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itc racing

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


22 October 2014

On 29 June 2014, Caterham Enterprises Ltd, Caterham (UK) Ltd and Sheikh Mohamed Nasarudin (Seller) and their shareholders Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Bin Meranun entered into a Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) with Engavest SA (Buyer) with regards to 1Malaysia Racing Team Sdn Bhd/Caterham F1 Team.

Since the date of the Agreement, the Seller has refused to comply with its legal obligations to transfer their shares to the Buyer. The Buyer has been left in the invidious position of funding the team without having legal title to the team it had bought.  This is in total contradiction to the Seller’s press release of 3 October 2014 which stated that Mr Fernandes and his Caterham Group had no longer any connection with the Caterham F1 Team.

The administrators of Caterham Sports Limited have been appointed on behalf of Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad (Exim), a creditor of Mr Fernandes and the Caterham Group.  The Buyer has no connection with Exim. Caterham Sports Ltd was a supplier company to the Caterham F1 Team.  Very regrettably, the administrators' appointment has had devastating effects on the F1 Team's activities.  Since their appointment, the administrators have released various press statements which have been severely detrimental to the management of the Caterham F1 team.

After three months of operating the Caterham F1 Team in good faith, the Buyer is now forced to explore all its options including the withdrawal of its management team. Lawyers have been instructed by the Buyer to bring all necessary claims against all parties, including Mr Fernandes who, as an owner, will run the F1 operation.



24 October 2014

Following a request of yesterday evening at 21.55hrs CET from Caterham Sports Limited's administrators and the legal advisors of Mr Tony Fernandes' related EXIM Bank, representatives of 1MRT/Caterham F1 Team have agreed, with all rights reserved, to hand-over management of the Caterham F1 Team to the adminatrator Mr Finbarr O'Connell in the higher interest of allowing the team to continue operating and preparing for the next events.


Friday, October 17, 2014

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - Race 31: 32 & 33 @ Hockenheim Germany (4.574 km) October 17 to19 full race videos

Broadcast schedule
The stream begins approximately ten minutes before the start of the race. - click link

local times

Hockenheim, Race 1 (18/10 10:25 hrs.)
Hockenheim, Race 2 (18/10 16:10 hrs.)
Hockenheim, Race 3 (19/10 11:05 hrs.)
33rd race FIA F3 European Championship 2014

32nd race FIA F3 European Championship 2014

31st race FIA F3 European Championship 2014 

10th round Imola - Highlights

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - Race 28: 29 & 30 @ Imola Italy (4,909 km) October 10 to12

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 25th 26th & 27th races @ Nürburgring Germany (3,629 km km) August 15 to 17

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - Race 22: 23 & 24 August 1 to 3 @ Spielberg (lap 4.326 km)

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 19th 20th & 21st races @ Moscow Raceway. Moscow. Russia (3.931 km) July 11 to 13 
FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 16th 17th & 18th races @ Norisring Germany (Length 2,300 km) June 28 to 30
FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 10th 11th & 12th races @ Hungaroring. Hungary (Length 4,381 km) May 30 to June 1)
 #F3 - 7th 8th & 9th race FIA F3 European Championship 2014 @ Pau (Length: 2,760 km) France videos (full race) 09 to 11/05/2014 
Sunday 19 October

Saturday 18 October

Friday 17 October

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Caterham F1 Team - Q&A with Team Principal Manfredi Ravetto

Leafield Technical Centre, UK – 15 October 2014

We’ve just got back from the Russian Grand Prix, what did you think of it?
Manfredi Ravetto: Sochi was definitely the place to be: we enjoyed racing there and contributing to bring F1 to Russia; the event was fantastic, the atmosphere was breathtaking and the circuit is at the highest of standards.

Where does Caterham F1 Team stand today?
MR: Knowing that this team, under previous ownership, was due to stop racing before the British Grand Prix, we – the new management – are proud of having completed not only the European season but also the Asian season! This gives us confidence to approach the last three fly-away races in America and the Middle-East with an extra-boost: our performance is steadily improving and recent results plus our great qualifying performance in Sochi are putting us on a level the team has hardly shown previously.

We are on a high and we keep fighting day after day, even if there are a few negative comments or skepticism from some people who would be happy to see us failing: we can live with this, we have no problem at all; what we do is answer with facts, starting with the technical improvement of the car and stabilizing of the team's financial side – but we just want to remind everybody that we are those brave ones who try to firefight; we are not the ones who left the team in a critical status! I can tolerate misinterpretations on everything except this. And, by the way, we historically seem to be quite successful in contradicting the rumour mill...

There seems to be a need to clarify the reason of Kamui's retirement in Sochi…
MR: Actually, I was very surprised to hear Kamui referring to some mileage-saving instruction coming from the team's management: we saw via telemetry that there was a potential issue with the brakes and we decided to avoid any risks; Kamui officially confirmed this as well and I’d like to add that he had also asked us to change the previous set before qualifying because he felt some vibration. To be clear: yes, we instructed Kamui to retire because the safety of our drivers is our first concern! Regarding Kamui's comment, all I can say – and again, I’m answering with facts – is that the team has continuously made progress since the British Grand Prix, we've managed to qualify very well in the last two races, getting very close to Q2, and in Suzuka we repaired Kamui's heavily damaged car in time for the next session without any problems, so I cannot understand his comment.

What’s the team's position with regards to engine-freeze?
MR: We will answer when asked by the FIA.

What can we expect from the final three races of the season?
MR: We know there are still some bumpy roads ahead and we don’t expect an easy ride, but we will deal with each situation as it arrives. For avoidance of any doubt, I’d also like to add that Leafield remains the team’s base, even though it’s no secret that we are looking for a more suitable alternative. We look forward to the final three races of the season; we will keep fighting, we will keep improving and we will introduce some positive surprises: stay tuned!


CaterhamF1 _SBL1133 Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia. Sunday 12 October 2014. Marcus Ericsson, Caterham CT05 Renault. World Copyright: Sam Bloxham/LAT Photographic.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

#F1 #RussianGP #Sochi @SauberF1Team @Marussia_F1Team @CaterhamF1 @MercedesAMGF1 @McLarenF1 @clubforce @InsideFerrari @WilliamsRacing @Lotus_F1Team @ToroRossoSpy @redbullf1spy

"After a while in Sochi I began to wonder if it was just me and so I asked a few senior F1 figures – off the record – about their private feelings on the subject. Remember that teams are contracted to race and so go where they have to go, even if they don’t want to. “I think it is disgusting,” said one. “The sport should not be mixing with…” well, I’ll leave out the rest because Russian readers will not like hearing their leader described in such terms. Needless to say “blood on his hands” was a phrase included in the rant. Others wondered whether it was wise strategic thinking, given Putin’s reputation outside Russia at the moment."

note the Youtube video below is provided by Putin´s propaganda channel

Friday, October 10, 2014

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - Race 28: 29 & 30 @ Imola Italy (4,909 km) October 10 to12 full race videos

Broadcast schedule
The stream begins approximately ten minutes before the start of the race. - click link

local times

Imola, Race 1 (11/10 11:00 hrs.)
Imola, Race 2 (12/10 10:10 hrs.)
Imola, Race 3 (12/10 16:00 hrs.)
30th race FIA F3 European Championship 2014

29th race FIA F3 European Championship 2014

28th race FIA F3 European Championship 2014
9th round Nürburgring - Highlights

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 25th 26th & 27th races @ Nürburgring Germany (3,629 km km) August 15 to 17

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - Race 22: 23 & 24 August 1 to 3 @ Spielberg (lap 4.326 km)

FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 19th 20th & 21st races @ Moscow Raceway. Moscow. Russia (3.931 km) July 11 to 13 
FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 16th 17th & 18th races @ Norisring Germany (Length 2,300 km) June 28 to 30
FIA F3 European Championship 2014 - 10th 11th & 12th races @ Hungaroring. Hungary (Length 4,381 km) May 30 to June 1)
 #F3 - 7th 8th & 9th race FIA F3 European Championship 2014 @ Pau (Length: 2,760 km) France videos (full race) 09 to 11/05/2014 
Sunday 12 October

Saturday 11 October

And the Starting grid for race 1
Several decisions from this and from the last race weekend at the Nürburgring influenced the starting grid of race 1 in ‪#‎imola‬...

30 Verstappen - drop of 10 positions as well as for race 2
11 Goddard - drop of 5 positions
19 Giovinazzi - drop of 3 positions
15 Szymkowiak - drop of 10 positions as well as for race 2 and 3

Friday 10 October

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Map of the #Baku European Grand Prix street circuit Azerbaijan for 2016

News for baku european gp

European Grand Prix - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Baku (2016) - ). The European Grand Prix will be revived in 2016, with a race to be held on the streets of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Monday, October 6, 2014

#F1 - 2014 FORMULA 1 RUSSIAN GRAND PRIX 10 to12 October 2014 @ Sochi Autodrom Russia

4 September 2014 – Ari Vatanen has called for the Russian Grand Prix to be boycotted in response to the Ukraine crisis and MH17 tragedy, suggesting that current FIA President Jean Todt shares the same concerns over the race.

Vatanen added that F1 would be "condoning" President Vladimir Putin's activities if the race goes ahead.

"Do we support the regime who is masterminding this bloodshed? Or do we say this is not correct?" Vatanen questioned. "It would send a message of acceptance if we went to Russia. It would say we condone, effectively, maybe not explicitly, but by our actions we condone what is going on because it is used in propaganda.

"It is often said that Formula 1 should not mix politics and sport, but the Russian regime is already mixing politics and sport in a blatant way, so we have to respond. It is for Bernie and the owners to cancel the race."

We agree with the above statement and regret to advise all those that have supported us during the season that we will not be reporting on this Grand Prix nor watching it. Will see you here at for the US Grand Prix
Airport # Donetsk'a today 04/10/14ARothNYT #Donetsk airport today.
Another Russian "okopchenchesky" T-72 bit did not get to Lviv, Donetsk airport stuck, broken off:
According to the Article 1 of FIA Statute, The FIA shall refrain from manifesting racial, political or religious discrimination in the course of its activities and from taking any action in this respect. However, the authorities of the Russian Federation will use the 2014 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix as an international tribune to polish their international image of supporters of international terrorism as well as it did during Sochi 2014 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Sochi security
 Malaysian jet 'shot down' over Ukraine / Малайзийский струя "сбит" над Украиной / Малайзійський струмінь "збитий" над Україною / Jet Malaysia ditembak jatuh 'ke atas Ukraine

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sauber F1 Team - 2014 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX Race Sunday 5 October @ Suzuka Circuit Japan review

The Japanese Grand Prix was overshadowed by a big accident involving Jules Bianchi. The Marussia driver went off the track on lap 41 and crashed into a trackside vehicle which was in the run off area. As a result, the race was stopped on lap 45. Everybody in the Sauber F1 Team wishes Jules the best. Esteban Gutiérrez finished the race, which took place in wet conditions and was stopped twice, in 13th place, while Adrian Sutil crashed on lap 40.

Weather: wet, 19-20°C air, 22-24°C track

Esteban Gutiérrez (car number 21):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 02/Ferrari)

“I think it was the right decision to stop the race. I really hope that Jules (Bianchi) will be ok. Regarding my race, I fought all the way from the beginning to the end. The conditions were very challenging and it was difficult to get into the rhythm straight away.”

Adrian Sutil (car number 99):

Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari)

“My thoughts are with Jules who went off in the same place as I did. Everything else is irrevelevant at this point in time. Everybody in the paddock should think of him, and I hope that he is in good hands. It was a difficult race in difficult conditions.”

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal:
“All the members of the Sauber F1 Team are deeply concerned about the big accident involving Jules Bianchi. Our thoughts are with him, his family and his friends. Everybody in the team wishes him a speedy recovery. In light of this accident, the sporting aspects of the Japanese Grand Prix are in the least of our concerns.”

Grosser Preis von Japan – Rennen – Sonntag

Der Grosse Preis von Japan in Suzuka wurde vom schweren Unfall Jules Bianchis überschattet. Der Marussia-Pilot kam in der 41. Runde von der Strecke ab und prallte in ein Bergungsfahrzeug, das in der Auslaufzone stand. Das Rennen wurde anschliessend abgebrochen. Alle im Team wünschen Jules alles Gute. Sauber F1 Team Pilot Esteban Gutiérrez beendete das Rennen, das zweimal abgebrochen wurde, als 13., Adrian Sutil schied in Runde 40 durch einen Unfall aus.

Wetter: nass, 19-20°C Luft, 22-24°C Asphalt

Esteban Gutiérrez (Startnummer 21):
Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 02/Ferrari)

„Ich denke, dass es die richtige Entscheidung war, das Rennen abzubrechen. Ich hoffe natürlich, dass sich Jules nicht schwer verletzt hat, und es ihm bald besser geht. Was mein Rennen betrifft, so habe ich vom Anfang bis zum Ende gekämpft. Unter den gegebenen Bedingungen waren sehr schwierig einen guten Rhythmus zu finden.“

Adrian Sutil (Startnummer 99):

Sauber C33-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari)

„Meine Gedanken sind bei Jules, der an der gleichen Stelle wie ich verunglückte. Alles andere ist im Moment irrelevant. Jeder im Fahrerlager sollte an ihn denken, und ich hoffe, dass er in guten Händen ist. Es war kein einfaches Rennen unter schwierigen Bedingungen.“
Photos worldwide copyright Sauber AG

Monisha Kaltenborn, Teamchefin:
„Die Teammitglieder des Sauber F1 Teams sind tief erschüttert über diesen schweren Unfall Jules Bianchis. Unsere Gedanken sind bei Jules, seiner Familie und seinen Freunden. Alle im Team hoffen, dass es ihm bald besser geht. Angesichts dieses schweren Unfalls stehen die sportlichen Aspekte des Grossen Preises von Japan im Hintergrund.“

Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team - 2014 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX Race Sunday 5 October @ Suzuka Circuit Japan review

Jean-Eric Vergne (STR9-01) 
Race Position: 9th 

“I was very happy about my race until I was informed about Jules’ accident. Getting some news about him is all that matters at the moment. As for myself, starting from the back of the grid and ending up in the points at the end is a great achievement. Today, in such racing conditions, it was really difficult not to make mistakes, while drivin g as fast as possible, trying to be quick, but I believe that myself and the team did an excellent job." 

Daniil Kvyat (STR9-03) 
Race Position: 11th 

“The only important thing this evening is that I ho pe Bianchi will be ok. It was a tricky race today with the rain. The general performance of the car w as good, but unfortunately our strategy didn’t quite work out and with the safety car and red flag towards the end of the race, my chances for a points finish were gone.” 

Franz Tost (Team Principal) "Our drivers’ performance in the Grand Prix seems s econdary today, as we all await news of Bianchi’s condition. We scored another 2 points, wh ich is quite positive for the team. Jean-Eric Vergne started from the back of the grid because of our 6th engine change, which meant for him a ten grid positions penalty. However, he showed a very good performance, driving a fantastic race, catching up and finishing in the ninth positi on. Without the red flag I reckon he would have finished in an even better position but nevertheles s to score points is really a great result for him and the team. Daniil Kvyat was also always within t he points but unfortunately we called him in just before the safety car was deployed, so he lost some positions. Even though he managed to overtake Raikkonen, this was not enough to score th e points that he deserved. Today Daniil drove his first very wet race and he showed a great perfo rmance and capability to control the car in very difficult racing conditions. This makes me think th at we really have been a good school for him, on his way to Infiniti Red Bull Racing next year.” 

Ricardo Penteado (Renault Sport F1 track support le ader) “Today we pushed everything to the limits, particul arly on the fuel side. We changed the ICE on JEV’s car and had to take a hit and start from the back of the grid so to score points is a brilliant drive yet again. Daniil also did well and had some good fights throughout. Of course we are all waiting for news on Jules.”

Caterham F1 Team - 2014 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX Race Sunday 5 October @ Suzuka Circuit Japan review

Suzuka Circuit, Japan – 5 October 2014

Marcus Ericsson, P17
Kamui Kobayashi, P19

Wet, track temp 23°, air temp 20°

Marcus Ericsson, car #9, chassis CT05-#04: “It was a crazy one! Today’s weather made it a difficult race – the track was undriveable at the beginning behind the Safety Car, that’s why they red-flagged it. Unfortunately, I had a spin and I lost all my advantage from yesterday because of it, which was a big disappointment. But after that I think I drove a fantastic race, our pace was very strong and I just had to redo the job I did yesterday and overtake all the guys again, and that’s what I did. I overtook them one by one and we even had the pace to fight with the rivals ahead of us, so we should be really pleased with the speed and the pace we had today. Result wise, we should not be pleased because we want to be higher up and with the speed we had we could’ve achieved this today, but it’s definitely a step forward and something to build on in the upcoming races. Overall, we can be very happy! I hope Jules wasn’t badly injured in his accident, all thoughts are with him.”

Kamui Kobayashi, car #10, chassis CT05-#02: “First of all I’d like to say that I hope Jules is okay and that his crash wasn’t too bad. Today’s race was a difficult one for me; overall I think I didn’t have enough pace. Unfortunately my home Grand Prix didn’t really work out as I would’ve liked it to, but today was okay and it was amazing to see all the fans in the grandstands even though it hasn’t stopped raining all day – they are just incredible and they gave me a big boost and I want to thank every one of them! The crazy weather made it a bit hard, but we managed to fight. Marcus also did a very good job. The team can be pleased with our overall performance, we are improving.”
Cedrik Staudohar, Renault Sport F1 track support leader: “We really didn’t know what to expect coming into today. The main issue was finding the right fuel load before the start of the race, but calculations were near-on impossible considering we had very wide-ranging weather forecasts and possibilities of safety cars and a shortened race distance. This aside, every component of the Power Unit worked pretty well and we extracted maximum performance given the conditions. We were not as high up as we would have liked but we hope to build on this next time out in Russia. More importantly, all our thoughts go to Jules Bianchi right now."


Caterham F1 Team Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka, Japan.
Sunday 5 October 2014.
Kamui Kobayashi, Caterham CT05 Renault.
World Copyright: Steven Tee/LAT Photographic.

Marussia driver Jules Bianchi seriously injured in the Japanese Grand Prix

Amateur footage of Jules Bianchi´s crash which I believe was never shown on television. Note Green flag being waved at this corner!  Below corner where it happened

Jules Bianchi latest news
FIA Matteo Bonciani - Jules Bianchi is on his way to the hospital, he's unconscious

Jules Bianchi accident
on. #F1

2014 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX Sunday 5 October @ Suzuka Circuit Japan 1 Hamilton 2 Rosberg 3 Ricciardo 4 Vettel 5 Button 6 Bottas 7 Massa

Sunday October 5:
15:00 local | 06:00 GMT | 08:00 CEST
Circuit Length: 5.807 km
Weather: Raining 20C°
Track: Wet 23C°
# Driver            Team        Laps/Pit stops

1 Hamilton FL GBR Mercedes 46 4
2 Rosberg GER Mercedes 46 4
3 Vettel GER Red Bull 46 5
4 Ricciardo AUS Red Bull 46 4
5 Button GBR McLaren 46 5
6 Bottas FIN Williams 46 4
7 Massa BRA Williams 46 4
8 Hülkenberg GER Force India 46 4
9 Vergne FRA Toro Rosso 46 4
10 Perez MEX Force India 45 5
11 Kvyat RUS Toro Rosso 45 5
12 Räikkönen FIN Ferrari 45 6
13 Gutiérrez MEX Sauber 45 4
14 Magnussen DEN McLaren 45 6
15 Grosjean FRA Lotus 45 6
16 Maldonado VEN Lotus 45 5
17 Ericsson SWE Caterham 45 5
18 Chilton GBR Marussia 45 4
19 Kobayashi JPN Caterham 45 6

Bianchi FRA Marussia 43 3 (crash)
Sutil GER Sauber 42 4 (crash)
Alonso ESP Ferrari 2 1(electrical problem)
FP1 / FP2 / FP3 / Qualifying / Race
Caterham F1 Team review
Sauber F1 Team review
Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team review
"tweets from suzuka circuit on sunday"
this afternoon as it happened 

Video of the Crash