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Sunday, September 30, 2012

GT1-UK Donington Championship Race Watch Again

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The Official YouTube channel of the FIA GT1 World Championship

DTM 2012 Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo HD (de video)

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DTM 2012 Valencia HD
standing before last race:
1 Gary Paffett HWA 127
2 Bruno Spengler BMW Team Schnitzer 124
3 Jamie Green HWA 109

Japanese Grand Prix - Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team Information - Preview Suzuka 5 to 7 October 2012

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GT1-UK Donington - Qualifying Race Watch Again 29/09/12

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The Official YouTube channel of the FIA GT1 World Championship.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ross Brawn says Lewis Hamilton will be expected to do much more than "just driving a car" at Mercedes

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Ross Brawn says Lewis Hamilton will be expected to do much more than "just
driving a car" at Mercedes because he should be involved in every aspect of
the team.

DTM 2012 Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo Qualifying Highlights HD (de video)

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DTM 2012 Valencia Qualifying Highlights

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Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo

Toda la información del motor (entradas, horarios, accesos) del Circuit de Valencia: motociclismo (Gran Premio MotoGP, Escuela de motos, tandas libres para ... 

GT1-UK Donington Qualifying Session- Parts 1 & 2

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Part 2 of the Qualifying session at the Donington circuit. Split into two parts due to power failure at circuit.

Donington, United Kingdom - GT1 LIVE | 29-30th September 2012 | GT World

Streamed live on Sep 29, 2012 by
Broadcast times as below
All times are given in BST (GMT/UTC+1)

Saturday, 29th September
0915-1045 - Qualifying
1430-1600 - Qualifying Race

Sunday, 30th September
1200-1415 - Championship Race

All the drama and excitement from an enthralling 2012 season.

The Official YouTube channel of the FIA GT1 World Championship.
GT1-UK - Qualifying Race Short Highlights

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Watch live races, exclusive driver interviews and all behind the scenes action.

The FIA GT1 World Championship is a world championship sports car racing series developed by the SRO Group and regulated by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). It features multiple grand tourer race cars based on production road cars and conforming with the GT1 (2010-2011) and GT3 (2012-) regulations competing in one-hour races on multiple continents. Championships are awarded each season for drivers and teams.

BMW made the first decisive strike in Qualifying for the Total 24 Hours of Spa with Frank Kechele in the No.66 Vita4One BMW Z4 taking top spot overall in the day and night sessions at Spa-Francorchamps.

The German driver set a time of 2:19.473 in his PRO class entry in Q1 which was not bettered by the time both 1hr 15 minute sessions had drawn to a close in the darkness of the Ardennes.

In the PRO-AM class, Portuguese McLaren regular Alvaro Parente took the fastest time in the No.88 Von Ryan Racing MP4-12C with a best lap of 2:19.729.

Top marks for competitive consistency went to Giacomo Piccini in the No.73 Kessel Racing Ferrari 430 Scuderia. The Italian posted a time of 2:22.868, not only putting the car top in the Gentlemen Trophy category but 15th in Q2 and mixing it with the PRO and PRO-AM contenders.

Determined driving from the No.32 Pro GT by Almeras Porsche saw Frenchman Alain Ferté post a 2:27.131, putting the team firmly at the top of the CUP class.

There was plenty of action throughout on the daunting slopes of Spa. In Q1, the No.47 ASM Team McLaren driven by Karim Ojjeh was involved in an incident at the bottom of Raidillon. The car sprayed debris and oil over the track after hitting the wall and caused the session to be red flagged.

Moments after the all-clear was given the No.42 Sport Garage Ferrari 458 Italia stopped at turn 17 in a dangerous position, bringing out the waved red once more.

In Q2, the No.87 RMS Porsche slowed to a halt at T13 after a tyre blowout. Soon after the No.90 Preci-Spark Mercedes experienced the same problem with its front left tyre, spraying the pit lane with sparks. The car suffered heavy damage to the bodywork as a result.

Thursday served as a prelude to Super Pole on Friday afternoon at 15:35 with the top 20 cars gunning for glory ahead of Saturday's race.

Williams FW14B Revisited with Peter Williams (Nigel Mansell´s 1992 car)

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Peter Windsor

Friday, September 28, 2012

Japanese Grand Prix - Sauber Ferrari F1 Team Information - Preview Suzuka 5 to 7 October 2012

Friday, 28. September 2012
Japanese GP - Preview

The Sauber F1 Team is very much looking forward to the Japanese Grand Prix. The Sauber C31-Ferrari is expected to be strong on the fast and challenging Suzuka Circuit. Also Kamui Kobayashi’s fellow countrymen form a fantastic crowd, and the entire crew enjoys the home race of its driver. Both Kamui and his team-mate, Sergio Pérez, have put the poor performance from Singapore behind them and are set to attack with what is again a further developed C31 in Japan.

15th of 20 Rounds of the FIA Formula One World Championship, 05-07.10.2012

Kamui Kobayashi (car number 14):
“I’m very much looking forward to my home Grand Prix in Suzuka. I think our car should be very fast there and we also will get new parts on the C31 for the Japanese Grand Prix. I am confident about getting a good result in front of my fellow countrymen. Last year I was seventh on the grid but then had a problem at the start and only finished 13th.The Japanese fans are great and the mood and atmosphere they create is an enormous support. And it is not only me who they cheer for! They are true Formula One fans and that is why I’m really proud of them. Nowhere else will you find the fans being at the circuit so early in the morning and staying for so long at night, no matter what the weather is like. Also regarding the track itself, Suzuka is a very special place. I’m sure a lot of drivers would agree it is a really great circuit. It is a very technical track, really exciting to drive and challenging, especially because it is so difficult to put a perfect lap together there. I would say at most of the circuits it takes no more than 20-30 laps to really learn them. Some are getting boring even before that, but in Suzuka you are still learning and improving after you have done hundreds of laps.”

Sergio Pérez (car number 15):
“I really like the Suzuka Circuit. Last year I drove there for the first time and enjoyed it an awful lot. I finished eighth after having started from 17th because we had a problem in qualifying. After underperforming in Singapore, in Japan I am expecting our car to again to be as good as it used to be and we should be strong in the high-speed corners. The circuit has got some quite nice sections and corner combinations. Thanks to the Japanese fans the atmosphere there is really great and our team gets a lot of support because it is Kamui’s home race. I am very much looking forward to it.”

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Head of Track Engineering:
“Suzuka is one of the most fascinating and challenging tracks of the season. It’s got a first sector with very technical high-speed corners, and then you encounter the middle sector with the hairpin and the tricky Degner corners, which are relevant for stability. Spoon corner is also quite special. It’s a medium to high-speed corner, leading onto a long straight with the R130 corner, which is flat nowadays but still challenging. Finally there is the slow chicane at the end of the lap where you need good traction. Overall it is a very complex and technical track. It requires a well-balanced car and it is very challenging for the drivers. The tyres will be the hard and the soft compounds, which should be fine for this track. Due to the abrasive surface and the fast corners in the first sector, which put a high load on the tyres, there should be no issues with warming them up. Also we will be introducing a new aero package in Japan, including a new front wing for the C31. Looking at the requirements of this track I expect our car to be very competitive there.”
Freitag, 28. September 2012
GP Japan - Vorschau

Das Sauber F1 Team freut sich auf den Grossen Preis von Japan. Auf der anspruchsvollen und schnellen Strecke in Suzuka sollte der Sauber C31-Ferrari stark sein. Ausserdem sind Kamui Kobayashis Landsleute ein grossartiges Publikum, und die Mannschaft mag das Heimrennen ihres Piloten. Sowohl Kobayashi als auch Sergio Pérez haben das bescheidene Abschneiden in Singapur weggesteckt und wollen mit dem erneut weiterentwickelten C31 in Japan wieder angreifen.

15. von 20 Läufen zur FIA Formel-1-Weltmeisterschaft, 05.-07.10.2012

Kamui Kobayashi (Startnummer 14):
„Ich freue mich sehr auf mein Heimrennen in Suzuka. Ich denke, dort wird unser Auto richtig schnell sein. Wir haben auch noch einmal neue Teile für den C31 beim Grossen Preis von Japan, und ich bin zuversichtlich, vor meinen Landsleuten ein gutes Ergebnis einfahren zu können. Im vergangenen Jahr bin ich als Siebter gestartet, hatte dann aber ein Problem beim Start und wurde nur 13. Die japanischen Fans sind grossartig, sie schaffen eine tolle Stimmung und Atmosphäre, das motiviert enorm. Es ist auch keineswegs so, dass nur ich angefeuert werde. Das sind echte Formel-1-Fans, und ich bin sehr stolz auf sie. Nirgendwo sonst sind die Zuschauer so früh morgens an der Strecke und bleiben bis spät in die Nacht, ganz egal, wie das Wetter ist. Die Strecke selbst ist auch etwas ganz Besonderes. Ich bin sicher, das sehen viele Fahrer genauso. Sie ist technisch anspruchsvoll und fahrerisch herausfordernd. Es ist sehr schwierig, eine perfekte Runde hinzubekommen. Die meisten Strecken hat man nach 20 bis 30 Runden wirklich drauf, manche werden sogar früher langweilig. Aber in Suzuka lernt man auch noch nach hundert Runden dazu.“

Sergio Pérez (Startnummer 15):
„Ich mag den Suzuka Circuit sehr. Ich war 2011 zum ersten Mal dort und habe das Rennen unheimlich genossen. Ich kam als Achter ins Ziel, nachdem ich wegen eines Problems im Qualifying als 17. hatte starten müssen. Nachdem wir in Singapur deutlich unter unseren Möglichkeiten geblieben sind, rechne ich in Japan damit, dass unser Auto wieder so gut ist, wie wir es kennen. Vor allem in den schnellen Kurven sollten wir stark sein. Die Strecke hat ein paar sehr schöne Abschnitte und Kurvenkombinationen. Dank der japanischen Fans ist die Atmosphäre dort wirklich toll, und unser Team bekommt besonders viel Unterstützung, weil es ja Kamuis Heimrennen ist. Ich freue mich sehr darauf.“

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Leitender Ingenieur an der Rennstrecke:
“Die Rennstrecke in Suzuka ist eine der faszinierendsten und schwierigsten der Saison. Im ersten Abschnitt gibt es technisch anspruchsvolle Hochgeschwindigkeitskurven, im Mittelsektor sind die Haarnadel und die tückischen Degner-Kurven, für die man eine stabile Strassenlage braucht. Die Spoon-Kurve ist auch speziell, sie ist mittelschnell bis schnell und führt auf die lange Gerade hin zur R130. Diese Kurve kann man mit den heutigen Formel-1-Autos zwar im Trockenen mit Vollgas durchfahren, aber sie ist immer noch eine Herausforderung. Am Ende der Runde kommt noch eine enge Schikane, für die man eine gute Traktion braucht. Die Strecke ist wirklich sehr komplex und technisch. Man braucht ein richtig gut ausbalanciertes Autos, und die Fahrer müssen dort viel leisten. Wir werden die harte und die weiche Reifenmischung von Pirelli haben, und das sollte passen. Dank des griffigen Asphalts und der schnellen Kurven zu Rundenbeginn dürfte es kein Problem sein, die Reifen auf Temperatur zu bringen. Wir werden in Japan ein weiteres Aerodynamik-Paket für den C31 vorstellen, zu dem auch ein neuer Frontflügel gehört. Wenn ich mir anschaue, worauf es in Suzuka ankommt, dann denke ich, dass unser Auto dort sehr wettbewerbsfähig sein sollte.“

2013 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar is confirmed

Sergio Pérez´s appointment at McLaren Confirmed

Lewis Hamilton moves to Mercedes & Lauda gets management role there. Michael Schumacher's future in Formula 1?

Japanese Grand Prix - HRT F1 Team Information - Media schedule

HRT - Formula 1 Team 11:15 AM (13 minutes ago) to


HRT Media schedule. Japanese Grand Prix

the media schedule for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Thursday, 4th October 2012

17.00h 17.05h Open TV Front Garage NK
17.05h 17.15h International Media Hospitality NK
17.00h 17.10h Open TV (Spanish / English) Front Garage PDLR
17.10h 17.20h Spanish Media Hospitality PDLR
17.20h 17.30h International Media Hospitality PDLR

Friday, 5th October 2012 2012

18.00h 18.10h International Media Hospitality NK
18.10h 18.15h Open TV (English) Front garage NK
18.00h 18.10h Open TV (Spanish / English) Front garage PDLR
18.10h 18.20h Spanish Media Hospitality PDLR
18.20h 18.30h International Media Hospitality PDLR

Saturday, 6th October 2012

16.30h 16.40h International Media Hospitality NK
16.30h 16.40h Spanish Media Hospitality PDLR
16.40h 16.50h International Media Hospitality PDLR

Sunday, 7th October 2012

Just after the race Open TV FIA media pen Both drivers
16.45h 16.50h International Media Hospitality NK
16.45h 16.50h Spanish Media Hospitality PDLR
16.50h 17.00h International Media Hospitality PDLR

*Limited individual interviews available upon request.

Sergio "Checo" Pérez replaces Lewis Hamilton at McLaren for 2013 season

Japanese Grand Prix - HRT F1 Team Information - Preview Suzuka 5 to 7 October 2012

HRT - Formula 1 Team 10:15 AM (3 minutes ago) to


Japanese Grand Prix Preview

Suzuka – 53 laps – 5.807 km

Madrid, Friday the 28th of September 2012

The Formula 1 World Championship arrives at the traditional Suzuka circuit, which next week will be holding the fifteenth Grand Prix of the season and the second of this five race swing on Asian soil. There’s only a quarter of the Championship to go and the teams are making one last effort to finish the season in the best possible way. HRT Formula 1 Team arrives on the back of a positive weekend in Singapore, where an important aerodynamic upgrade which meant another step forward for the team was introduced to the F112, enabling Pedro de la Rosa and Narain Karthikeyan to fight face-to-face with their rivals. In Japan the Spanish outfit will continue working to evaluate and optimize the performance of these upgrades at a high downforce circuit.

Suzuka is a very challenging and fast circuit. It has a lot of quick, blind corners that link together and drivers barely touch the brake. It’s a unique track because it is shaped in the form of an eight, meaning that it’s the only circuit in the Championship to go anti-clockwise and clockwise on the same lap.

Pirelli has selected its soft and hard tyres for this Grand Prix.

Pedro de la Rosa: "Suzuka is a beautiful and spectacular circuit; I would say it’s my favourite track. It’s very quick, you hardly touch the brake, and we’ll be able to make a better evaluation of the difference between the new floor and the old one. It has inclinations, quick, flowing corners and it’s a very long lap. It’s a circuit for aerodynamics and horsepower where the best cars stand out. I’ve got great memories of it because my first victories in Formula 3 and Formula 3000 came there and it’s one of the tracks which has brought me most luck in my career because by winning there the doors to Formula 1 opened. I hope to also have a good performance next weekend”.

Narain Karthikeyan: "I’m really looking forward to Japan after not being able to finish in Singapore. Suzuka is a very fluid and challenging track. From a physical point of view it’s also tough as it’s very quick. It’s a circuit that I love and one I have fond memories of. I think we’ll take a step forward with the car with regards to Singapore and we’ll be able to better evaluate how the new floor works. We’ve been pretty fast in the last few races but we’ve been missing a bit of luck. But we have to continue working to maintain this positive momentum through to the end of the season”.

Luis Pérez-Sala, Team Principal: "Suzuka is a circuit with a lot of tradition which I raced at during my years as a Formula 1 driver. It’s quite a technical track that’s very challenging both mechanically and for the driver and it’s also a very attractive circuit because it combines quick corners with quick straights. We’ll be able to further test and evaluate the updates we took to Singapore because we will have more data. We’re confident that we’ll be able to continue with our momentum and it’s another race to continue progressing”.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ferrari at the 2012 Paris Car Show

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L'intervento di Luca di Montezemolo al Salone dell'Auto di Parigi, dove la Casa del Cavallino Rampante si è presenta con l'intera gamma di nuova generazione, oltre ad aver mostato in anteprima mondiale il telaio in composito F1 della prossima ibrida in serie speciale limitata.

Luca di Montezemolo at the Paris Car Show, where the Prancing Horse is present with the entire range of the new car generation, while presenting in a world premiere a composite F1 chassis for the future limited edition hybrid.

Blancpain Endurance Series: Round Five highlights - Nürburgring, Germany 23/09/12 | GT World watch agin

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GT1 Blancpain Endurance Series: Round Five - Nurburgring 23/09/12 | GT World

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Williams F1 is helping to use Formula One technology to inspire our Energy Efficiency CSR programme, reducing their Carbon footprint

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Find out how Williams F1 is helping to use Formula One technology to inspire our Energy Efficiency CSR programme, reducing our Carbon footprint and energy consumed in the business. We also talk about our membership of the Carbon Disclosure Programme, as well as Williams Hybrid Power

Monday, September 24, 2012

Red Bull up with the leaders again | Lewis Hamilton out of luck | Mixed feelings at Mercedes (Gernan & English videos)

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Red Bull up with the leaders again | Lewis Hamilton out of luck | Mixed feelings at Mercedes | 500th Ferrari grand prix | Torro Rosso shoe design | Latest standings after Singapore

Singapore Grand Prix - Ferrarin F1 Team Stefano Domenicali about race (Italian video)

space for English video
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"E' vero che il margine di vantaggio sul più immediato inseguitore di Fernando si è ridotto ma è altrettanto vero che lo spagnolo ha guadagnato punti su tre dei quattro avversari diretti"

"It's true that Fernando's lead over the next man has been reduced, but it's also true the Spaniard has made up points on three of his four closest rivals"

GT1 - Blancpain Endurance Series: Round Five - Nürburgring, Germany 23/09/12 | GT World

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GT1 Blancpain Endurance Series: Round Five - Nurburgring 23/09/12 | GT World

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Singapore Grand Prix - Caterham F1 Team Information Race Sunday 23 September 2012 Marina Bay 5:46 PM (0 minutes ago) to

Caterham F1
          _MG_1852     _X5J7437     _00P5054
Singapore Grand Prix - Sunday 23rd September 2012

A minute's silence for Sid Watkins before the race start
2012 Singapore Grand Prix - Sunday
Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore.
23rd September 2012.
World Copyright:Charles Coates/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image _X5J6891

Race: Dry, air temp 28° / track temp 30° (start), 28° / 29° (lap 30), 28° / 29° (lap 60)


Heikki Kovalainen
1932 leave for grid, 2 laps
Start on supersoft tyres
Lap 12: pitstop 1, soft tyres
Lap 27: pitstop 2, supersoft tyres
Lap 44: pitstop 3, supersoft tyres
Finished: 15th

Vitaly Petrov

1930 leave for grid, 2 laps
Start on supersoft tyres
Lap 1: pitstop 1, nosecone change, soft tyres
Lap 18: pitstop 2, supersoft tyres
Lap 30: pitstop 3, supersoft tyres
Lap 38: pitstop 4, soft tyres
Finished: 19th

Team Quotes


Heikki in race action
2012 Singapore Grand Prix - Sunday
Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore.
23rd September 2012.
World Copyright:Charles Coates/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image _X5J7273
Heikki Kovalainen, car 20, chassis CT01-#3:
“For me that was a good race until the safety cars. We decided to stay out but when we restarted for the second time I’d probably been out too long and the tyres were starting to give up. I had to stop again and there wasn’t enough time to recover from there so that was the end of the race - If it hadn’t been for the safety car I’m sure we’d have finished much higher. Now we need to dig even deeper to find more performance from the car. We’ll look at what went wrong this weekend and I’m sure the team will analyse everything and see where we maybe need to make some changes, but we won’t stop fighting.”

Vitaly in the 2012 Singapore GP
2012 Singapore Grand Prix - Sunday
Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore.
23rd September 2012.
World Copyright:Charles Coates/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image _X5J7437
Vitaly Petrov, car 21, chassis CT01-#2
: “I had a fantastic start, passed at least two or three cars but then I saw a car to my right make a pretty aggressive move left so I had to move to avoid that. I was very close to Massa and already into the braking zone so unfortunately we had contact and my front wing was damaged, forcing me into the pits. Really, that was the end of my race and probably Felipe’s and I’ve already apologised to him as we get on well and it’s a shame we both saw our chances to race end so early, especially as the car has felt good all weekend.

“The safety car might have given me a chance to recover but we had a problem with the front left wheel nut and we’ll need to have a proper look at what happened. I think we also need to look at how we were using the tyres as maybe we could have got more out of them, but we have the chance to bounce back in Suzuka and we’ll make sure we do that.”

Mark Smith, Technical Director
: “We opted to start both cars on the supersoft tyres and until the safety car was brought out the plan was working with Heikki. Vitaly was obviously unlucky in the first lap but he did not let his head drop, he continued to push and was putting in good times on each stint, but he then had a double dose of misfortune when we had a problem on his fourth stop with the front right.

“For Heikki it was a different story. He was running well until the safety cars but on his last stint he had to work very hard to keep the tyre performance in check. His times were where we expected them to be but had his race not been interrupted by the incidents around him I think he could have finished several places higher."


Tony Fernandes with AirAsia cabin crew
2012 Singapore Grand Prix - Sunday
Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore.
23rd September 2012.
World Copyright:Charles Coates/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image _X5J6512
Tony Fernandes, Team Principal
: “Not a good day for us. We made a couple of decisions today that cost us, but we will take a very close look at what went wrong and make sure we learn from it. I said yesterday that there are promising signs ahead and I still believe that, but now we need to regroup and fight harder than ever in the remaining races.”


Footer 3

Singapore Grand Prix - HRT F1 Team Information Race Sunday 23 September 2012 Marina Bay


Singapore Grand Prix

Marina Bay Street Circuit
Sunday, 23rd of September 2012

Weather: Clear skies – Air 29ºC, Track 30ºC
Race: 59 laps – Track distance: 5.793 km

Pedro de la Rosa   F112-02 #22 17th
Narain Karthikeyan  F112-03 #23 DNF

Today’s Singapore Grand Prix, which took place at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, didn’t disappoint as it once again proved to be an exciting affair. Pedro de la Rosa had a notable performance and was in 15th at one stage but was unable to hold on after suffering a lot of degradation to the tyres in the last laps. The driver from Barcelona finished in 17th and equals his best result of the season. His teammate, Narain Karthikeyan, was also completing a consistent race when, driving on the dirty part of the track, he lost control of his car and finished against the wall when the race had just reached the halfway mark.

The next event in the Formula 1 World Championship will take place in two weeks (from the 5th to the 7th of October) at the legendary Suzuka Circuit.

Pedro de la Rosa: "I’m satisfied with today’s race. The safety cars helped me out, but I must admit that the race dragged on a bit for me, and the last five laps never seemed to end because I had no tyres left and I started to lose ground on Glock and Pic and Kobayashi, Kovalainen and Hulkenberg, who were flying, passed me like nothing. Physically it was a tough race but I finished quite well. We did everything we could with what we had and I think that we managed the situations well. For us it wasn’t easy at all to finish the race and that is a victory in itself. Now it’s time for Suzuka, a circuit I love, which I know very well and where I hope to give everything once again”.

Narain Karthikeyan: "It wasn’t my best race. From the beginning we had problems with heating and we lost a lot of time on straights, but we were managing it well until I went on the dirty part of the track and the car didn’t turn which resulted in me going into the wall. It’s further proof that there’s no room for error at street circuits. But I’ll keep my good qualifying session with me as that fills me with confidence ahead of the next Grand Prix. It was a shame not to finish it off with a good result in the race”.

Luis Pérez-Sala, Team Principal: "It was a tough race because we were on the limit and we had to control the temperature of the brakes and engine from the start. The drivers did a good job. It’s a shame that Narain crashed and had to retire. Pedro fought for 15th until the end but the high degradation of the tyres relegated him to 17th. However it was exciting to be right in the thick of things and we’re very happy about that. Now we go to Japan where we won’t suffer as much with the temperatures and we will have a better look at where we are to continue with our job and continue on this path”.

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Singapore Grand Prix - Sauber Ferrari F1 Team Information Race Sunday 23 September 2012 Marina Bay

Sunday, 23. September 2012
Singapore GP – Race

At the end of a very long and hot race at the Singapore street circuit the Sauber F1 Team was left empty handed. Having started from grid positions 14th and 17th respectively, Sergio Pérez and Kamui Kobayashi finished the night race in 11th and 13th respectively.

Weather: Dark and dry, temperatures, 29-28°C air, 31-29°C track, humidity 65%-68%

Sergio Pérez: 11th
Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
Start on new soft tyres, after 18 laps change to new soft tyres, after 40 laps change to new super soft tyres.
“For us this obviously was a difficult weekend. We were struggling a lot and we never had the pace. We tried everything including split race strategies but in the end points were not within reach today. I had some good battles but it was too difficult for me to overtake. We have to improve for the next race in Suzuka and I’m sure we will.”

Photo ID: SAM23092012008924
September 23, 2012

Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber C31-Ferrari 

Kamui Kobayashi: 13th
Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari 056)
Start on new soft tyres, after 14 laps change to new soft tyres, after 30 and 50 laps change to new super soft tyres.
“I had a bad start with a lot of wheel spin and then for a long time my race was eventless. I haven’t been in a position to attack and I didn’t have the pace to do so. After the second safety car deployment I couldn’t avoid touching Nico Hülkenberg. There was no space to go. For me it was a race incident. Nico said sorry when we met after the race; apparently he had oversteer, I lost my front wing and had to pit. However, this wasn’t a good weekend for us but I have complete confidence we will come back strong at the Japanese Grand Prix.”

Peter Sauber, Team Principal:
“Both our drivers were fighting really hard, as we all could see on TV, but there was nothing more to achieve today. Without the safety car periods points might have been within reach.”

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Head of Track Engineering:
“The biggest problem during this weekend was our pace. We were not as fast as we had expected. On top of this we were unlucky with the safety car. The cars on three stops could benefit from it, but Kamui had pitted just two laps earlier, and for Sergio, who was on two stops, it was at the worst possible moment. We had to fit the super soft tyres, so it was too early. We tried to leave him out to gain positions, which worked but then he struggled at the re-start, and there was a second safety car period during which we had no option but to pit him. We lost several positions there. Overall it was a difficult weekend, and we now have to draw the right conclusions.”
Sonntag, 23. September 2012
GP Singapur – Rennen

Am Ende eines langen und heissen Rennens auf dem Strassenkurs von Singapore steht das Sauber F1 Team mit leeren Händen da. Sergio Pérez und Kamui Kobayashi waren von den Plätzen 14 und 17 gestartet und beendeten das Nachtrennen als Elfter bzw. 13.

Wetter: dunkel und trocken, 29-28°C Luft, 31-29°C Strecke, 65-68% Luftfeuchtigkeit

Sergio Pérez
: 11.
Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
Start auf neuen weichen Reifen, nach 18 Runden Wechsel auf neue weiche Reifen, nach 40 Runden Wechsel auf neue superweiche Reifen.
„Wir hatten hier ein schwieriges Wochenende. Wir kamen nicht zurecht und waren zu langsam. Wir haben alles probiert, inklusive unterschiedlicher Rennstrategien, aber Punkte waren heute nicht in Reichweite. Ich hatte ein paar gute Zweikämpfe, aber um zu überholen, hat mir der Speed gefehlt. Für das Rennen in Suzuka müssen wir uns verbessern und ich bin sicher, dass uns das gelingen wird.“

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September 23, 2012

Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber C31-Ferrari

Kamui Kobayashi
: 13.
Sauber C31-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari 056)
Start auf neuen weichen Reifen, nach 14 Runden Wechsel auf neue weiche Reifen, nach 30 und nach 50 Runden Wechsel auf neue superweiche Reifen.

„Mein Start war schlecht, die Räder haben stark durchgedreht. Dann war mein Rennen eine ganze Weile ziemlich ereignislos. Ich war nicht in der Position, um anzugreifen, und ich hatte auch nicht den Speed dazu. Nach der zweiten Safety-Car-Phase hatte ich eine Berührung mit Nico Hülkenbergs Auto. Da war kein Platz mehr zum Ausweichen. Für mich war das ein Rennunfall, Nico hat sich nach dem Rennen entschuldigt, er hatte wohl Übersteuern. Ich verlor dabei meinen Frontflügel und musste an die Box. Dies war kein gutes Wochenende für uns, aber ich habe alle Zuversicht, dass wir beim Grossen Preis von Japan stark sein werden.“

Peter Sauber
, Teamchef:
„Beide Fahrer haben sehr engagiert gekämpft, was wir alle am Bildschirm verfolgen konnten. Aber so, wie sich das Rennen entwickelte, lag heute einfach nicht mehr drin. Ohne die Safety-Car-Phasen wären Punkte möglich gewesen.“

Giampaolo Dall’Ar
a, Leitender Ingenieur an der Rennstrecke:
„Wir hatten am gesamten Wochenende hier nicht die Leistung, die wir erwartet hatten. Das war das zentrale Problem. Darüber hinaus hatten wir kein Glück mit dem Zeitpunkt der Safety-Car-Phasen. Die Autos, die auf drei Stopps waren, konnten von der ersten profitieren, aber Kamui hatte zwei Runden zuvor Reifen gewechselt. Für Sergio, der mit einer Zwei-Stopp-Strategie unterwegs war, kam das Safety Car zur absoluten Unzeit. Für die superweichen Reifen, die wir noch verwenden mussten, war es zu früh. Deshalb liessen wir ihn draussen, so dass er einige Positionen gutmachen konnte. Doch dann hatte er Probleme beim Neustart, und es kam die zweite Safety-Car-Phase, während der wir keine andere Wahl hatten, als ihn an die Boxen zu holen. So haben wir einige Positionen verloren. Insgesamt war es ein schwieriges Wochenende, und es liegt nun an uns, die richtigen Schlüsse zu ziehen.“

Singapore Grand Prix - Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team Information Race Sunday 23 September 2012 Marina Bay

Daniel Ricciardo (STR7-04)
Race finish: 9th

“It’s great to be back in the points again and it shows we have had a really good start to the second half of the season since the summer break. Even if we haven’t always picked up the points, we have been fighting for them in the last few races. I am pleased about that. We benefited a bit from the Safety Car, but afterwards we had to fight off the guys behind us, so I am really happy with ninth place and I enjoyed having a fight with Mark (Webber) towards the end, even if I could not hold off Massa just before that. In the closing stages, I didn’t look in the mirrors too much, but I just focussed on maintaining my lap times all the way to the flag.”
Jean-Eric Vergne (STR7-03)
Race finish: DNF

“Our strategy worked very well and the Safety Car also played out in our favour. My pace was very good, lapping as quickly as the front runners, so it was much better than we had expected. Overall, I am very happy with the way this weekend went, because I personally made a lot of progress from Friday through to tonight. The team also worked very well to improve the car throughout the three days. It’s just a shame it did not end with the points for eighth or maybe even seventh place. As for the accident, I was focussing on catching Perez at that point, trying to brake late to catch him, so I am not too sure what happened exactly, but I assume Michael braked a bit too late and could not avoid running in to me. There is no sense in being angry about it, because these things happen in racing and even the most experienced driver on the grid can make mistakes! He said sorry and that’s the end of it.”

Franz Tost: “This race continues a positive trend for us that began in Monza a fortnight ago, when we looked set for a points finish until a fuel pressure problem stopped Daniel’s car. Here in Singapore, we managed to bring home points with Daniel finishing ninth, but it could have been better as Jean-Eric also looked set for a top ten place until the unfortunate collision with Schumacher. Both drivers did well and Daniel had a great fight with his fellow countryman Mark Webber in the closing stages, while Jean-Eric also performed very strongly on his first visit to this very demanding circuit. The team did a good job over the three days, because having struggled with performance on Friday, we managed to improve the cars for Saturday and again for today. Therefore the disappointment of Jev’s retirement is balanced by the fact that we have looked more competitive at a track that we did not expect would suit our current package. This means we are looking forward to the Japan-Korea trip with renewed optimism.”

Singapore Grand Prix 23 September 2012 Race results 1 Vettel 2 Button 3 Alonso 4 di Resta @ Marina Bay

20:00 local | 12:00 GMT | 14:00 CEST
Total laps 61 Lap distance 5.073 km
Track Conditions Dry / 30C
    #    Driver                     Team        Laps     Pits   
    1     Vettel        GER     Red Bull     59     2   
    2     Button        GBR     McLaren     59     2   
    3     Alonso        ESP     Ferrari     59     2   
    4     di Resta        GBR     Force India     59     2   
    5     Rosberg        GER     Mercedes     59     2   
    6     Räikkönen        FIN     Lotus     59     2   
    7     Grosjean        FRA     Lotus     59     2   
    8     Massa        BRA     Ferrari     59     3   
    9     Ricciardo        AUS     Toro Rosso     59     2   
    10     Webber        AUS     Red Bull     59     3   
    11     Perez        MEX     Sauber     59     2   
    12     Glock        GER     Marussia     59     2   
    13     Kobayashi        JPN     Sauber     59     3   
    14     Hülkenberg        GER     Force India     59     3   
    15     Kovalainen        FIN     Caterham     59     3   
    16     Pic        FRA     Marussia     59     2   
    17     de la Rosa        ESP     HRT     59     3   
    18     Senna        BRA     Williams     59     3   
    19     Petrov        RUS     Caterham     58     4

    Schumacher     GER     Mercedes     38     2   
    Vergne     FRA     Toro Rosso     38     2   
    Maldonado     VEN     Williams     36     4   
    Karthikeyan     IND     HRT     29     1   
    Hamilton     GBR     McLaren     22     1


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Eddie Irvine interviews Sebastian Vettel., Jenson Button and Fernando Alsonso after the Singapore
Grand Prix

GP2 2012 - Caterham Racing News Race 2 Singapore 23 September 2012

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Race 2
Singapore Saturday 23 September 2012 - Marina Bay

 Giedo van der Garde and Tony Fernandes celebrating today's race win!

Caterham Racing concluded the GP2 season in fine style in Singapore, celebrating a sensational race win at the Marina Bay Circuit in Sunday's sprint race.
Putting the misfortune in qualifying behind them Dutchman Giedo van der Garde capitalised on his excellent eighth place finish in Saturday's race one, which saw him start on pole in race two and he never looked back, dominating the race from grid to flag. He set a searing pace right from the start with him and iSport's Marcus Ericssons gaining  a six second lead early in the race. The lead was only tentatively threatened when the safety car was brought out, giving the field a brief chance to close the gap on the leaders. However, van der Garde controlled his pace perfectly and finished the last race of the season with a win, putting him into sixth place in the Drivers' Championship.
Fortunes were different for team mate Rodolfo Gonzalez, who once again started the race powerfully but, after a promising start from P20, the Venezuelan battled with high tyre degradation throughout the second half of the race and finished P18.
The win sees Caterham Racing finish seventh in the Teams' Championship, which, coupled with van der Garde's sixth place in the Drivers' Championship, makes 2012 a satisfying season for the Anglo / Malaysian team.
Giedo van der Garde "I really went for it at the beginning of the race. I felt totally in control as Ericsson and I pulled away from the rest of the field. The car was handling well and felt vastly improved from yesterday. The field congested slightly when the safety car came out but I managed to pull away again, and see the race home. My tyres went off a little towards the end of the race but so did Ericsson's and we were able to maintain the lead. I have to thank the team for the changes they made to the car. Everything clicked today and in the end it was a smooth victory. This year we have managed to create a really competitive car that is quick in qualifying and can win races. This was our aim and although it is a shame we didn't finish top three in the championship, to end the season like this is brilliant."
Rodolfo Gonzalez "The car felt good today, we were keeping up with the pace in the first half of the race but then suffered badly with the tyres. It got worse after the safety car so in hindsight perhaps we should have come in for fresh tyres during that time. It's a disappointing result, especially after such a good start, but this has been a positive year for me. I have learnt a lot this season for which I must thank the team."
Caterham Racing Team Manager Phill Spencer "We are all incredibly happy to finish with this win after a long hard season. We didn't get off to the best of starts but everybody pulled together and we managed to turn things around as the season progressed. I am very proud of the whole team and to end with this victory at this fantastic circuit is a fitting and wonderful feeling, a feeling made that little bit more special by having Tony Fernandes and some of our shareholders here to celebrate with us."
"Giedo was outstanding today. He controlled the pace so well, and earned his victory and I am very pleased for him taking sixth in the Drivers' Cchampionship. He should be proud as it is well deserved. Rodolfo also had a good run today it was great to see him finish the race. He battled hard and managed to control the car when the tyre degradation set in. It's been a positive season overall and now I'm already looking forward to next year!"
Caterham Racing Chief Engineer Humphrey Corbett "What a fantastic way to finish the season. It had been coming for a while, but we knew what we had to do and Giedo did it! The car was competitive and he drove well from start to finish so all credit it to him. We should have been in this position a few races ago but that's racing for you and overall I am very happy. We tried something new on Rodolfo's car today. We all agreed it was worth the try even though he suffered very high tyre degradation. Still we managed to collect some very useful data for testing and for this circuit next year so I am happy. We finished seventh and Giedo also finished sixth in the Drivers' Championship so I will go home smiling! "

Sprint Race 2 results
1. #12 Giedo van der Garde Caterham Racing 46:36.606s (21 laps)
2. #7 Marcus Ericsson iSport + 1.719s
3. #5 Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering + 5.684s
4. #23 Luiz Razia Arden + 7.393s
5. #3 Davide Valsecchi DAMS + 7.942s
6. #10 Esteban Gutiérrez Lotus GP + 8.562s
7. #4 Felipe Nasr DAMS + 8.718s
8. #21 Stefano Coletti Rapax + 15.394s
9. #1 Johnny Cecotto Jr. Barwa Addax + 18.981s
10. #9 James Calado Lotus GP + 21.964s
11. #27 Rio Haryanto Carlin + 29.223s
12. #25 Nigel Melker Ocean Racing Technology + 38.159s
13. #24 Victor Guerin Ocean Racing Technology + 42.593s
14. #22 Simon Trummer Arden + 43.366s
15. #6 Nathanaël Berthon Racing Engineering + 44.482s
16. #17 Julián Leal Trident Racing + 49.242s
17. #2 Jake Rosenzweig Barwa Addax + 50.553s
18. #11 Rodolfo González Caterham Racing + 62.226s
19. #26 Max Chilton Carlin + 66.565s
20. #15 Fabio Onidi Scuderia Coloni + 67.175s
21. #20 Ricardo Teixeira Rapax + 67.288s
22. #16 Stéphane Richelmi Trident Racing + dnfs


#18 Sergio Canamasas Venezuela GP Lazarus (on lap 14)
#19 René Binder Venezuela GP Lazarus (on lap 8)
#8 Jolyon Palmer iSport (on lap 2)

Did not start

#14 Luca Filippi Scuderia Coloni (car damaged in race 1)

GP2 Schedule
Friday                    15:45 - 16:15      Practice
Friday                    20:00 - 20:30      Qualifying
Saturday              16:00 - 17:05      Race One 34 laps
Sunday                 17:10 - 18:00      Race Two 24 laps
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