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itc racing

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Williams Martini Racing 2014 F1 season review

19 December 2014
The story of a fantastic 2014 season for Williams, with Sir Frank and Claire Williams, Pat Symonds, Rob Smedley, Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas.

After a tough 2013 season when Williams finished ninth in the F1 constructors' championship, we accelerated up the grid in 2014 to finish third in the standings, with Valtteri fourth and Felipe seventh in the drivers' tables.

Along the way we scored one pole position, three front row starts, nine podiums, two fastest laps, 320 points and finished in the top 10 in every race of the season.

Williams Martini Racing

Monday, December 22, 2014

Why Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes was the dominant F1 car of 2014 video

19 December 2014
Analysis of the 2014 Mercedes F1 car by James Allen and senior F1 engineer Dominic Harlow, using stunning animation by Giorgio Piola

Friday, November 28, 2014

Formula One - Coulthard on embracing fear video

26 November 2014
While risk and racing have always gone hand in hand, racing drivers are far from the adrenalin seeking mavericks they are sometimes portrayed as.

From wheel to wheel racing at speeds in excess of 200mph to the intricacies of car set up, every decision is precisely calculated.

The fear of getting it wrong and making a mistake is what drives them to the pursuit of perfection.

In this moving film 13 time Grand Prix winner, David Coulthard talks about his personal experiences of racing on the limit.

Find more Coulthard Insights and everything about UBS & F1 at

FIA Formula 3 European Championship / Formula 1 not via GP3 & GP2

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 25th 26th & 27th races @ Nürburgring Germany (3,629 km km) August 15 to 17

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - Race 22: 23 & 24 August 1 to 3 @ Spielberg (lap 4.326 km)

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 19th 20th & 21st races @ Moscow Raceway. Moscow. Russia (3.931 km) July 11 to 13 
FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 16th 17th & 18th races @ Norisring Germany (Length 2,300 km) June 28 to 30
FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 10th 11th & 12th races @ Hungaroring. Hungary (Length 4,381 km) May 30 to June 1)
F3 - 7th 8th & 9th race FIA F3 European Championship 2014 @ Pau (Length: 2,760 km) France videos (full race) 09 to 11/05/2014 


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team - 2014 ABU DHABI TEST: DAY 2 - Driver Max Verstappen

Yas Marina Circuit – 5.554 kms
Car: STR9 chassis number 03
Driver: Max Verstappen Laps: 78
Best time: 1:43.763

Phil Charles (Chief Race Engineer) “We had a very productive day, especially in the mo rning, when we ran continuously, even squeezing in an extra run before lunch. However, at the start of the afternoon, a technical problem kept the car in the garage for around three hours. The mechanics worked really well to get the car back out on track and we even woke up some of o ur nightshift guys to come and help! Thanks to their efforts we managed to give Max a further t hree runs. He has really got stuck into his learning programme over these past two days, doing long and short runs and finding out a lot about tyre management. Overall, this has been a goo d end to our time on track in 2014.”

Max Verstappen: “We had a very good morning with a lot of running, which allowed us to test quite a few new things on the car in preparation for next year. We had the possibility to go through the intense programme that we had planned, to catch up from yes terday without delays or hitches. I really enjoyed spending four hours without getting out of the car; it was a great feeling. Unfortunately in the afternoon we had a Power Unit issue which stopp ed us for quite a while, but we managed to fix the problem in time to go out again before the end of the session, getting some more useful driving time. I want to thank the team for everythi ng they have done to make these two days a great start to the new season together.”


Sauber F1 Team - 2014 ABU DHABI TEST: DAY 2 - Driver Marcus Ericsson

Abu Dhabi. Marcus Ericsson was again driving the C33 during the second and last day of testing in Abu Dhabi. The Sauber F1 Team continued to focus on aerodynamic testing, 2015 tyre comparisons and working on different set-up configurations on low and high fuel loads. Despite having some technical issues, the Sauber F1 Team was mainly able to get through the planned programme. Overall the team was pleased with the outcome of the day. Marcus completed a total of 112 laps.

Circuit: Yas Marina Circuit / 5.554 km
Driver: Marcus Ericsson
Weather: sunny and dry, air 26-32 °C, track 28-43 °C
Chassis / engine: C33-04 / Ferrari
Laps today: 112 laps, 622.048 km
Fastest lap: 1:44.551 min

Paul Russell, Test Engineer:
“Overall it was a good day. We carried on with the aero work from yesterday. Besides that, we continued to investigate what the tyres for next year were like, which was more detailed today. We had technical issues with the brakes. Therefore, we did some brake tests, which were interesting. Although we had a short delay because of this, we were able to get almost everything done. We continued working with Marcus, which was good. At the end of the day, he did short runs with qualifying settings.”

Marcus Ericsson (car number 9):
“I have had two great testing days with just a few problems. We have completed a productive test programme over both days, and we have covered almost everything we had planned. I had a good time getting to know the people within the team, and starting to work with everyone. Starting to drive the C33, building my feeling for the car, and giving my input for next year’s car was important. Overall, we had two constructive test days. Today we continued to work on different set-ups, aero measurements and tyre evolutions, which will be beneficial for next year. This was a good start. Now I am even more motivated to work extremely hard with the team over the winter to be prepared for the first test.”

Caterham F1 Team - 2014 ABU DHABI TEST: DAY 2 - Driver Will Stevens

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi – 26 November 2014

Fastest lap / position:
STE 1:44.551, P5

Total laps: 76

Morning: Dry, sunny. Track temp 48°, air temp 30°
Afternoon: Dry, sunny, then twilight. Track temp 42°, air temp 29°

Will Stevens, car #46, chassis CT05-#04: “Today’s been another very good day. We started to do our performance runs at the end of the day – I managed to get one run in and put a good lap time on the board, but we unfortunately had a small issue when I was on a better lap… Having said that, we cannot complain about the reliability here in Abu Dhabi, it’s been a trouble-free week. I’ve learned so much over the weekend and the past two days, I’ve got to the point where I now feel very comfortable in the car.

“Looking back, I wish I could have the race weekend beginning now, after these two days – I’ve definitely made the most of this test. I’ve had a great time and it’s very nice to be able to say that I’ve raced in my first F1 Grand Prix – I didn’t make any silly mistakes, learned a lot, enjoyed every second and did a good job. It’s been a great week and I want to thank both the team and the fans for giving me this opportunity. Now let’s wait and see what the future brings.”

Gianluca Pisanello, CaterhamF1 Team Head of Engineering Operations: “It’s been a very positive two days of testing here in Abu Dhabi. Will has done an excellent job, making no mistakes and providing very valuable feedback. Today we continued to work on the test programme that we started yesterday, evaluating the new 2015 Pirelli tyres as well as working on different set-ups and fine-tuning the car. We can be happy with our reliability throughout most of the test, we only had a small hiccup right at the end of the day. We were able to complete plenty of laps over the two days and to do so at a good pace and overall the test run very smoothly.

It’s been a difficult end to the season for the whole team, but we can be very pleased with what we have achieved here in Abu Dhabi after having missed two races. The team has worked extremely hard and it’s been a pleasure to work with a group of people who never stopped believing we would be here and, of course, we cannot forget the fans who also helped us on our journey here. We can end the season with a smile on our faces.”

. Ends

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Tuesday 25 November 2014.
Will Stevens, Caterham CT05 Renault.
World Copyright: Sam Bloxham/LAT Photographic

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team - 2014 ABU DHABI TEST: DAY 1 - Driver Max Verstappen

Yas Marina Circuit – 5,554 kms 
Car: STR9 chassis number 03 
Driver: Max Verstappen 
Laps: 55 
Best time: 1:47.194 

Two days after the final race of the season, Scuderia Toro Rosso and other Formula 1 teams were in action again, for the start of the final tw o day test of the 2014 season. Driving both days for us is Max Verstappen, who was having his first taste of driving on the Yas Marina track. 

Phil Charles (Chief Race Engineer) “It was an interesting day today, as we ran with th e new 2015 tyres. Unfortunately in the morning we got minimum running due to a suspension issue, w hich caused Max to run wide in turn 19 and crash into the barrier. The car was damaged and it took the whole morning to fix it, before we were able to get it back on track. However, despite this, it was a productive day. In the afternoon we concentrated on long run comparisons between 201 4 and 2015 tyres and we have already learnt quite a bit in this area, but there is still a lot to do. We will now put together a programme for tomorrow, based on what we learned today.” 

Max Verstappen: “Unfortunately we didn’t get much running in the mo rning, but in the afternoon we carried out very useful long runs, which helped me with my understanding of how to manage the tyres. To be able to run the car for a longer period than just an hou r and a half, which is all I had done so far when running in the FP1 sessions, was definitely a good experience and lap by lap, I got more used to the car. I’m looking forward to getting another day in the car tomorrow, to go on with the programme we started today.” 

Sauber F1 Team - 2014 ABU DHABI TEST: DAY 1 - Driver Marcus Ericsson

Abu Dhabi. During the first day of testing in Abu Dhabi, Marcus Ericcson drove the C33 for the first time. The Sauber F1 Team worked on aerodynamic measurements and also focused on testing different tyres. Although, there were minor issues, Marcus went through the planned programme and finished the first day of testing with short runs. The Swede completed a total of 95 laps.

Circuit: Yas Marina Circuit / 5.554 km
Driver: Marcus Ericsson
Weather: Sunny and dry, air 25-33 °C, track 27-42 °C
Chassis / engine: C33-04 / Ferrari
Laps today: 95 laps, 527.63 km
Fastest lap: 1:46.253 min

Paul Russell, Test Engineer:
“It was a good day, although in the afternoon we had some technical issues, and in general there were many red flags but it did not affect our programme massively. It was good to start working with Marcus, and it was important for him to drive the C33, start the process of working together and also to learn the car. We got quite a lot of aero work done today, and collected a lot of valuable data. Besides that, we also had a first look into the tyres for the 2015 season. Overall it was quite a mixed programme. It was an interesting day.”

Marcus Ericsson (car number 9):
“It was a great day. I did a lot of laps which was the main thing to get used to the car and get to start to work with the team. I am really happy with that. It was a good first day. We focused mainly on aero work for 2015 and also on tyre comparisons. I think everyone is satisfied, and I am also happy about my first laps in the C33.”

What comes next
Tomorrow Marcus Ericsson will again be behind the wheel of the Sauber C33-Ferrari

Caterham F1 Team - 2014 ABU DHABI TEST: DAY 1 - Driver Will Stevens

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi – 25 November 2014

Fastest laps / positions:
Morning session: STE 1:48.155, P6
Afternoon session: STE 1:45.436, P6

Total laps: 101

Morning: Dry, sunny. Track temp 42°, air temp 29°
Afternoon: Dry, sunny, then twilight. Track temp 34°, air temp 30°

Will Stevens, car #46, chassis CT05-#04: “Today’s been a really good day, I’m very pleased with myself. We got through everything we needed to do and we completed more than 100 laps, which is excellent not only for me to get more mileage under my belt but also to show that the car is reliable. Overall we got close to the pace we had in qualifying at the weekend. My last run got compromised a bit because of the red flag, but it’s been a very good day.

“I feel completely different in the car now – every time I leave the garage I know exactly what I need to do, where everything is and I’m much more confident than at the beginning of the race weekend. I feel very comfortable and I can now focus 100% on the driving side of things. It’s been a very useful day for me and the team and I can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow.”

Gianluca Pisanello, CaterhamF1 Team Head of Engineering Operations: “It’s been a very useful first day of testing here at the Yas Marina circuit. We were able to follow the programme as planned and Will did a very solid job, completing many laps and providing the team with valuable feedback while gaining experience. It was also very interesting to test the 2015 Pirelli tyres for the first time and compare them to this year’s and the data we already have from the season that ended on Sunday. Trouble-free days like today are always what the engineers hope for at a test; let’s hope for the same tomorrow.”

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Tuesday 25 November 2014.
World Copyright: /LAT Photographic.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Caterham F1 Team Press Release - Will Stevens will drive on both days of the official Formula 1 test in Abu Dhabi this week

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi – 24 November 2014

The CaterhamF1 Team is pleased to announce that Will Stevens will drive on both days of the official Formula 1 test in Abu Dhabi this week to work with the Team and continue to gain experience together.

Will Stevens: “I am very pleased to have the opportunity to spend more time in the car this week after completing my first Formula 1 race yesterday here in Abu Dhabi. I’m keen to get as much mileage as possible under my belt in order to further my chance of securing a drive for next season.”


Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Sunday 23 November 2014.
Will Stevens, Caterham F1.
World Copyright: Alastair Staley/LAT Photographic.

Gianluca Pisanello, CaterhamF1 Team Head of Engineering Operations: “After a solid first race weekend, it’s good for Will to have more time in the car this week here at the test in Abu Dhabi. He will be able to put all the experience he gained at the weekend to good use and continue to improve and understand the car. His feedback will be very valuable to us. We will also have the opportunity to test the 2015 Pirelli tyres for the first time and gather plenty of data, which will give us valuable experience and is certainly a very useful way to end the season.”

Finbarr O'Connell, CaterhamF1 Team Principal: “We have shown the world we are still a functioning F1 Team. We were delighted to have Will and Kamui driving for us. The F1 community have been so supportive of us both at the track and in the media. My discussions with potential purchasers are continuing and showcasing CaterhamF1 at Abu Dhabi has shown prospective purchasers the spirit and commitment of our race team which is the 'human engine' of the Team. I would once again like to thank our Race Partners --- Renault, Red Bull Technology, Pirelli, Dell and Total and also Formula One Management, without all of whose support we would not have got there.”

. Ends

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team - 2014 FORMULA 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Sunday November 23 @ Yas Marina Circuit

Jean-Eric Vergne (STR9-01)
Race Position: 12th

“Today I have absolutely given my maximum to catch the ones in front of me but the pace was just not good enough. It’s a shame as our starting position made us think we could have finished in the top ten . We really wanted to score some good points for the fin al race of the season and we could not achieve our goal. On the positive side, we are still 7 th in the Constructors Championship and this is very important for the team. I want to thank everybody, for yet another se ason together.”

Daniil Kvyat (STR9-03)
Race Position: Retired

“This is one of those races, in which we were just not able to show our full potential. We were expect ing a much better final race but an engine related proble m forced me to retire in the early stages. This was unfortunate, because speed and pace were quite good until then. We were fighting with Ferraris and But ton and I think we could have finished somewhere around him. Anyway, I have to thank my team for everythin g they have done for me this year, helping me to grow as a driver and be ready for next year. This has b een massively important for me. Looking back to this se ason, it’s a shame that in many occasions we could not show our real potential. I think we would have dese rved much better results, but very often we have ju st been unlucky. Now I am looking forward to this new challenge with Infiniti Red Bull Racing.”

Franz Tost (Team Principal) “ To start from the fifth and tenth places on the gri d and to finish with only one car in twelfth positi on is certainly not what we were expecting for the final race of the season, here in Abu Dhabi. Both drivers started the race quite well and in the first few laps the s peed was good enough for us to keep pace with some competitors around us. Unfortunately, after 14 laps , Daniil Kvyat suffered a technical problem on his drivetrain, which put an early stop to his race. As for Jean-Eric Vergne, we decided to take the risk and go for a three stop strategy, which did not pay off in the end and we would have needed a few more laps t o overtake some people in front of us and finish in the points. I would like to thank Daniil and Jean-Eric for what they have done for us this year - I really thi nk we had a strong driver line-up – and congratulat ions to Lewis Hamilton for his well-deserved title. This season is over but now we have to start workin g towards the next one. Clearly our aim is to impro ve still further and be more competitive next year. The 2015 Melbourne Grand Prix is just around the corn er.”

Ricardo Penteado (Renault Sport F1 track support le ader) “After a fantastic qualifying session we were all r eally looking forward to finishing 2014 on a high. But unfortunately Daniil suffered a PU-related issue th at put him out early. We’ll need to look at the dat a and find out what happened, but I’d still like to apolo gise to the team for the problem. Jean-Eric suffere d no such problems but didn’t quite have the pace to finish i n the points. Overall it’s been a tough season but we’ll aim to come back stronger in 2015.”

Sauber F1 Team - 2014 FORMULA 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Sunday November 23 @ Yas Marina Circuit

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix did not produce the turnaround which the Sauber F1 Team had hoped for. Esteban Gutiérrez and Adrian Sutil finished 15th and 16th, and therefore remained with no points at the 19th and last race of the 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship. The Sauber F1 Team congratulates Lewis Hamilton on winning the title.

Weather: dry, 25-26°C air, 30-33°C track

Esteban Gutiérrez (car number 21):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari)
Start on supersoft tyres, after 7 and 28 laps change to soft tyres

“A race during which I fought from the beginning to the end.  We managed to keep our planned two-stop-strategy, which was quite an aggressive one. On my last stint I had to drive as many laps as possible on this set of tyres, which worked out for us. I was pushing every lap, but at the same time I had to manage the tyres. I want to thank every team member; it was a pleasure to have worked with the Sauber F1 Team. I wish everyone all the best for the future.”

Adrian Sutil (car number 99):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Start on supersoft tyres, after 5, 22 and 37 laps change to soft tyres

“It was a normal race. I had quite a good start. Afterwards Kevin (Magnussen) drove into my car, and I dropped back many positons. I still cannot say if my car was damaged or not. After this incident I tried my best to get back into the race. However, we had to switch to another strategy with three pit stops, which was not ideal. In general the pace was not good enough, so a better result would have been difficult to achieve. Finally, I want to thank the engineers and mechanics who have all worked very hard throughout the season.”

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal:

“First of all, I want to congratulate Lewis Hamilton on winning the title, and the Mercedes team for an impressive dominant and outstanding season. Coming to our team, 15th and 16th in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are typical of the 2014 season, which was a huge disappointment. Everyone within the team worked very hard, but we could not achieve the results we aimed for. We were not able to score points, which has never happened before in the history of the team. There are many reasons for this. However, it does not make sense to point fingers. We will draw our conclusions and will initiate the right actions. We will move on and use our entire energy to bring the team back to where it was before, and where it should be. I want to thank every member of the team - mechanics, engineers, the employees at the factory and our drivers. A special thanks goes to Esteban Gutiérrez who was part of this team for five years, first as an affiliated driver and afterwards for two years as a race driver. We were with him through good and bad times. Esteban was always loyal to the team. Adrian surely expected more from this season, as we also did. With the issues we had with the C33 he was not able to deliver results which we as a team and he wished for. Giedo van der Garde did a great job as test and reserve driver. We thank all of them, and wish them all the best for the future.”

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Head of Track Engineering:
“It started off quite well with Adrian gaining some positions at the start, but in Turn 7 on the first lap he was hit by another driver and lost some places. When he was then stuck in traffic behind slower cars we opted for an early pit stop, which originally was not planned. He was then on an three stop stragety. In hindsight that maybe cost him some time. However, looking at the other car that had a clean two stop strategy, it didn’t really change a lot as our cars finished in 15th and 16th. Once again our performance was not good enough to achieve more. This race marks the end of a very difficult season. However, as a team we never gave up, and I would like to thank everyone for their hard work. As from tomorrow we will switch our focus to the 2015 season.“
Photos Worldwide Copyright Sauber AG


Etihad Airways Grosser Preis von Abu Dhabi – Rennen – Sonntag

Der Grosse Preis von Abu Dhabi brachte für das Sauber F1 Team nicht die erhoffte Wende. Esteban Gutiérrez und Adrian Sutil kamen auf den Plätzen 15 und 16 ins Ziel und blieben somit auch im 19. und letzten Rennen der Formel-1-Weltmeisterschaft 2014 ohne Punkte. Das Sauber F1 Team gratuliert Lewis Hamilton zum Gewinn des WM-Titels.

Wetter: trocken, 25-26°C Luft, 30-33°C Asphalt

Esteban Gutiérrez (Startnummer 21):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari)
Gestartet auf superweichen Reifen, nach 7 und 28 Runden auf weiche Reifen gewechselt

„Ich habe während des gesamten Rennens gekämpft. Wir konnten unsere geplante Zweistopp-Strategie umsetzen, die eher aggressiv ausgerichtet war. Auf meinem letzten Stint musste ich so viele Runden wie möglich auf den weichen Reifen absolvieren. Ich habe natürlich versucht, auf jeder Runde das Maximum herauszuholen, gleichzeitig musste ich aber auch auf den Reifenverschleiss achten. Ich möchte mich bei jedem einzelnen im Team bedanken; es war mir eine grosse Freunde mit den Mitgliedern des Sauber F1 Teams zusammenzuarbeiten. Ich wünsche allen das Beste für die Zukunft.“

Adrian Sutil (Startnummer 99):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Gestartet auf superweichen Reifen, nach 5,22 und 37 Runden auf weiche Reifen gewechselt

„Es war ein normales Rennen. Ich hatte einen guten Start, kurz danach ist mir aber leider Kevin (Magnussen) ins Auto gefahren. Dadurch bin ich einige Plätze zurückgefallen. Ich kann nicht genau sagen, ob der Wagen beschädigt wurde oder nicht. Nach diesem Zwischenfall habe ich trotzdem versucht, weiterhin mein Bestes zu geben. Wir mussten allerdings auf eine Dreistopp-Strategie wechseln, was letztlich nicht optimal war. Generell waren die Rundenzeiten zu langsam, wodurch ein besseres Ergebnis kaum möglich gewesen wäre. Ich möchte mich abschliessend bei allen Ingenieuren und Mechanikern bedanken, die alle sehr hart gearbeitet haben.“

Monisha Kaltenborn, Teamchefin:
„Zuallererst möchte ich Lewis Hamilton zum Gewinn der Weltmeisterschaft und dem Mercedes-Team zu einer eindrücklichen Dominanz und einer herausragenden Saison gratulieren. Was unser Team betrifft, war der Grosse Preis von Abu Dhabi mit den Plätzen 15 und 16 bezeichnend für die Saison 2014, die für uns eine grosse Enttäuschung brachte. Alle im Team haben hart gearbeitet, dennoch haben wir nicht die Resultate erreicht, die wir anstrebten. Es ist uns nicht gelungen, WM-Punkte einzufahren, was in der Geschichte des Rennstalls bisher nie vorgekommen war. Gründe dafür gibt es zahlreiche. Es bringt jedoch nichts, jetzt in der Öffentlichkeit mit dem Finger auf Leute zu zeigen. Wir werden die richtigen Schlüsse ziehen und die entsprechenden Massnahmen einleiten. Unser Blick ist nach vorne gerichtet, und wir werden jetzt die gesamte Energie dafür einsetzen, dass das Team wieder dort ist, wo es in der Vergangenheit war, und wo es auch hingehört. Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle bei allen im Team bedanken, den Mechanikern, den Ingenieuren, den Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern in der Fabrik und den Piloten. Ein ganz besonderer Dank gilt dabei Esteban Gutiérrez, der während insgesamt fünf Jahren zum Team gehörte, zuerst als „Affiliated Driver“ und danach zwei Jahre als Einsatzpilot. Wir gingen mit ihm durch gute und schwierige Zeiten. Esteban war dem Team gegenüber stets loyal. Adrian hatte von dieser Saison sicher mehr erwartet, so wie wir selber auch. Mit den Problemen, die wir mit dem C33 hatten, konnten wir nicht die Resultate einfahren, die wir uns als Team und er sich selber gewünscht hätten. Giedo van der Garde leistete als Test- und Ersatzfahrer sehr professionelle Arbeit. Wir danken ihnen allen und wünschen ihnen alles Gute für die Zukunft.“

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Leitender Ingenieur an der Rennstrecke:
„Es war ein guter Start, bei dem Adrian ein paar Positionen gutmachen konnte. Noch in der ersten Runde wurde er in Kurve 7 von einem anderen Fahrer touchiert, wodurch er einige Plätze zurückgefallen ist. Als Adrian nach diesem Zwischenfall von langsameren Fahrzeugen aufgehalten wurde, entschieden wir uns für einen frühen Boxenstopp, und wechselten gleichzeitig auf eine Dreistopp-Strategie. Im Nachhinein betrachtet, hat uns dies vielleicht ein wenig Zeit gekostet. Wenn man allerdings Estebans Rennen auf einer Zweistopp-Strategie vergleicht, stellt man fest, dass sich dadurch nicht viel änderte, denn wir beendeten das Rennen auf den Plätzen 15 und 16. Unsere Performance war erneut nicht gut genug, um ein besseres Ergebnis zu erzielen. Dieses Rennen ist bezeichnend für das Ende einer schwierigen Saison. Als Team haben wir nie aufgegeben. Ich möchte mich auf diesem Weg bei jedem einzelnen für die harte Arbeit bedanken. Ab morgen werden wir unseren ganzen Fokus auf die Saison 2015 legen.“

Caterham F1 Team - 2014 FORMULA 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Sunday November 23 @ Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi – 23 November 2014


Twilight. Track temp 38°, air temp 28°

Kamui Kobayashi, car #10, chassis CT05-#02: “It’s a real shame to finish the season with a retirement, but unfortunately this is what happened: I started to feel some strange vibration on the car and a couple of laps later it started to be un driveable, so the team decided to retire the car for precaution. Up until then, it had been a solid race, we had found a good pace and I was enjoying myself. Overall, it’s been a very positive weekend and I’ve been impressed with the whole team’s effort – it wasn’t an easy task but, thanks to the fans continuous support, we got here and they gave us that extra boost to carry on fighting. I also want to congratulate the team and thank everyone for their work and commitment throughout the season.”

Will Stevens, car #46, chassis CT05-#04: “We completed the objective of the day, and that was to finish the race, which is good not only for me but also for the team – we can be pleased. I struggled quite a bit during my first stint on the Option tyre, trying to keep it up to temperature at the start during the formation lap, so I had a lot of graining on the front. But the middle stint wasn’t too bad and I was able to get into more of a rhythm. Towards the end I was feeling good in the car and it feels really good to have completed my first Formula 1 race! I want to thank all the fans once again for giving this team another chance to race, this is where we belong.”

Cedrik Staudohar, Renault Sport F1 track support leader: “As with the previous two days we didn’t experience any problems with either PU during the race and were able to maximise their potential throughout. Will drove very well on his F1 debut and it was great to see him out-drag Alonso’s Ferrari in a straight line! Obviously it was a shame that Kamui couldn’t complete the race distance, but just being here this weekend is a fantastic achievement for the team and will hopefully help their chances for 2015.”


Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Sunday 23 November 2014.
Kamui Kobayashi, Caterham CT05 Renault.
World Copyright: Sam Bloxham/LAT Photographic.

2014 FORMULA 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Sunday November 23 @ Yas Marina Circuit 1 HAM 2 MAS 3 BOT 4 RIC 5 BUT 6 HUL 7 PER 8 VET 9 ALO 10 RAI

Race 17:00 local | 13:00 GMT | 14:00 CET
Number of Laps: 55
Circuit Length: 5.554 km
Race Distance: 305.355 km
Weather: dry, 25-26°C  
Track: Dry 30-33°C track
# Driver             Teams    Laps/Pits
1 Hamilton GBR Mercedes 55 2
2 Massa BRA Williams 55 2
3 Bottas FIN Williams 55 2
4 Ricciardo FL AUS Red Bull 55 2
5 Button GBR McLaren 55 2
6 Hülkenberg GER Force India 55 2
7 Perez MEX Force India 55 2
8 Vettel GER Red Bull 55 2
9 Alonso ESP Ferrari 55 2
10 Räikkönen FIN Ferrari 55 2
11 Magnussen DEN McLaren 55 2
12 Vergne FRA Toro Rosso 55 3
13 Grosjean FRA Lotus 54 3
14 Rosberg GER Mercedes 54 2
15 Gutiérrez MEX Sauber 54 2
16 Sutil GER Sauber 54 3
17 Stevens GBR Caterham 54 2

Kobayashi JPN Caterham 42 3
Maldonado VEN Lotus 27 1
Kvyat RUS Toro Rosso 15 1

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"some sunday tweets from yas marina circuit today"
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

#AbuDhabiGP Sebastian Vettel excluded from Qualifying results & will start from the back of the grid

Sauber F1 Team - 2014 FORMULA 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix FP3 & Qualifying Saturday November 22 @ Yas Marina Circuit

Qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the Yas Marina Circuit held no surprises. After having no issues, Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutiérrez have to be satisfied with 15th and 17th. It was not unexpected that there would be limited possibilities on a track with some long straights. As was the case today in qualifying, tomorrow’s race will start in daylight and will finish in the dark.

Weather: dry, 26-28°C air, 31-46°C track

Esteban Gutiérrez (car number 21):Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari)
Qualifying: 17th in Q1 (1:42.819 min / supersoft tyres)3rd practice: 15th (1:43.643 min / supersoft tyres / 24 laps)

“It was pretty tight. I tried my best to get the maximum out of the car. My last lap was a good one, but I missed half a tenth that would let me reach Q2. It is not very satisfying, but at the same time we need to focus on tomorrow’s race and try to get the best out of it.”

Adrian Sutil (car number 99):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Qualifying: 15th in Q2 (1:43.074 min / supersoft tyres)3rd practice: 18th (1:44.022 min / supersoft tyres / 22 laps)

“That was a solid qualifying. We continuously made progress during the whole weekend, although it was not easy as I missed the first free practice session, and, therefore, did not run many laps on this circuit. Session by session the feeling in the car got better after testing different set-ups. The car had a good balance during the first qualifying session, so my crucial lap went well. After that the track temperatures went down and the driveability of the car was different in Q2. It was difficult to have the ideal conditions. In general I am satisfied with qualifying. The team did a good job, and we hope for a positive race tomorrow.”

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal:
“Even before the event it was clear that this race weekend would not be an easy one for us. This track clearly shows the deficiencies of our overall package. However, this doesn’t mean that we are giving up for the race. Some of our competitors are within reach, so our goal must be to deliver the best possible result.“

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Head of Track Engineering:
“Technically it was a trouble free day. However, on the performance side we were expecting to have a tough weekend. In the end nothing went really wrong in qualifying, but we just got the result we could expect on a track like this. The race will not be easy, but we will do everything to get the maximum out of the car.“


Etihad Airways Grosser Preis von Abu Dhabi – Qualifikation – Samstag

Das Qualifying zum Grossen Preis von Abu Dhabi auf dem Yas Marina Circuit brachte keine Überraschungen. Trotz eines problemlosen Tages mussten sich Adrian Sutil und Esteban Gutiérrez mit den Plätzen 15 und 17 zufrieden geben. Es kam nicht unerwartet, dass die Möglichkeiten auf dieser Strecke mit einigen Geraden begrenzt sein würden. Genau wie heute das Qualifikationstraining wird das Rennen morgen bei Tageslicht gestartet und bei Dunkelheit zu Ende gehen.

Wetter: trocken, 26-28°C Luft, 31-46°C Asphalt

Esteban Gutiérrez (Startnummer 21):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari)
Qualifikation: 17. in Q1 (1:42,819 min / superweiche Reifen)3. Training: 15. (1:43,643 min / superweiche Reifen / 24 Runden)

„Ein sehr knappes Resultat aufgrund der sehr eng beisammen liegenden Rundenzeiten. Meine letzte Runde war gut. Aber obwohl mir nur eine halbe Zehntelsekunde fehlte, reichte es nicht für das zweite Qualifikationstraining. Ich habe versucht, das Maximum aus dem Auto herauszuholen, wobei das Ergebnis natürlich nicht zufriedenstellend ist. Wir müssen uns nun auf das Rennen konzentrieren, und das Beste aus dieser Situation machen.“

Adrian Sutil (Startnummer 99):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Qualifikation: 15. in Q2 (1:43,074 min / superweiche Reifen)3. Training: 18. (1:44,022 min / superweiche Reifen / 22 Runden)

 „Das Qualifying war in Ordnung. Wir haben uns während des gesamten Wochenendes steigern können. Es war nicht einfach, zumal ich das erste freie Training auslassen musste, und somit generell weniger Runden auf dieser Strecke fahren konnte. Nachdem wir unterschiedliche Fahrzeugabstimmungen ausprobiert hatten, bekam ich ein immer besseres Gefühl im Auto. Der Wagen lag im ersten Qualifikationstraining sehr gut; in meiner entscheidenden Runde hat alles gepasst. In Q2 waren die Streckentemperaturen jedoch niedriger, wodurch das Fahrverhalten des Autos anders war als zuvor. Es war sehr schwierig, mit diesen Bedingungen eine optimale Runde hinzubekommen. Nichtsdestotrotz bin ich mit dem Qualifikationstraining zufrieden. Das Team hat gute Arbeit geleistet, und nun hoffen wir auf ein positives Rennen.“

Monisha Kaltenborn, Teamchefin:
„Wir wussten im Vorfeld, dass es auf dieser Art Strecke für uns schwierig werden würde. Dieser Kurs zeigt sehr deutlich die Defizite des Gesamtpaketes. Das heisst aber keineswegs, dass wir fürs Rennen aufgeben werden. Einige Konkurrenten sind durchaus in Reichweite, also gilt es, das Beste daraus zu machen.“

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Leitender Ingenieur an der Rennstrecke:
„Technisch gab es heute keine Probleme. Wir wussten jedoch schon vorher, dass diese Strecke für uns eine grosse Herausforderung sein würde. Probleme gab es keine, aber am Schluss lagen wir auf den Positionen, die für uns auf dieser Art Strecke realistisch sind. Auch das Rennen wird nicht einfach werden, doch wir werden alles tun, um das Maximum aus dem Auto herauszuholen.“