12th May 2012
Race Two 13th May 2012

Grand Prix De Monaco - Drivers' Reactions To Qualifying: (Sky Sports F1 2012)

Published on May 26, 2012 by .

00:00 - Felipe Massa, Scuderia Ferrari (Starts 6th).
01:07 - Heikki Kovalainen, Caterham (Starts 17th).
01:45 - Jean-Eric Verge, Toro Rosso (Starts 16th).
02:15 - Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso (Starts 15th).
03:01 - Paul di Resta, Force India (Starts 14th).
03:37 - Nico Hulkenberg, Force India (Starts 10th).
03:57 - Jenson Button, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes (Starts 11th).
04:44 - Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari (Starts 5th).
05:43 - Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus F1 Team (Starts 8th).
06:19 - Pastor Maldonado, Williams F1 Team (Starts 19th).
07:26 - Sergio Perez, Sauber F1 Team (Starts 24th).

Grand Prix De Monaco - Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team Information Free practice 3 & Qualifiying - Saturday 26 May 2012


Daniel Ricciardo (STR7-01)
Third Practice Session
Best lap 1:16.479, pos. 14th, 20 laps
Best lap: (Q1) 1:16.360, (Q2) 1:15.878, pos. 16th

“I enjoy this track a lot so I am disappointed with my qualifying position, because I thought I might have had a chance to do a bit better: top ten would have been optimistic but I had thought maybe twelfth was in reach. However, we didn’t make that happen. I was relatively happy with the way I drove, but I did not manage to put all my best sector times together on one lap. I think I was overdriving at times and making a few mistakes. If I had managed the perfect lap, maybe that would have brought me a couple more tenths, but I was not good enough to go much further up the grid. It’s tough to pass here, but we’ll try our best for tomorrow. The opening lap will be a fine balance between keeping the car between the barriers and trying to make up some places. Who knows, maybe there will be some rain to help us out.”

Jean-Eric Vergne (STR7-03)
Third Practice Session
Best lap: 1:16.226, pos. 11th, 20 laps
Best lap: (Q1) 1:16.491, (Q2) 1:16.885, pos. 17th

“I was expecting to do better, because my lap in Q1 was far from perfect and I thought I could put it all together for Q2 when we would have two runs, but my first one ended in the wall. I think I braked a bit on the bump at the exit to the tunnel and hit the outside wall, damaging the nose and also the right rear suspension, which is why I could not continue, even though I managed to drive slowly round to the pits. Let’s see what we can do in the race, because anything can happen. Up until this afternoon’s incident I felt quite good round here so I am still hopeful of having a good race tomorrow, maybe with a bit of rain to create some interesting situations.”
Laurent Mekies (Chief Engineer): “Overall, this has been a difficult Saturday for us and our grid positions mean we will have a challenging afternoon tomorrow. However, as we know, the race here can often be unpredictable and we will have to fight very hard to make up some places relative to our main competitors ahead of us. As for Jean-Eric’s qualifying accident, it is very difficult to blame our driver: this is his first time in Monaco in an F1 car and throughout free practice he made no mistakes. When a driver is pushing hard and trying to find the limit, sooner or later this sort of thing will happen. It’s not a problem and everything will be fine with the car for tomorrow. He was unable to make his final run in Q2 because, even though he made it back to the garage, the right rear suspension was damaged. Starting where we are tomorrow with both cars, in what is usually an incident packed race, we will have to be inventive with our strategy and take any opportunity that comes our way.”

Nico Rosberg On Front Row In Monaco: (Sky Sports F1 2012)

Published on May 26, 2012 by

Nico Rosberg will start on the front row just behind Mark Webber after a strong performance in qualifying.

'Mighty Performance' From Mark Webber (Pole Grand Prix De Monaco): Sky Sports F1 2012

Published on May 26, 2012 by

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says Mark Webber put in a great performance during qualifying at Monaco.

Grand Prix De Monaco - Sauber Ferrari F1 Team Information Free practice 3 & Qualifiying - Saturday 26 May 2012

Monaco GP – Qualifying

While Kamui Kobayashi was just missing out on making it into the top ten qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix by finishing 12th in Q2, Sergio Pérez was already on his way to hospital. The precautionary check is obligatory and the Mexican was able to leave the hospital straight away with a clean bill of health. He had hit an Armco barrier on his first lap in Q1. Kamui had been a promising second in Q1, using a fresh set of super soft tyres. In Q2 he improved his lap time by one and a half tenths with another set of fresh super softs, but still it wasn’t good enough for Q3.

Weather: dry and sunny, 23-24°C air, 31-42°C track

Photo ID: SAM26052012007629

Photo ID: SAM26052012007632
May 26, 2012

Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber C31-Ferrari

Kamui Kobayashi:
Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
Qualifying: 12th (1:15.508 min in Q2 / new super soft tyres)
3rd Practice: 13th (1.16.311 min / soft tyres / 19 laps)
“Of course I had hoped for a better result today. With the super soft tyre compound you only have one lap to set a good time. I managed to improve in Q2, but unfortunately not enough to be able to start in Q3. Nevertheless, the car was good and it will be good in the race, so I think we can improve tomorrow. A lot will also depend on our race strategy and some luck in terms of safety car periods, which can always happen here. I’m positive we can score good points tomorrow.”

 Photo ID: SAM26052012007624
May 26, 2012

Sergio Pérez, Sauber C31-Ferrari 

Sergio Pérez:
Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari 056)
Qualifying: No time / accident in Q1
3rd Practice: 9th (1.16.110 min / soft tyres / 14 laps)
“I am disappointed as I felt we could fight for a very good grid position here. We are still analysing everything to see if there was something wrong with the car. I was on my first lap, so was not pushing a lot. I went into the tunnel and had a lot of understeer and then I went into turns 13 and 14. Thirteen was quite fine but in 14 I just went straight and didn’t get the car to turn.”

Photo ID: SAM24052012007611
May 24, 2012

Peter Sauber

Peter Sauber, Team Principal:
“I am disappointed and I expected a much better result.”

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Head of Track Engineering:
“The car is definitely quicker than we showed today. We are very disappointed and we don’t know what happened to Sergio. We are looking right now to see if there was a problem with the car. Then with Kamui, it was not a very good lap in Q2. The field is so tight here and our grid positions make things a lot more difficult for tomorrow, but we are in Monaco where anything can happen and we don’t have to give up.”

Photo ID: SAM24052012007614
May 24, 2012

Monisha Kaltenborn

GP Monaco – Qualifikation

Während Kamui Kobayashi als Zwölfter in Q2 knapp den Einzug ins Top-Ten-Qualifying zum Grossen Preis von Monaco verpasste, war Sergio Pérez bereits unterwegs ins Krankenhaus. Die vorsorgliche Untersuchung ist Pflicht, sie ergab keinerlei Befunde, und der Mexikaner konnte das Hospital danach gleich wieder verlassen. Er war auf seiner allerersten fliegenden Runde in Q1 an eine Leitplanke angeschlagen. Kobayashi hatte in Q1 auf neuen superweichen Reifen einen viel versprechenden zweiten Platz belegt. In Q2 verbesserte er sich mit einem weiteren Satz der superweichen Pneus noch um anderthalb Zehntelsekunden, verfehlte aber dennoch einen Platz unter den ersten Zehn.

Wetter: trocken und sonnig, 23-24°C Luft, 31-42°C Asphalt

Kamui Kobayashi
Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
Qualifikation: 12. in Q2 (1:15.508 / neue superweiche Reifen)
3. Training: 13. (1.16.311 min / weiche Reifen / 19 Runden)
„Natürlich hatte ich mir heute ein besseres Ergebnis erhofft. Mit den superweichen Reifen hat man nur einen Schuss, auf der ersten Runde sind sie am besten. Ich konnte mich in Q2 zwar verbessern, aber leider nicht genug, um in Q3 starten zu können. Nichtsdestotrotz ist das Auto gut, und es wird auch im Rennen gut sein. Ich denke, wir können uns morgen steigern. Viel hängt natürlich von der Rennstrategie ab, und im Falle von Safety-Car-Phasen, die es ja in Monaco schnell geben kann, braucht man auch etwas Glück mit dem Timing. Ich bin optimistisch, dass wir morgen anständig punkten können.“

Sergio Pérez
Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari 056)
Qualifikation: keine Rundenzeit / Unfall in Q1
3. Training: 9. (1.16.110 min / weiche Reifen / 14 Runden)
„Ich bin enttäuscht. Ich hatte das Gefühl, wir könnten hier um einen sehr guten Startplatz kämpfen. Wir analysieren noch, ob etwas mit dem Auto nicht stimmte. Ich war auf meiner ersten Runde und fuhr noch nicht am Limit. Als ich in den Tunnel fuhr, hat mein Auto untersteuert. Dann kamen die Kurven 13 und 14. In Kurve 13 war alles in Ordnung, aber in Kurve 14 habe ich das Auto nicht zum Einlenken gebracht, und so ging es einfach geradeaus.“

Peter Sauber
, Teamchef:
„Ich habe ein viel besseres Ergebnis erwartet und bin entsprechend enttäuscht.“

Giampaolo Dall’Ara
, Leitender Ingenieur an der Rennstrecke:
„Unser Auto ist definitiv besser als das, was wir heute gezeigt haben, wir sind sehr enttäuscht. Wir wissen noch nicht, wie es zu Sergios Unfall kam. Wir untersuchen, ob ein Problem mit dem Auto vorlag. Kamui ist in Q2 keine optimale Runde gelungen. Das Feld liegt sehr eng beisammen, und unsere Ausgangslage erschwert das Rennen morgen erheblich. Aber wir sind in Monaco, hier kann alles passieren, wir geben nicht auf.“

Grand Prix De Monaco - HRT F1 Team Information Free practice 3 & Qualifiying - Saturday 26 May 2012 4:10 PM (1 minute ago) to


Free Practice 3 and Qualifying – Monaco Grand Prix

Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo
Saturday, 26th of May 2012
Weather: Sunny – Air 24ºC, Track 39ºC
Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo
Saturday, 26th of May 2012
Weather: Sunny – Air 24ºC, Track 39ºC

Pedro de la RosaF112-02 #22 24th (19 laps) 1:19.151
Narain Karthikeyan F112-03 #2323rd (19 laps) 1:19.147

Pedro de la Rosa F112-02 #22 21st (11 laps) 1:18.096
Narain Karthikeyan F112-03 #23 23rd (8 laps) 1:19.310

After enjoying a day off yesterday, Formula 1 action returned to the track today for the third free practice session. An hour of work which enabled HRT Formula 1 Team to fine-tune the set-up on its cars and Pedro de la Rosa and Narain Karthikeyan to gain confidence at such a tricky circuit. The work paid off as Pedro de la Rosa achieved the team’s best result in qualifying so far this year, with a 21st place finish ahead of Pic’s Marussia and only one tenth off Glock. And not only did the team cut down the distance to its immediate rivals but it was also the best qualifying result with respect to the best time, with a percentage of 103.6%. Narain Karthikeyan carried out a strategy with two sets of super-soft tyres and finished 23rd.

Tomorrow will be a tough 78-lap race where anything can happen so getting off to a good start, getting the pit stops right and maintaining a good level of concentration will be key.

Pedro de la Rosa: "It was the best qualifying session of the year and, without a doubt, the best lap I’ve ever done in Monaco. The car went well and we decided to do three runs with three new sets of super-softs because we already know that in Monaco the most important thing is to do one good lap. And that’s just what happened and I’m delighted about it because getting into the 18.0’s here is very good. I’m very satisfied because we got our timing right, the team knew when was the right moment to come out in order to avoid traffic and I accomplished my job, which was to do the best lap possible. I must admit I took some risks, on some laps in the last sector I even almost closed my eyes, but I had to attack and did just that. With one more tenth we would have also overtaken Glock but the truth is that we’re very happy with how the day went”.

Narain Karthikeyan: "We carried out a different strategy to Pedro, and went for two runs when maybe three would have been better. The positive note is that we have one more set of new option tyres for tomorrow’s race and we have to get the best out of them. Pedro and I have been quite closely matched all weekend and I’m sure we’ll have a good pace tomorrow. Although, if it rains it will be a bit of a lottery. Whatever happens, we have to be ready to make the most of any opportunity that may arise”.

Toni Cuquerella, Technical Director: "The minor upgrades which we’ve brought to Monaco have helped us to achieve the best qualifying result in the history of HRT Formula 1 Team by finishing Q1 103.6% off the best time. Besides, we also managed to finish much closer to our main rivals, which is very important. The red flag forced us to alter our strategy; with Pedro we decided to switch to two short runs, whilst with Narain we continued with our original plan and did one run. We got our timing right since we were on the track at the right time and you could consider Pedro’s lap to be perfect. It’s a shame that Narain was unable to set a similar time but tomorrow he should have a good pace in the race. It will be an open race and I’m sure that we will be competitive and will fight to gain positions”.