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Monday, June 30, 2014

Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team - 2014 Santander British Grand Prix 4 to 6 July @ Silverstone Circuit (Length: 3.660 miles/5.8902 km) UK preview

Jean - Eric Vergne: It’s a track I love, one of the best on the calendar, because of all the highspeed corners. It is very important to have an excellent aero package here as it is all about those high speed turns. With this year’s car it might prove quite tricky as everyone has less downforce to work with. It will be interesting to see how the new type of Formula One cars perform around this circuit. I’m looking forward to this race, because driving a Formula One car at Silverstone is really thrilling. I even lived in Milton Keynes for two years, so I know the area well.”

Daniil Kvyat:  I really like this track, with plenty of great sections, like Maggotts and Becketts and Copse. The new section is quite technical. The weather can have an effect of course, especially the wind which can catch you out in the high speed corners. Track conditions, wind, it’s England. It’s a bit of a home race for me as I have a flat in Milton Keynes, which is where I spend most of my time. I won’t stay at home for the race weekend though, as it’s better if I can stay closer to the track. It means I won’t have to cook my own breakfast and do my own laundry. I enjoy my time there. We will be trying to make the most of any opportunity.

Schedule for the group interview sessions during the weekend:

Thursday 3rd July 2014
16:00 – 16:15 – JAMES KEY – Al MEDIA – Energy Station
16:30 – 16:40 – JEAN-ERIC VERGNE – Al TV – Energy Station, Media Wall
16:30 – 16:40 – Danil kVYAT – International Media – Energy Station
16:40 – 16:50 – JEAN-ERIC VERGNE – French Media – Energy Station
16:40 – Danil kVYAT – Al TV – Energy Station, Media Wall
16:50 – JEAN-ERIC VERGNE – International Media – Energy Station

Friday 4th July2014
Approx 18:00 – JEAN-ERIC VERGNE & Danil kVYAT – Al Media – Energy Station

Saturday 5th July 2014
Immediately after Qualifying – JEAN-ERIC VERGNE & Danil kVYAT – Al TV – FIA TV scrum Area
15:30 – 15:40 – JEAN-ERIC VERGNE – French Media – Energy Station
15:30 – 15:40 – Danil kVYAT – International Media – Energy Station
15:40 – JEAN-ERIC VERGNE – International Media – Energy Station

Sunday 6th July 2014
Immediately after the race – JEAN-ERIC VERGNE & Danil kVYAT – Al TV – FIA TV scrum Area

Immediately after TV scrum – JEAN-ERIC VERGNE & Danil kVYAT – Al Print Media – Energy Station

Driver’s open media session wil be cancelled if he is invited to the FIA press conference

For interview requests please contact the Scuderia Toro Roso communications team

Silverstone Circuit

Sauber F1 Team - 2014 Santander British Grand Prix 4 to 6 July @ Silverstone Circuit (Length: 3.660 miles/5.8902 km) UK preview

Hinwil. The British Grand Prix, the ninth round of the FIA Formula One World Championship, will take place from the 4th to 6th July in the United Kingdom. On Friday test and reserve driver Giedo van der Garde will be driving the C33 during the first free practice. From the second free practice on regular driver Adrian Sutil will take over the car. 

9th Round of the FIA Formula One World Championship, 4th to 6th July 2014

Esteban Gutiérrez will get a ten place grid penalty in Silverstone due to an unsafe release by his team during the last race in Spielberg.

Directly after the British Grand Prix, the third in-season test will take place on the 8th and 9th July in Silverstone. On Tuesday Adrian Sutil will drive during the first day of testing, while Giedo van der Garde will be called into action on Wednesday.

Esteban Gutiérrez (car number 21):
“With its fast corners, the track in Silverstone is nice to drive. In terms of the performance, we are quite limited at the moment. I hope the updates will help us to improve the driveability and the overall performance of the car to a certain extent. However, the weather there is tricky, which can provide some opportunities for us. We need to keep ourselves motivated and have to take any chances, as anything can happen during a race. Regarding my accommodation in Silverstone, I will be staying in a motorhome, so it will be a different but enjoyable atmosphere.”

Adrian Sutil (car number 99):
“I like the Silverstone track. Many fast corners demand high aerodymic requirements on the car, and a good downforce in order to be fast. It will be interesting to see how we perform there. The weather can also play a major role, as it rains quite often in Silverstone. It is traditionally a nice event as there are many fans at the track and the Brits are generally enthusiastic when it comes to motorsport. Last year I had a good race that I finished in the points.”

Giedo van der Garde (car number 36):
“The Silverstone track is a nice one. It has an interesting layout with some high speed corners. It has been a while since I was in the car. The last time was at the test in Barcelona almost two months ago. I have to get back into the game, and I am looking forward to jumping into the car again.”

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Head of Track Engineering:
“The preparation for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone is centered around high speed cornering and change of direction. The car must be stable and reactive, but also cope well with the bumpiness of the surface. The amount of lateral energy through the tyres each lap makes it one of the most demanding venues especially on the carcass side, thus the medium and hard compounds are allocated as a sort of protection. They should be fine, irrespective of possibly cool and changeable weather.  The C33 will be aerodynamically updated in the area of the front underbody. Considering that the power limitation will be less severe than in the last two events, we keep targeting reducing the time gap to the midfield.”

Schedule for the group interview sessions during the weekend:
13:30-13:40 – Esteban Gutiérrez – written media (Spanish)
13:40-13:50 – Esteban Gutiérrez – written media (English)
13:50-14:00 – Esteban Gutiérrez – TV (Spanish, then English)

13:30-13:40 – Adrian Sutil – TV (German, then English)
13:40-13:50 – Adrian Sutil – written media (German)
13:50-14:00 – Adrian Sutil – written media (English)

09:30-09:50 – Monisha Kaltenborn – written media (English, then German)      
09:50-10:00 – Monisha Kaltenborn – TV

16:45-16:55 – Esteban Gutiérrez – TV
16:45-16:55 – Adrian Sutil – TV

15:45-15:55 – Esteban Gutiérrez – written media (Spanish)
15:55-16:05 – Esteban Gutiérrez – written media  (English)
16:05-16:15 – Esteban Gutiérrez – TV (Spanish, then English)

15:45-15:55 – Adrian Sutil – TV (German, then English)
15:55-16:05 – Adrian Sutil – written media (German)
16:05-16:15 – Adrian Sutil – written media (English)

After the race the drivers will be available in the mixed zone set up by the FIA.
Monisha Kaltenborn will be available in the team’s area.

Involvement in the FIA press conference means that the group interviews will be cancelled on the relevant day.

Silverstone Circuit

Caterham F1 Team has confirmed that Indonesia’s Rio Haryanto will at Silverstone day 2 July 9th

Leafield Technical Centre, UK - 30th June 2014

Caterham F1 Team has confirmed that Indonesia’s Rio Haryanto will drive on day two of the sixth 2014 F1 test At Silverstone on July 9th, joining Will Stevens who drives day one.

Rio joined EQ8 Caterham Racing in January to contest the 2014 GP2 championship and is currently tenth in the standings with 26 points after a good start to his season. He will now step up to an F1 seat for the third time in his career, having previously taken part in F1 tests in Abu Dhabi in 2010 and Silverstone in 2012.

Rio Haryanto: “I can’t wait to be back in an F1 car and I’m delighted it’s with Caterham F1 Team, the senior team to EQ8 Caterham Racing. The last time I drove an F1 car was at the young driver test at Silverstone in 2012 and with the new engine regulations this year I’m sure it’ll be a very different experience. The goal for me is to use this day as another learning experience, another chance to build on the F1 laps I’ve already done, and while my focus before the test is obviously to do the best job I can in GP2, I will be 100% ready to work to the plan the team set and help them develop as best I can.”

"I would like to take this chance to thank Pertamina for their continued support during my GP2 season with EQ8 Caterham Racing, which has provided me with the opportunity to test the Caterham F1 Team car."


Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 4 Live

2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Friday, June 27, 2014

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 16th 17th & 18th races @ Norisring Germany (Length 2,300 km) June 28 to 30

Broadcast schedule
The stream begins approximately ten minutes before the start of the race. - click link

Norisring, Race 1 (28/06 10:40 hrs.)
Norisring, Race 2 (29/06 11:00 hrs.)
Norisring, Race 3 (29/06 15:30 hrs.)

Youtube videos of complete races will be posted below when available

16th race FIA F3 European Championship 2014

17th race FIA F3 European Championship 2014 

18th race FIA F3 European Championship 2014

5th round Spa-Francorchamps - Highlights

New MYGALE Formula 4 FIA - A lap around Melbourne Formula 1 track.

Formula Ford - New RAY GR14 leaving Ray Cars HQ on Monday

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sauber F1 Team - 2014 GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH Race Sunday 22 June @ Spielberg Austria review

The Sauber F1 Team’s drivers Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutiérrez finished the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg in a disappointing 13th (Sutil) and 19th (Gutiérrez). The decisive factor for the way the race went was Esteban’s first pit stop, which went wrong. The wheel nut was not secured, however, he received the instruction to move off, but stopped the car immediately afterwards. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication during this incident and Adrian Sutil was asked to stop his car. Sutil lost a lot of time and Gutiérrez got a ten second stop and go penalty.

Weather: sunny and dry, 23-26°C air, 44-50°C track

Esteban Gutiérrez (car number 21):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari)
Start on supersoft tyres, after 12 and 45 laps change to soft tyres

“It was not a satisfying race. We made a mistake during the first pit stop, as the wheel nut on the right rear wheel was not secured, so I had to stop in the pit lane and my mechanics had to pull me back. Afterwards, I got a ten second stop and go penalty. Apart from this incident, I was trying to get the most out of the car. I got a lot of blue flags, so I had to let other cars by, which resulted in slower lap times. We tried by compromising qualifying in order to get a better race pace, but it didn’t seem to pay off. It was difficult to keep the tyres alive.”

Adrian Sutil (car number 99):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Start on supersoft tyres, after 11 and 43 laps change to soft tyres
“From a driving perspective, it was a good race. I had a good start and was able to gain two positions on the first lap. Up to lap 15, after my first pit stop, everything went according to our plan. Suddenly, I got the instruction through the radio to stop the car immediately. However, the radio communication was not for me, but for Esteban. After telling me this I immediately continued in the race, but I had already lost quite a lot of time due to this incident.”

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal:
“Our work today is not acceptable. Such a mistake at a pitstop must simply not happen. We will carefully look into our procedures and the consequences, and we will take appropriate measures. Today, both drivers put in good performances, but this doesn’t help when we make mistakes. We cannot afford that. Concerning the event in Spielberg, I would like to forward a big thank you to the organisers and the spectators for welcoming us to this great race and creating such a fantastic atmoshpere.”

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Head of Track Engineering:
“What we delivered today is inexcusable. Our performance was decent, considering our potential, but the mistakes at the pit stop spoiled our race. Procedures were not adhered to. As a result we stopped the wrong car on the track. Equally unacceptable was Esteban’s first pit stop, during which he was released although the wheel nut on his rear right wheel didn’t go on. At the same time, Adrian, who was out on the track, was stopped by a radio communication which was simply a huge mistake.“


Grosser Preis von Österreich - Rennen - Sonntag

  Die beiden Sauber F1 Team Piloten Adrian Sutil und Esteban Gutiérrez belegten beim Grossen Preis von Österreich in Spielberg die enttäuschenden Ränge 13 (Sutil) und 19 (Gutiérrez). Der Hauptgrund dafür lag beim ersten Boxenstopp von Esteban Gutiérrez, der nicht korrekt ablief. Obwohl eine Radmutter nicht montiert war, erhielt er den Befehl loszufahren, um dann gleich wieder gestoppt zu werden. Während diesem Zwischenfall gab es fälschlicherweise einen Funkspruch an Adrian Sutil, der auf der Stecke war und ebenfalls aufgefordert wurde, sofort anzuhalten. Sutil verlor dadurch viel Zeit, und Gutiérrez erhielt eine Zehnsekunden-Stop-and-Go-Strafe.

Wetter: sonnig und trocken, 23-26°C Luft, 44-50°C Asphalt

Esteban Gutiérrez (Startnummer 21):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari)
Gestartet auf Supersoft-Reifen, nach 12 und 45 Runden auf weiche Reifen gewechselt

„Es war kein zufriedenstellendes Rennen für mich. Während meines ersten Boxenstopps wurde die Radmutter am rechten Hinterrad nicht korrekt montiert, weshalb ich nach dem Losfahren sofort wieder anhalten musste, damit mich die Mechaniker zurück in meine Boxenstopp-Position rollen konnten. Aufgrund dieses Zwischenfalls musste ich kurz danach eine Zehnsekunden-Stop-and-Go-Strafe antreten. Anschliessend habe ich nur noch versucht, das Maximum aus dem Auto herauszuholen. Wegen den vielen blauen Flaggen, die mir geschwenkt wurden, habe ich ziemlich viel Zeit verloren. Wir hatten versucht, mehr Fokus auf die Rennperformance als auf das Qualifying zu legen, aber es hat leider nicht funktioniert. Es war schwierig, die Reifen während des Rennens zu schonen und sie nicht zu überfordern.“

Adrian Sutil (Startnummer 99):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Gestartet auf Supersoft-Reifen, nach 11 und 43 Runden auf weiche Reifen gewechselt

 „Aus fahrerischer Sicht war es ein gutes Rennen. Ich hatte einen optimalen Start und konnte gleich zwei Positionen gewinnen. Bis zu Runde 15 nach meinem ersten Boxenstopp verlief alles nach Plan. Dann habe ich plötzlich einen Funkspruch bekommen das Auto sofort anzuhalten. Der Funkspruch galt jedoch nicht mir, sondern Esteban. Als man mir das mitteilte, bin ich natürlich sofort weitergefahren. Dennoch hatte ich durch den Zwischenfall bereits viel Zeit verloren, wodurch ich im Laufe des Rennens früher überrundet wurde, was mich zusätzlich Zeit gekostet hat.“

Monisha Kaltenborn, Teamchefin:
„Unsere Leistung heute war nicht akzeptabel. Ein solcher Fehler bei einem Boxenstopp darf schlichtweg nicht passieren. Wir werden den genauen Hergang und die Konsequenzen prüfen und entsprechende Massnahmen einleiten. Beide Piloten haben heute einwandfreie Leistungen gezeigt. Aber das nützt nichts, wenn wir Fehler machen. Das können wir uns nicht leisten. Noch ein Wort zur Veranstaltung: Wir möchten uns bei den Organisatoren und bei den Zuschauern bedanken, die für einen grossartigen Rahmen und für eine hervorragende Stimmung gesorgt haben.“

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Leitender Ingenieur an der Rennstrecke:
„Was wir heute abgeliefert haben, ist nicht zu entschuldigen. Unsere Performance war angesichts unserer Möglichkeiten in Ordnung. Allerdings passierten beim Boxenstopp von Esteban Dinge, die unseren Rennablauf sehr negativ beeinflusst haben. Klar definierte Abläufe wurden nicht eingehalten. Als Folge davon stoppten wir das falsche Auto auf der Strecke. Ebenfalls nicht akzeptabel waren Fehler bei Estebans erstem Boxenstopp, bei dem er den Befehl erhielt loszufahren, obwohl die Radmutter hinten rechts nicht montiert war. Gleichzeitig erhielt Adrian, der draussen auf der Strecke war, die Aufforderung sofort anzuhalten, was ein grober Fehler war. Was heute passiert ist, darf ganz einfach nicht geschehen.“

Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team - 2014 GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH Race Sunday 22 June @ Spielberg Austria review

Daniil Kvyat (STR9 - 03)
Race Position: DNF

"I'm obviously disappointed with how today turned out, especially because everything was working so well this weekend and it seemed like a promising race. Our pace was strong, our updates and also tyre management worked well. The start was difficult, I lost a few positions but I managed to get a position back. From then on I was able to push hard and it looked like we could have a strong result. Around lap 26 I saw my rear right tyre blow up and I was forced to stop. I'm not quite sure what exactly happened, but we will now analyse everything closely and find out what the problem was today. On the positive side, we have made a solid step forward this weekend and I think it looks promising for the upcoming races, so I can't wait to get to Silverstone where we will aim high again."

Jean-Eric Vergne (STR9-04)
Race Position: DNF

"I have struggled with the brakes from the beginning of the race. It's difficult to drive the car with such a considerable rear locking. It's not good for tyre life and for the balance in general so it was really a tricky race. I was doing my best to finish it at least but in the end I just could not bring the car to the chequered flag. Problems happen, it's a shame that they occurred here but the new aero package is working well and we have a good car to face the next Grand Prix in Silverstone. There are still a lot of races in front of us and I'm sure we are moving in the right direction for the rest of the season."

Franz Tost (Team Principal)
"Starting from seventh position and not finishing the race is quite disappointing. We have to investigate the problem on Daniil's rear right suspension, as well as the brake problem on Jean-Eric's car. Generally speaking the car showed a solid performance in Qualifying and now we have work hard to transfer this also into a strong race result. It is a real shame that we were not able to do so here at the Red Bull Ring and in front of all the Red Bull family, but we are hopeful that we can come back stronger at the next race in Silverstone."

Ricardo Penteado (Renault Sport F1 track support leader)
"We had a lot of promise this weekend but unfortunately didn't deliver in the race. The Power Unit has worked well over the entire event and was engaging extremely well with the new aero package. Daniil's grid position is a lot more representative of where we are than the race results show today."


Caterham F1 Team - 2014 GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH Race Sunday 22 June @ Spielberg Austria review

Red Bull Ring, Austria - 22nd June 2014

Caterham F1 Team Partner Information
GE traces its beginnings to Thomas A. Edison, who established Edison Electric Light Company in 1878

Race: dry, sunny, air temp 23° / track temp 47° (start), 24° / 47° (lap 35), 24° / 45° (lap 71)

Kamui Kobayashi
Lap 14: pitstop 1, soft tyres
Finished: 16th

Marcus Ericsson
Lap 28: pitstop 1, supersoft tyres
Lap 43: pitstop 2, soft tyres
Finished: 18th

Team Quotes

Kamui Kobayashi, car #10, chassis CT05-#02: “I didn’t have a great start but then recovered and passed my teammate and Bianchi and was running well for the first stint. We’d started on supersofts and they held up well, right until we boxed on lap 14 for a set of softs.

“Our original plan was for a two stops and with our race focused on the Marussias, as soon as it became clear Bianchi was stopping once, we decided to switch the strategy during the second stint which meant I had to manage that set of softs for 55 laps to the flag. Unfortunately that didn’t work as with about ten laps to go I couldn’t hold him back as he was on supersofts and had the pace to pass. We tried something and this time it didn’t work, but ultimately we probably didn’t lose anything as we were really only fighting him.

“Despite that I think we have to take quite a few positives from this weekend as our performance relative to our nearest competitors improved quite a bit. Our reliability has been much better this weekend and the setup change we made on Friday night paid dividends again today as I was pretty easily able to pass the lead Marussia and pull away early in the race. From where we were on Friday, and in the last couple of races, that’s a good sign and we know we can improve again at Silverstone so I’m already hungry to get back and fight again there.”

Marcus Ericsson, car #9, chassis CT05-#01: “I’m pretty pleased with my race today as the gap to our direct rivals on Friday looked like it would be much more than it was today.

“I had a really good start, passing a couple of cars, but we’d planned to stretch out the first stint on softs to around lap 28 so I didn’t want to kill them defending so early in the race. The first stop was good, going onto a set of new supersofts which performed really well until about 10 laps into the stint, and then they started going off so we boxed again on lap 43 for a set of softs to the flag.

“Unfortunately we had to extend the second pitstop by four seconds because of a Ferrari in the fastlane of the pitlane and that meant I came out about 12 seconds behind Chilton. The car felt good and within a few laps I had the gap down to around three seconds, but then the blue flags really kicked in and cost me a lot of time. They’re obviously part of the race, especially for us, and even though they make life even more tough, particularly on a small track like this, it’s still something I’m learning. We’re nearly halfway through the season and I’m definitely improving, and I’ll take that as another lesson – without that I think it would have been a much better fight to the flag, but 18th is still ok, especially considering where we were in FP1 and FP2.”

Cedrik Staudohar, Renault Sport F1 track support leader: “The team made some set-up changes to the car over the weekend that made the car a bit more stable and closer to the competition. Kamui was able to race both Marussias and Marcus was fighting well with Chilton until traffic in his second stop cost him a lot of time, but this is good news for the coming races. The Power Unit has been working well all weekend and hopefully these latest steps will put us in a better position for the next race as well.”

2014 Austrian GP - Sunday 22nd June Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Austria. Sunday 22 June 2014. Marcus Ericsson, Caterham CT05 Renault. World Copyright: Charles Coates/LAT Photographic.

2014 GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH Sunday 22 June @ Spielberg Austria - 1 Rosberg 2 Hamilton 3 Bottas 4 Massa 5 Alonso

Race: Number of Laps: 71 - Circuit Length: 4.326 km - Race Distance: 307.020 km
Sunday June 22:
Race 14:00 local | 12:00 GMT | 14:00 CEST
Weather: 23 C deg air (13.43)
Track: 47 deg C (13.43)
# Driver             Team      Laps Pits
1 Rosberg GER Mercedes 71 2
2 Hamilton GBR Mercedes 71 2
3 Bottas FIN Williams 71 2
4 Massa BRA Williams 71 2
5 Alonso ESP Ferrari 71 2
6 Perez FL MEX Force India 71 2
7 Magnussen DEN McLaren 71 2
8 Ricciardo AUS Red Bull 71 2
9 Hülkenberg GER Force India 71 2
10 Räikkönen FIN Ferrari 71 2
11 Button GBR McLaren 71 2
12 Maldonado VEN Lotus 70 2
13 Sutil GER Sauber 70 2
14 Grosjean FRA Lotus 70 2
15 Bianchi FRA Marussia 69 1
16 Kobayashi JPN Caterham 69 1
17 Chilton GBR Marussia 69 1
18 Ericsson SWE Caterham 69 2
19 Gutiérrez MEX Sauber 69 3

Vergne FRA Toro Rosso 59 3
Vettel GER Red Bull 36 3
Kvyat RUS Toro Rosso 26 1
"sunday tweets from spielberg austria"

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sauber F1 Team - 2014 GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH FP3 & Qualifying Saturday 21 June @ Spielberg Austria review

Photos copyright Sauber AG

Qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg ended in a disappointment for the Sauber F1 Team. Adrian Sutil finished in 17th while his team mate Esteban Gutiérrez ended just one position behind him. Both drivers struggled particularly in turn eight with the inconsistent balance of the car.

Weather: sunny/overcast and dry, 15-19°C air, 27-36°C track

Esteban Gutiérrez (car number 21):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari)
Qualifying: 18th in Q1 (1:11.349 min /supersoft tyres)3rd practice: 17th (1:11.558 min / supersoft tyres / 23 laps)

“We knew from FP3 that it would be a tough qualifying. At the moment we are quite limited and the amount of time we are missing is definitely not satisfying. We need to keep on working because other teams are catching up. Regarding the track, turn eight is tough in terms of track limits. We did not have the penalty for exceeding the limits on Friday, but today and also for the race we will have it. When you push and get into the corner with a higher speed, it is a risk to go out of the track’s limits. That is another characteristic we need to address. However, I am looking forward for the race as anything can happen.”

Adrian Sutil (car number 99):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Qualifying: 17th in Q1 (1:10.825 min /supersoft tyres)3rd practice: 16th (1:11.294 min / supersoft tyres / 24 laps)
 “The qualifying procedure went well and the team sent me out on track at the right time, so that I was not hindered by other drivers. The set-up of the car was the best today in comparison to the rest of the weekend. On my fast lap, I was pushing to the limit and and managed to get the maximum out of the car. Obviously, 17th position is not satisfying, but at the moment we cannot move up, which we have to accept in our current situation. For tomorrow’s race, we hope to achieve more.”

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal:
“The weekend so far showed that this track is a difficult one for us. This is also being reflected in the result of qualifying. Under the circumstances, Adrian’s final lap was fine in sectors one and two, but we are surprised that we lost so much time today in sector three. We will do everything possible in the race to keep up with the pace of the cars in front of us in order to be ready in case there are any opportunities.“

Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Head of Track Engineering:
“Unexpectedly, the track temperatures were still on the cold side in the morning, which led us a little bit adrift with the balance of the car. The brakes were locking more than before, so we made some changes before qualifying. In Q1 things went okay technically, but the pace was simply not there. Our biggest problem was corner eight, where the cars were snappy in mid-corner, which made it difficult for the drivers to keep the cars on track. We have to analyse the data in order to understand why this happened.”


Grosser Preis von Österreich - Qualifikation - Samstag
Das Qualifying zum Grossen Preis von Österreich in Spielberg endete für das Sauber F1 Team mit einer Enttäuschung: Adrian Sutil landete auf Rang 17, sein Teamkollege Esteban Gutiérrez eine Position dahinter. Beide Piloten kämpften insbesondere im dritten Sektor mit einem schwierig zu fahrenden Auto.

Wetter: sonnig/bewölkt und trocken, 15-19°C Luft, 27-36°C Asphalt

Esteban Gutiérrez (Startnummer 21):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari)
Qualifikation: 18. in Q1 (1:11.349 min / Supersoft-Reifen)3. Training: 17. (1:11,558 min /Supersoft-Reifen / 23 Runden)

„Nach dem dritten freien Training war uns bewusst, dass das Qualifying schwierig wird. Im Moment sind unsere Möglichkeiten begrenzt, und der Zeitrückstand ist zu gross. Wir müssen weiterarbeiten, da andere Teams sich verbessern und aufholen. Besonders die Kurve acht war für uns schwierig zu fahren, zumal es seit heute bestraft wird, wenn man zu weit hinaus fährt. Gestern hatten wir diese Limitierung noch nicht. Wenn man an sein Limit geht und mit einer höheren Geschwindigkeit in die Kurve fährt, riskiert man, über diese Begrenzung zu fahren. Das ist eine weitere Charakteristik, auf die wir uns nun einstellen müssen. Dennoch freue ich mich auf das Rennen, bei dem vieles möglich ist.“

Adrian Sutil (Startnummer 99):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Qualifikation: 17. in Q1 (1:10.825 min / Supersoft-Reifen)3. Training: 16. (1:11.294 min /Supersoft-Reifen / 24 Runden)
„Der Ablauf während des Zeittrainings war in Ordnung, und das Team hat mich zur richtigen Zeit auf die Strecke geschickt, so dass ich immer freie Fahrt hatte. Das Auto lag heute im Vergleich zum gesamten Wochenende am besten. Auf meiner schnellen Runde war ich am Limit und habe das Maximum herausgeholt. Natürlich ist der 17. Platz nicht zufriedenstellend, aber im Moment geht es nicht weiter nach vorne, und wir müssen das zurzeit akzeptieren. Beim morgigen Rennen hoffen wir natürlich, mehr herausholen zu können.“
Monisha Kaltenborn, Teamchefin:
„Der bisherige Verlauf des Wochenendes hat gezeigt, dass das für uns eine schwierige Strecke ist. Das spiegelt sich auch im Ergebnis des Qualifyings wider. Adrians letzte Runde war im ersten und zweiten Sektor von den Möglichkeiten her in Ordnung. Es hat uns heute jedoch überrascht, dass wir im dritten Sektor so viel Zeit verloren, was dann letztlich auch zu diesen Platzierungen geführt hat. Wir werden im Rennen alles daran setzen, mit den vor uns liegenden Konkurrenten mitzuhalten und versuchen, sich bietende Chancen zu nutzen.“
Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Leitender Ingenieur an der Rennstrecke:
„Entgegen unseren Erwartungen waren die Streckentemperaturen heute Morgen immer noch recht kalt, was dazu führte, dass gewisse Änderungen, die wir von gestern auf heute gemacht hatten, nicht die gewünschte Wirkung zeigten. So haben beispielsweise die Bremsen zu oft blockiert, was wir vor dem Qualifikationstraining durch entsprechende Massnahmen verbessern konnten. Aber unser grösstes Problem war die Kurve acht, in der sich der Wagen sehr unruhig verhielt und es den Piloten schwer machte, das Auto auf der Strecke zu halten. Wir müssen das analysieren, um zu verstehen, was genau die Ursache dafür war.“

Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team - 2014 GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH FP3 & Qualifying Saturday 21 June @ Spielberg Austria review

Daniil Kvyat (STR9 - 03) 
Third Practice Session Best lap: 1: 09.927 , pos. 4th, 25 laps 
Qualifying Best lap: (Q1) 1: 09.678 , (Q2) 1: 09.490, (Q3) 1: 09.619 , pos. 7th 

“This was my best qualifying result so far this season and I ’m satisfied with the work the team has done all weekend. We managed to put all the things together like a puzzle and we made a significant step forward from yesterday to today. It was a shame that because of the yell ow fla g s in Turn 2, we couldn ’ t exploit the full potential of the car. But still , P7 is a good starting position . I really enjoy this circuit and I hope we can have a strong race in front of all the Red Bull family. ” 

Jean - Eric Vergne (STR9 - 04) 
Third Practice Session Best lap 1: 11.043, pos. 13th , 22 laps 
Qualifying Best lap: (Q1) 1: 10.161 , (Q2) 1: 10.073 , pos. 15th 

“We have struggled with the set up all day and I had to fight against a pretty consistent oversteer, which makes it difficult to put in the perfect lap and get into Q3. It's a real pity as the team has done a really good job and the car has certainly improved with all the new parts that we brought here for this race. This is a one time off when qualifying was bad but the race is still to come, the car is good and I'll do my best to make it up tomorrow what I have lost today." 

James Key (Technical Director) “ We introduced a very big aero p ackage here this weekend and the good news is that it's working pretty well and I think it's a good platform for going forward. As for today, we are obviously very happy to get Daniil into Q3 and for him to finish in seventh place, which is certainly a very good position to start the race. But it's been a bit of a mixed session. I think J EV hasn't really been a hundred per cent happy with the car all day. H e's had some balance problem which we've been working on hard. In Qualifying the situation looked a bit better but it's so tight here, it's such a short lap that only a few tenths make the difference and his last lap in Q2 was not quite enough for Q3. However, he was happy with the car on the long run pace on Friday so we are definitively hopeful for tomorrow. F or Daniil, it was a fantastic qualifying session and he was competitive all day. Unfortunately he was a victim of a yellow flag with a Mercedes in Q3, so he had to back off a bit and he lost probably three or four tenth s . I think he could have done even bet ter but with a seventh position on the grid we can't complain at all. The team is happy for him, for doing such a good job. Tomorrow is what counts and we are looking forward to it." 

Ricardo Penteado (Renault Sport F1 track support leader ) “ Once again we learnt a lot from FP3 but we could not have done b etter during qualifying unfortunately. We have moved forward on the energy management and Daniil showed that the new package was working well – in fact his last lap could have been faster. Unfortunately JEV was not confident in the car but the race tomorro w will hopefully provide chances to recover positions.”

Caterham F1 Team - 2014 GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH FP3 & Qualifying Saturday 21 June @ Spielberg Austria review

Red Bull Ring, Austria - 21st June 2014

Caterham F1 Team Partner information is the #1 technology marketplace in the world

FP3: overcast, dry; min / max track temp 30° (start) - 27° (mid) - 31° (end), air temp 15°
Q1: overcast, dry; min / max track temp 32°, air temp 18°

Fastest laps / positions:
FP3: KOB 1.12.320, 19th / ERI 1.12.892, 20th
Q1: KOB 1.11.673, 20th / ERI 1.12.673, 22nd

Total laps:
FP3: KOB 23 / ERI 27
Q1: KOB 10 / ERI 11

Kamui Kobayashi, car #10, chassis CT05-#02: “Compared to quite a few of the previous races we tried something different with the setup here and that’s given us some real improvements in the car, helping close the gap to our direct rivals and there’s more to come from it at other tracks. As the setup change worked in Austria, a track that is at the lower end in terms of aero sensitivity, we believe it will work even better at tracks like Silverstone where there’s much greater emphasis on aero performance, and that’s a good boost for the team on track and back at the factory.

“With this change I think I had one of the best laps of the season in quali. There was maybe another tenth left but I was pretty much flat out for the whole lap and pleased we finished closer to our nearest competitors than maybe the times had suggested so far this weekend. It makes the race tomorrow very exciting for sure as there’s a group of cars together who will be fighting right from turn one, so strategy and pitstops, both in planning and execution, something we’ve been really good at this year, are going to play an even more important part than normal.”

Marcus Ericsson, car #9, chassis CT05-#01: “From the first lap in FP3 I was happier in the car. Traction had improved, the balance was better and it was just easier to drive. I wanted to keep working on the braking as there was time to be found from there so we had a look at that on a couple of the runs and I think we found a small improvement for quali and the race.

“However, in Q1 we did two runs on the supersofts but I couldn’t put a clean lap together and finished up with a time I’m obviously disappointed with. From the timesheets it looks like all the Renault teams are struggling a bit on outright power and that, combined with a lot of traffic to deal with on this short circuit, meant I just couldn’t string three clean sectors together on any of my flying laps - that means my final time is not really representative, but what’s done is done. Now I’m focused on the race and determined to make up for today. We’ve been ok on heavy fuel here and I think we’re due a bit of luck, so hopefully that will come tomorrow. Whether it does or not I’ll continue doing the best job I can.”

Cedrik Staudohar, Renault Sport F1 track support leader: “We had no particular issues today and extracted the maximum we could from the package. In FP3 we worked to fine-tune the energy management and the turbo, which is working harder at this altitude. Overall the PU worked well as expected but it’s hard for the team to find the speed in the car. Kamui did a good job to get in front of Chilton and we’ll see what tomorrow brings for both cars.”


2014 Austrian GP, Austria. Saturday 21 June 2014. Caterham F1. World Copyright: Charles Coates/LAT Photographic.

Qualifying - 2014 GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH Saturday 21 June @ Spielberg Austria - 1 Massa 2 Bottas 3 Rosberg 4 Alonso 5 Ricciardo

Saturday June 21:
Qualifying 14:00 local | 12:00 GMT | 14:00 CEST
Lap: 4.326 km
Weather: Dry air 17 deg C
Track: Track 32 deg C
# Driver           Team     Time 
1 Massa BRA Williams 1'08.759
2 Bottas FIN Williams 1'08.846
3 Rosberg GER Mercedes 1'08.944
4 Alonso ESP Ferrari 1'09.285
5 Ricciardo AUS Red Bull 1'09.466
6 Magnussen DEN McLaren 1'09.515
7 Kvyat RUS Toro Rosso 1'09.619
8 Räikkönen FIN Ferrari 1'10.795
9 Hamilton GBR Mercedes -
10 Hülkenberg GER Force India -
11 Perez MEX Force India 1'09.754 - 5 place grid penalty Canadian GP incident with Massa
12 Button GBR McLaren 1'09.780
13 Vettel GER Red Bull 1'09.801
14 Maldonado VEN Lotus 1'09.939
15 Vergne FRA Toro Rosso 1'10.073
16 Grosjean FRA Lotus 1'10.642
17 Sutil GER Sauber 1'10.825
18 Gutiérrez MEX Sauber 1'11.349
19 Bianchi FRA Marussia 1'11.412
20 Kobayashi JPN Caterham 1'11.673
21 Chilton GBR Marussia 1'11.775 - 3 place grid penalty Canadian GP incident with Bianchi
22 Ericsson SWE Caterham 1'12.673

Scuderia Toro Rosso
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